Canadian Experience Class

The Canadian Experience Class (CEC) allows temporary foreign workers with at least one year of full-time skilled work experience* (or an equal amount in part-time) in Canada, to apply for permanent residence in Canada. The experience should be gained in the three years before you apply.

All CEC applicants must meet the program’s language proficiency requirements to qualify.

If you gained your skilled work experience in Canada in a NOC skill type 0 or A, you must meet the minimum level of CLB7 in either English or French for all four language abilities. The minimum International English Language Testing System(IELTS) score requirements are:

Speaking Listening Reading Writing
6 6 6 6

For applicants with Canadian work experience of NOC skill type B, you must meet the minimum level of CLB5 in either English or French for all four language abilities. The minimum International English Language Testing System(IELTS) score requirements are:

Speaking Listening Reading Writing
5 5 4 5


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402 Responses to Canadian Experience Class

  1. Arsalan Khan Qureshi says:

    Hi, My Age is 27, and i have completed my Masters of Financial Management & Services and also Masters In Professional accounting from Australia. I dont have work experience at the moment. My query is i want to apply for Canadian Permanent residency. What are the requirements for that and how many do i need to consider for apply for Canada.

    • Arsalan Khan Qureshi says:

      *requirement of ilets band i need to consider to apply for canada!

    • CICS Immigration Team says:

      You would need work experience in order to qualify.

      • Rajendra bhusal says:


  2. Bhupinder says:

    Hello sir, i am bhupinder Singh.i did 3 year diploma in mechanical engineering and also i have 10 experience of refinery like same ilets score is s6 w5 l5.5 r5.5. M interested sascatchwn skilled workers category. Can I apply for sascatchwn nominee program.or ilets requirement is enough for this SINP. thankuu

  3. Riya Sharma says:

    I got my celpip results L-11 R-8 W-8 S-5
    I have one year canadian experience. I just want to know if i can apply for express entry retail supervisor position NOC 6211 under canadian experience class.

  4. Emebinah says:

    Please may I know the corresponding CLB for each of my scores: L -6.5 W-6.5
    R-7 S-7
    Is a WES evaluation required for a Canadian masters graduate with an overseas
    undergraduate degree ?

  5. bhupinder singh says:

    hello every one. i have degree and pursuing MBA on distance mode and one year experience in accountant. can i migrate my skill to Canada. if yes how many bands i required?

  6. Raman says:

    I have done BCA, MBA international Business and have 6 years experience of a manufacturing company. And also have scored L-7.5, R-5.5, W-6.5, S-6. Am I eligible for any visa?

  7. GR says:

    Is it essential to have Canadian work experience for Skill worke type B with ielts score 5 & above in each ability ? Please do reply

  8. Damilare Onajole says:

    Pls, I want to confirm if I am qualify to apply to CIC after I have been nominated by Manitoba Province with ielts score stated below: L 5.5, W 6.0, S 6.0, R 6.0. The overall is 6. And my CLB falls to 6. I have already been nominated by Manitoba. I want to know if I can go and apply to CIC with the nomination and my ielts score. Many thanks

  9. Sonu says:

    I have 07yrs of exp in Finance and Insurance domain and I am under graduate in commerce and accounts and MBA (Finance/Marketing)I have received overall band is 6 and split-up as below.
    Listening – 6
    Reading – 6
    Writing – 5.5
    Speaking – 5.5

    My age is 31completed ,Married & have 2 kids.Whether am I eligible to apply for PR for Canada(Winnipeg) if yes this score is sufficient or need to get more score in IELTS.

    Please advise.

  10. Bharamjeet says:

    Hi, I am from India and I have 4 years of experience in chargeback sector. My wife also gave the IELTS exam . My IELTS scores are L-7, R-6, S-6.5, W-6 bands. I am graduated from University of Delhi. Could you please tell me I am eligible for PR visa in Canada.

  11. priyanka thakur says:


    This is priyanka, age 45 yrs. Need to migrate to Canada with my family. . I appeared twice for the IELTS and overall i got 6.5 band.
    Listening 6.5,
    Writing 6.5
    Reading 5.5,

    Please guide me how to proceed to Canada with this score.

    A line of reply is awaited.

  12. Sam says:

    Hi,I have done B Pharm and have 9 years of experience (Retail Pharmacist & Medical Representative) relevant to my study.I scored overall 7 Bands in IELTS with individual score as follow
    Listening 7
    Reading 8
    Writing 6
    Speaking 6
    Am I eligible to apply For Canada PR under express entry?Should I go for PNP or FSW?

  13. Nehal Ahmad says:

    Hi There, I would like to know which IELTS exam is for me. Acedamic or General.? Pls respond.
    My qualification is Post Graduate in Industrial Realtions and have 5 years of experince in Human Resource. I wanted to apply for PR. Thanks.

  14. Mandeep says:

    Hi, i have IELTS score s-7,w-6.5,l-6,r-6, masters in maths, 4years teaching experience, how do they count clb level i know it is already 7 al togetger, but will i have different clb level for different module then i can score my points in language or will it remain clb level 7 only???

  15. Harry says:

    Hi, I don’t have any experience in India, but have one year experience in Ontario under noc b. I did my btech of 4 years from India which has been evaluated by WES equals to 4 year bachelors of Canada. I did my post graduate of 2 years from Canada. My Question is , when we calculate points in cic calculator , my answers are right or not ? I appreciated if you can please reply with it. Thanks

    Que: What is your level of education?
    Answer : I choose : two or more certificates , diploma or degree, one must be more than 3 years

    Que: Work Experience
    i. In the last ten years, how many years of skilled work experience in Canada do you have?
    Answer : 1 year

    ii. In the last 10 years, how many total years of skilled work experience do you have?
    Answer : 1 year

    I will look forward to your reply,

  16. mankeet says:

    I am 32 yr and I hv MA Economics.i hv done PGDCA.i hv experience 2 year in finances ltd in india.i want to apply for canada PR.could I apply for PR canada n how much band is required for this.plz guide me ..

  17. Arun says:

    Dear Madam/ Sir,

    I am 32 year old family man with one kid, having 8 years experience in Banking and i have scored IELTS overall 6. i.e. S-5.5., L-6.5., W- 6., R-6.,
    whether am i eligible for PR process in canada as skilled worker ?
    Any province in canada will accept this score
    please let you know me


  18. Sia says:

    My age is 30 yrs. I have Bachelors of Eng Degree in computer along with a Masters degree in Finance and have 6.5 years of experience (Information Technology Domain- Working with MNC ) relevant to my study.I scored overall 7 Bands in IELTS with individual score as follow
    Listening 7.5
    Reading 8.5
    Writing 6
    Speaking 7

    Am I eligible to apply For Canada PR under express entry? What should be the next steps.


  19. anjal karki says:

    i got band score in GT 5.5, i will be illegible to apply PR in canada
    Listening 5.5
    Reading 4.5
    Speaking 5.5
    Writing 6

  20. Bepasha says:

    Hi I have scored overall 6.5 in ielts. L/R/W/S – 7/6.5/5.5/7
    Can I apply for Pr?

  21. Adam Hartshorne says:

    Im a dual citizen and have just completed 23moths IEC visa,I have just started my 2nd IEC visa on my other passport.When filling out my EE profile it asks if i have more than 1 years canadian work on my current work permit?I guess it would be no,But how do i account for the previous 23months of canadian work?

  22. Kunal Narang says:


    I am working as Accountant in prestigious college of our area for last 5 years. Am I competent to apply for PR in canada, if yes, then how much bands I require in IELTS. And if possible also show the way.

    Kunal Narang

  23. Zafar says:

    I have got overall 6 band….am I eligible for Canadian immigration.
    I have got MBA degree which was acknowledge by WES as as Master degree too.
    Please advise


  24. prem says:

    My Pr application was submitted on 27 august 2017 along with the fees.I have also recieved file number.My Ielts expiry date is in November first i have more then 60 days.Do i need to take a IELTS test again?i need expert advice or someone who have gone through like my case please advise…

  25. R M says:


    I am going to be turned 37 years of age in SEP 2017.

    I am graduated from Delhi University in 2002. ( 3years)
    Post graduate diploma in computer application 2007, PTU ( 1 year).
    MBA in marketing , Sikkim Manipal 2017 ( distance education)

    I have 12 + years of experience in sales and marketing.

    I have a spouse and one infant .

    So request you to please guide me how many bands I have to require considering my age, experience, education. I am ready for any province.

    Sanguinely, waiting for your reply


  26. Hemss says:

    Hi, I got overall 6 bands.
    L -7
    S – 5.5
    R – 5.5
    W -5.5

    am i eligible for visa?

  27. Brijendra Nath says:

    I have got overall 6.5 band….am I eligible for Canadian immigration. L/R/W/S : 6.5/6/5.5/7
    I have got 15 years of experience into Payroll.
    Please advise


  28. Grace says:

    I am applying for immigrant visa, can my IELTS band work for me? Writing 6.0, speaking 6.5, reading 5.0, listening 6.0 . Please I need you to reply, thanks

  29. sandeep says:

    I have over all 6 band in general . 8 year experience in nurse. Now i job take NS . Can i apply to canada

  30. Nour ul saba says:

    Dear Sir, Below is my IELTS band score.

    Reading: 4.5
    Writing: 7.0
    Speaking 6.5
    Listening: 6.0

    I don’t have abroad work experience. I just have home country work experience (10 years Pakistan) Is is possible to apply for Canada immigration? I don’t have any Canadian job offer letter yet. Please suggest I cant hire an agent.

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