Educational Credential Assessment

Educational Credential Assessment (ECA)

Educational Credential Assessment

As part of the requirements for the new FSWP, all principal applicants, applying outside of Canada, are required to have their credentials assessed by a designated organizations. If you would like assistance in having your credentials assessed, you can purchase our ECA Package.

Eucational Credential Assessment Package

1) Two Credential Assessment Reports (one for you and one for CIC submission)
2) An electronic copy of your report viewable by CIC
3) Storage of your report and verified transcripts for future use
4) International Registered Mail Delivery (You can track your order)


4 Responses to Educational Credential Assessment

  1. zombo junior says:

    brs comment puije obtenir les validations des mes diplomes

  2. Defne says:

    Hello! I have a Bachelor’s and a PhD degree from the US. Could you kindly let me know whether I need to get the educational credential assessment for both of my degrees or is assessing only the PhD sufficient? Also, do I need to get an assessment for degrees from US institutions. Thanks!

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