Language test equivalency CLB charts | IELTS, TEF, CELPIP

If you want to qualify for Express Entry, then you must first qualify for one of the economic programs such as Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP), Canadian Experience Class (CEC) or Federal Skilled Trades Program (. Your language score must meet the threshold of any of those programs you are trying to qualify for.

CEC has two thresholds: CLB7 for skill types 0 and A. CLB6 for skill type B.
FSWP’s threshold is CLB7
FSTP under CLB: L: 5, R: 3.5, W: 4, S: 5

CLB Chart – Equivalencies between the Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLBs) (for English), the Niveaux de compétence linguistique canadiens (for French), and the results of language tests from designated testing organizations have been established and are summarized in the following tables.

Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program (CELPIP) General 2014 Test score equivalency chart for reports issued on or after April 1, 2014
CLB Level Reading Writing Listening Speaking
10 10 10 10 10
9 9 9 9 9
8 8 8 8 8
7 7 7 7 7
6 6 6 6 6
5 5 5 5 5
International English Language Testing System (IELTS) General Training – Test score equivalency chart
CLB Level Reading Writing Listening Speaking
10 8.0 7.5 8.5 7.5
9 7.0 7.0 8.0 7.0
8 6.5 6.5 7.5 6.5
7 6.0 6.0 6.0 6.0
6 5.0 5.5 5.5 5.5
5 4.0 5.0 5.0 5.0
4 3.5 4.0 4.5 4.0
Test d’évaluation de français (TEF) – Test score equivalency chart for reports issued on or after April 1, 2014
CLB Level Reading Writing Listening Speaking
10 263-277 393-415 316-333 393-415
9 248-262 371-392 298-315 371-392
8 233-247 349-370 280-297 349-370
7 207-232 310-348 249-279 310-348
6 181-206 271-309 217-248 271-309
5 151-180 226-270 181-216 226-270
4 121-150 181-225 145-180 181-225

430 Responses to Language test equivalency CLB charts | IELTS, TEF, CELPIP

  1. Peter Beckford says:

    I recently completed the IELTS English Language Exam. Kindly indicate what is the minimum acceptable score across the board for each section (Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking).

    • CICS Immigration Team says:


      • Anie says:

        Hello which province can I apply to if I have listening and writing 7 each, reading 6, speaking 6.5. Thanks.

        • Khumar says:

          Hi Anie,

          My self Khumar and i’m immigration consultant for canada. Where we can assist with you the provinces and for complete details you can reach me at +91 9100511108.

          Thanks and regards,

          • jethani says:


            My sister has Brother got IELTS 5.5 (India), can she apply for Canadian PR? I am a PR here and can support her.

            Please reply. Thanks

      • alex says:

        hi , i have a job offer in canada, an equivalency certificate from ontario colleges of trdaes, my ielts reads as follow writing 6.5 , reading 5.5 , listening 6.0 and speaking 7.5 . do i qualify to aplly?
        please advise

        • Rad says:

          Can u please tell me how do u find job offer while u are outside Canada
          All job offer I found require to have work permit in advanced

        • amir says:

          Dear Alex,
          Can you please guide me how to get job offer as i am visiting next month to canada and second certificate of qualification?
          1215 is my occupation noc.


      • sukhjit says:

        Hi i want to ask if with this ielts bands: 4.5 listening,4.5 reading,5.5 Writing and 5.5 speaking i can apply for permit residence or not. Thanks

        • Shailesh Kumar says:

          I am Post Graduate in Social work, I got R:5 , L:5, S: 6, W:6, Overall band 5.5, i IELTS, Kindly suggest me can I apply for PNP at Saskatchewan. Am I eligible?

          • Jagadeesh says:

            with your occupation you can apply for SINP but we need to check entire profile eligibility

      • chonalyn magtoto says:

        What is my CLB please? Thank you.

      • Adel says:

        I get my IELTS Score Listening 6.5 Reading 6 writing 5.5 speaking 5.5 overall 6 , am l qualified or i have to retake the test

      • Jay says:

        Hello ,
        My IELTS score is 6 overall.
        Listening: 6
        Reading: 5
        Writing: 6
        Speaking :6
        May i eligible for apply in any province under CEC , PNP and FSW
        I have done my Masters and I have 3.5 years of experience full time and 2 years of part time experience.
        Will you please suggest me ?
        Thanking you,

      • Vishal says:

        Can you check my clb level? Listening 5.5 ; reading 4.5 ; specking 6 and writing 6.

    • Pizush says:

      My IELTS score speaking 4.5, Listening 4.5 ,reading 5.00 writing 6.00 and I have completed postgraduate and also have 5 + experience,would you please tell me I am eligible for Quebec PNP immigration program?

    • Reychell says:

      Hi! IELTS score of R-5.5 L-6.5 W-6 S-6.5: is there any way to process for immigrant in any provinces of canada?

    • Gagandeep Kaur says:

      Hi my bands are
      Listening: 5.5
      Reading: 5
      Writing: 6
      Speaking: 7.5
      Overall bands: 6

      Do I qualify for Canadian experience class under express entry??

      • CICS Immigration Team says:

        You need a minimum of 6 in each ability in order to qualify for Federal Skilled Worker.

        • gen says:

          my consultant told me that to qualify under express entry for federal skilled worker you need 6.5 in all category

          my score is

          listening – 8.0
          speaking – 8.0
          writing -6.5
          reading -6.0

          is that qualified for FSW?

    • Joseph says:

      Hi I got,

      5.5 in Reading, does this count as 6 for the CLB? This is my only problem. Thank you in advance

  2. Anon says:

    I applied for TEF at the Alliance Francaise (AF) and was told that I should take TEF Canada for immigration to Canada. It seems that TEF has 5 modules while TEF Canada has 4. So I imagine that the lady at AF was correct. Could you please confirm that TEF Canada is the right choice for Express Entry?!?

  3. Jihye Kim says:

    I’m wondering if my score is
    S: 6
    How can I score my clb level ….
    Thank you

  4. George k.o. Manu says:

    I am a Ghanaian teacher with a degree in basic education.Do I have to write your exam? How do I begin the whole process to be able to come and work in Canada?

  5. Alem says:

    My IELTS English Language Exam score is
    Overall Band score 6.0
    Do I pass the minimum acceptable score to qualify for a Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program, even though the listening’s is 5.5?

  6. muhammad says:

    recently i got the result of TEF canada as following
    B2: listening
    B2: reading
    B1: speaking
    the question is :
    Is TEF Canada scaling against CLB the same as TEF?!

  7. Dhaval says:

    my ielts score is L-6.5 R-4 W-4 S-4.5 over all (5) bend Do i pass the minimum acceptable score to qualify for a manitoba Expression of interst my Noc job code is 1422

  8. Alem says:

    My IELTS English Language Exam score is
    Overall Band score 6.0
    Do I pass the minimum acceptable score to qualify for a Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program, even though the listening’s is 5.5?


  9. Sadikh says:

    Which CLB correspond to B2 in TEF on the CRS tool

  10. Prasad says:

    Can some one clarify my query?

    I got my IELTS score as,

    Reading – 6.0
    Listening – 5.5
    Writing – 5.5
    Speaking – 6.0

    Am i eligible to apply for Express entry?

  11. Lija Escaline says:

    I got score band 6 overall – listening 5.5 , reading 5, writting 6 and speaking 7 can I get a job and PR in Canada.

    • CICS Immigration Team says:

      In order to be eligible for Federal Skilled Worker, under the Express Entry system, you need at least 6.0 in each ability. Getting a job in Canada is something that Immigration Canada doesn’t help you with.

      • Erum says:

        But if someone doesn’t want to apply through Express Entry then what should be score of IELTs ?

        • CICS Immigration Team says:

          Applying economically, that’s the only way. Or you can get a job offer and go through a PNP program that doesn’t require a language score. It’s very difficult to immigrate permanently without a language score.

        • James says:

          In my IELTs exams,I scored 5.5 overall. Speaking-6.5,Listening-5,Writing-7,Reading-4. Am eligible for monitobal mpnp?

  12. Gagan Sethi says:

    Hi, i have got 6.0 overall in IELTS (s-6.5, w 5.5, r 5.5, L 6.0)

    Shall i apply for a Canadian express entry or a federal program?

    • CICS Immigration Team says:

      Canadian Express Entry is a Federal program. Also, you will need a minimum of 6.0 in order to qualify for Express Entry.

    • john says:

      You are eligible, but the British council wants to loot people money, so they fail them deliberately so that they take the test again. Also, they are so sick, that they tell students/candidates to write essays on child abuse and Teen pregnancies.

      On the speaking part of the test, they ask you general questions about China and if you are pro-China, they give you poor grades.

      • Ronnie says:

        Why not assess the applicant’s English educational attainment base on his/her educational attainment instead of IELTS, TEF or CELPIP? You know what, John is correct. Someone is making lots of money to retake and retake this English Language Exam. I think it English language is not the barrier if you are a university graduate from your country of origin. Instead of English exam, why not assess applicants’ English proficiency base on his/her university/college educational credentials to qualify for Express Entry. Please don’t get me wrong as I know there are few Permanent Residence in Canada whom can’t speak or understand English or French. How this people got their PR status?

        • Maplebright says:

          Hi Cic,

          I would like to ask if i got a job offer under PNP LMIA examptions but i got only 6 listening. 5.5 reading, speaking is 6.5 and writing is 6. Do u think i can get my nomination for i know that i need to get CLB 7. What if i didnt meet my Clb requirements but i got job offer. Are you going to allow me to get my nomination?

          Yours sincerely,

          • CICS Immigration Team says:

            Some provinces, like BCPNP, language score is not mandatory, so it may be possible, but it’s rare.

          • Shpresa muca says:

            I want to immigrate to Canada My IELTS results are Listening 5
            Reading 5
            Speaking 5
            Writing 4

          • Elizabeth Edo says:

            I am 43yrs old, my husband is 45, my IELTS result is S(7),W(6.5), L(6),R(5). I am an ex banker, do u think I am qualified for any programme? Secondly my husbands job is on OID in SAS, he is about to write the IELTS test next month, what are his chances if he gets 5 in all the sections. Please kindly advise. Thank you.

  13. pankaj says:

    what is the minimum CELPIP score requirement for CEC manager level position for Express Entry?
    I got Listening – 9 , Writing -7 , Reading – 7 and Speaking -6.
    Should i give celpip again to apply in express entry?

  14. pratik dubey says:

    I have got Ielts general scores are
    Am I eligible for express entry?
    Pls reply

  15. john says:

    You want to tell your immigration office to put the minimum at an overall, instead of each; it helps people out and makes life easier.
    As it is, the materials they play are people with all sort of accents – sad ones such as New Zealand’s, those villages in the UK (like seriously) and Australia, and not to mention that it is more of a science test not an English one.
    Are you helping those testing centers to make money out of students/candidates by looting them, and in some cases being deliberate so the test is taken again.
    Every one knows about all the controversies on the IELTS exams and methods. It is silly.

    • adil says:

      This happened to me while giving my Ielts back in 2012. Unfortunately, listening part came with Australian accent, which is deemed to be different when compared with British of American..

  16. john says:

    USD 270 for an IELTS is a lot of money, but that is something a Canadian government WORKER OR EMPLOYEE knows better than, every one knows they are underpaid – and they are more on strike than are working for most part of a year.

    Regards again

  17. Keerti says:

    I got L8 R8 W6.5 S6.5.
    All over 7.5 in general training.
    What is my CLB LEVEL? Do we get 63 bonus points if we score 8 in listening n 7 each in the rest. Please guide me.

    • adil says:

      Yes U r Right. To get those 63 points U have TO Have 8 in listening and 7 in all others.

      • Vignesh says:

        Hi Adil,

        I have scored exactly the CLB 9 level scores in all of the language abilities of the IELTS test. But yet, after submission to the immigration website, I haven’t received any bonus points as you’ve stated. Please let me know what might be the mistake I am doing.


    • Yes says:

      If you can score 8.0 in listening and reading how do u get 6. 5 in writing and speaking. Doubtful.

  18. Faisal says:


    I would like to know if i intend to apply for the express entry program, Do i need IELTS General only or can i apply with IELTS Acaedmic too? As i have IELTS Acaedmic am i eligible to apply. Looking forward to your kind response. Thanks & Regards

  19. Dariia Shevchenko says:

    If I take the TEF Canada test would be accepted for Quebec, Ontario and/or Canada?

  20. Iphie says:

    Pls which entry doesn’t require 6,0 on each subject?. Tnx

    • CICS Immigration Team says:

      If you don’t have Canadian work experience, then you requires 6.0 in each ability.

      • Igor says:

        If I started working in Canada in January 2015 and my wife – in November 2014 (we have contracts with IT companies in Calgary) – what IELTS band do we need for PR?
        We’ll be taking IELTS on the 7th of November.
        Please advise,

        • ana says:

          May I know if CELPIP GENERAL result in 4 categories in Listening, reading,Writing and Specking could be used in applying student visa for international student.

      • Hari Kiran Varre says:

        Hi, I have UK work experience. Will that work?

  21. Timmy Dowd says:

    Hey there

    I did my CELPIP English test last Setember

    I know it is good for 2 years and I was looking at doing express entry again

    When I go through the assessment and I put down my scores:
    Listening: 10/ Speaking: 10/ Writing: 8/

    It says that I do not qualify for express entry even though I thought I am over the points needed

    Can you in assist me?

    It was fine before when I put those scores in

    Timmy Dowd

  22. Vien says:

    Hi, i would like to know my CLB. Here are my celpip results, listening 10, speaking 5, writing 7, reading is 6. Can you help me. Thanks!

  23. glenda says:

    I took my IELTS last August 29, 2015. My scores are : Listening – 7.0, Reading – 5.0, Speaking – 6.0 and Writing – 6.5. Overall score – 6.0. What is CLB equivalent?


    I have IELTS result of academic training. can i use this result for quebec regualr skilled worker program

  25. Abdul Rub says:


    I got IELTS GT score: Listening 5.5,Reading 5.5, Writing 6.5, Speaking 5.5.
    It is equal to CLB 6.
    Can I apply FSWP express entry or any other provinces which are accepting this score. Please let me know which provinces accepting this score.


  26. SHIVANI says:

    Hi my ielts score is listening -7 , speaking – 6, writing – 6.5, reading -5.5 please tell me i can apply quebec pr

  27. I have taken the TECS ( Test of Communication Skills ) and obtained a TECS Proficiency Stage 3 and CEF B1; are these test and their results applicable for the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) ?
    thanks for your answer !

  28. Lidiya Louis says:

    I got W-6.5, S-6.5,L-8.5,R-8.5 for ielts, can you please say what is my CLB score.

  29. Suja Parakunnathu says:

    my ielts score is Reading 7.5 Listening 7 writing 7 speaking 6.5. What is my clb points? i am a post graduate holder . will I get extra points in comprehensive ranking score?

  30. Sudha says:

    Hi my IELTS score is listening-6 reading-4.5 writinh-5.5 speaking-6 am I eligible for (nsoi) Nova Scotia office of immigration directly not express entry a I am asking for general entry stream

  31. As part of my job as faculty at a local design school, we were asked to take de TECS ( test of English Communications Skills – standard for CEF -Common European Frame- ) …is it compatible with IELTS or CELPIP test score ?
    thanks for you info !

  32. Nishanth says:

    How is the IELTS club big for Quebec and how the point is allocated for Quebec. Is there any minimum IELTS requirement for Quebec migrants

  33. Henry says:

    Hi, I have TCF B1.

    Can I reflect it in TEF equivalent? If yes, is there any table I can use?

    many thanks in advance,

  34. James says:

    Hi, I got My Ielts General Results today & I’m quite disappointed as i got

    Listening : 6.0
    Reading : 7.0
    Writing : 5.5
    Speaking : 8.0

    I thought i had scored a 7 in speaking but got an 8 as i was cut off couple of times due to the time limited on the speaking session, however i was expecting an 8 or even 9 in Reading, i got 7 & also in the writing , i completed both parts thoroughly & they gave 5.5 & i was expecting at least 8.0 in that .

  35. James says:

    the fact that i’m applying for Express Entry for a Pr in Canada, I got a 6.5 overall but i’m worried i’m not through due to the fact i’ve been given a 5.5 in writing however i checked on the Clb Conversion and apparently the 5.5 is rounding off to 6.0 but i cannot get an Overall Clb Score to find that out ?

    Can anyone please help ?

    • Nwoye says:

      Your result is quite ok but the disappointment was the 5.5 in writing.It would have being a band 7 or 7.5 which is enough to get you into the EE pool.
      well,try and see if you can hit a higher score in your next attempt

  36. Dora says:

    Hi .there . Need your help. I am preparing for my PR application. NOC 4411. My IELTS score listening 6 reading 6 writing 6 speaking 4.5. What’s my CLB level? It ask for minimum CLB 5 as listening 5 reading 4 writing 5 speaking 5. Do I qualify for the level?

  37. Jerell Mendez Magrata says:

    Hi,i take up CELPIP exam last Oct.24,2015 and my grades are L=5 S=5 Do i pass or not?What is the passing grade for both of them?

  38. Aram says:

    I got my IELTS General test results as follows:
    Listening: 7.0
    Reading: 6.5
    Speaking: 6.5
    Writing: 4.5
    Overall band score: 6.0
    I know I didn’t do well in writing but am i still eligible for FSW? and how do i need to convert OBS to CLB? Do i need all of them 6 or the OBS is enough?
    Thank you

  39. Ahmed Yassein says:

    Dear Sir / Madame
    I am applying for Express Entry for a Pr in Canada federal , currently I am having both IELTS & TEF courses in order to get better job opportunities .

    I will be tested next DEC 2015 for IELTS , subsequently in Feb 2016 will be my TEF , Could you please define me the eligible score I should obtain for TEF in case my IELTS results scored 6.5 to 7 in all S/L/R/W ?

    Thank you respected team of CIC
    Yours Faithfully

  40. Amy F says:

    Hi , i just received my ielts score which are the ff:
    speaking: 7
    listening: 7
    reading: 6.5
    writing: 6.5
    total: 7

    do i have a chance to apply for express entry federal skilled worker? ive seen in youtube they said you need to have 7 in each field

    • Nwoye says:

      You are sure qualify to apply but you would stand a better chance if you have a spouse who will attract bonus points to your application.I hope you have a valid ECA with you.


  41. Amy F says:

    can you also let me know what is my CLB level? thank you!

  42. zehra says:

    I would like to know what is my CLB level.
    L7.5,W 7.0, R 8.0 S8.5

    since my Listening is 7.5 I will be in CLB 8 or what?

  43. Mary .A says:

    I’ve just done the tef & this is my score;
    I’m I eligible to apply for Canada please?
    CE score 117 level A2
    CO score 224 level B2
    EE score 346 level B2
    EO score 392 level C1
    What standard do u need to achieve to be able to apply please ??

  44. Rajith Harimoorthy says:

    My IELTS score for G.T module is overall 6.5
    Am i eligible for applying through express entry for PR in CANADA?

  45. varun says:

    Hi my IELTS score is :

    L- 7
    R- 6.5
    W- 6
    Overall Band: 6.5

    Is the score eligible for applying to Express Entry scheme

  46. SaqrThabet says:

    Hello everyone,
    I know it is quite complicated to calculate the Language Proficiency Score, by transfer it from IELTS-GT to CLB. For me I built two theories.
    it is easy as just you can manage to take every skill (S/W/R/L) an rate it using this link: “”
    and then after getting your CLB? in reciprocal to the every and each IELTS-GT skill (S/W/R/L) you can calculate the points regarding each CLB? for each IELTS-GT individually.
    lets take an Example : in my case ,
    IELTS-GT Speaking7.5 Writing6 Reading7.5 Listening8.5
    English Proficiency points 6 4 6 6 = 22
    other example:
    IELTS-GT Speaking7 Writing6.5 Reading6.5 Listening6.5
    English Proficiency points 6 5 5 4 = 20

    but the other theory which was illustrated in the link: “
    which indicate that even if you score high in some skills (S/W/R/L) yet, your final CLB
    score will be determined by the minimum skill score you achieve .
    for example:
    IELTS-GT Speaking7.5 Writing6 Reading7.5 Listening8.5
    English Proficiency points 4 4 4 4 = 16
    just because Writing score in IELTS-GT is 6 out of 9 so CLB7 will be compelled upon all the other skills,
    this is my conclusion from what I had already read, please if someone is well acquainted with what or which mythology is right, please post it on,
    thanks everyone

    • Gagan says:

      Even i have the same doubt…. tried looking everywhere but no luck…. @CIC Team : Requesting you to help on it… as it is the major factor in CSR system… Waiting is response from your end..


  47. Mike Downes says:

    I’m applying for PR under CEC
    My job code is 2252 NOC A
    My IELTS results are
    Speaking 9.0
    Listening 8.5
    Writing 7.5
    Reading 6.5

    The 6.5 worries me, will my application be rejected?


  48. Deepak says:


    I had taken the IELTS Academic test in Nov and my overall score is 7.5.
    Is it mandatory to take the General test for the Express entry application?

    • CICS Immigration Team says:


      • Keshava says:

        I got IELTS BAND L 5, S 6, W 5.5, R 4 and I have a job offer in Canada Am l eligible for FSWP For Ontorio. In addition my wife is a secondary applicant and her IELTS BAND score is S 6, L 5.5, W 5. 5 , R 4. 5. Kindly advise me.

  49. Milan Yang says:

    I got a Celpip test and got the score; listening 9, reading 6, writing,7 and speaking 7.
    I am going to apply for PR. I am an Earlychildhood educator after graduating from the college. I think I am belonging to NOC B. It said minium level is celpip 5. However I am little bit confused now. Some websites said you should meet the CELPIP minium socore 7 for application. Which one is right? Do I have to re-take Celpip for PR application?
    Please give me a comment.

  50. Amarachi Tim-Agu says:

    Please i wish to know how many CRS points that i will be awarded in the course of applying for permanent resident visa under the Federal skilled workers program Canada as my ielts score is as follows: listening – 8.5,reading – 6.5,writing – 7.5,speaking – 7.5; overall band score – 7.5.
    Please what is my CLB level as well as my likely CRS points.

  51. sakthi prasad says:

    Please find below my IELTS score. Advice me if the below scores are suffice for an express entry.
    Listening: 7.5
    Reading: 6.0
    Writing: 6.5
    Speaking: 7.5
    Overall: 7.0

  52. Ravindra says:

    I would like to know my CLB for the below.

    L: 6.5
    R: 5.5
    W: 6.0
    S: 6.5

    Could you kind enough to let me know the exact level.

    Thank you
    Merry Christmas

  53. rohan says:

    Reading -8.00

    how many points i will get for this score?

  54. Nisha says:

    I got listening-8,reading-6 speaking-7a d writing-5.5 plz guide am I eligible to apply for express entry?

  55. mbud says:

    i have IELTS score as below, will i get any nomination?

    L: 6.5
    Overall: 6.5

  56. harpreet says:

    My question is if I get too low score in one of the 4 abilities in IELTS, should I look for that minimum score i CLB band table?
    I got L:8.5, R:9, W:6.5, S:8, Overall:8
    Does that qualifies me for CLB 9/10 since all except writing fits in that band or does it pulls me down to CLB 8 because of Writing?
    Help will be appreciated.

  57. Said says:

    Je voudrais passer les épreuves de TEF Canada, les deux épreuves ce mois et deux autres épreuves au mois suivant. Comment je pourrai entrer les deux numéros des résultats lors de créer mon compte sur votre site?

  58. Keshava says:

    I got IELTS BAND L 5, S 6, W 5.5, R 4 and I have a job offer in Canada Am l eligible for FSWP For Ontorio. In addition my wife is a secondary applicant and her IELTS BAND score is S 6, L 5.5, W 5. 5 , R 4. 5. Kindly advise me.

  59. Farhan Habib says:

    Greetings everyone

    My IELTS score is
    Listening: 9.0
    Reading: 7.0
    Writing: 7.0
    Speaking: 6.5
    Overall: 7.5

    What CLB level do I fall in?

  60. collins says:

    Hello CICS Immigration Team,
    I was recently nominated under Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP). I was advised by MPNP to write and submit a valid IELTS to CIC with my application for PR, since my IELTS has just expired. My Question is : What is the minimum score expected for each band L, R, W, & S? . Your swift response would be most appreciated. Feel free to reply me via email. Regards.

  61. Ghasem says:

    I am fourth year international student at PhD program. I have got My CELPIP Results today as the follow:
    Listening: 8
    Reading: 6
    Speaking: 7
    Writing: 8
    I would like to apply for Federal Skilled Worker Program. Could I apply with the Reading=6
    It says in the CIC website “To get points for your second official language, you must meet the minimum level of CLB 5 in all four language abilities” I am not sure what do you mean by that.
    I am looking forward to have your response.

  62. anu says:

    my ielts score is 6. can i apply for canada pr?

    • CICS Immigration Team says:

      Each ability has to be at least 6 and you must get at least 67 points overall. See the requirements for FSWP.

      • guna says:

        Dear sir,
        I have scored
        listening- 7.5
        speaking 6.5
        reading 6
        writing 6
        and my overall score is 6.5 in general training.

        am i eligible under express entry program.
        moreover i am 26 years old and single. I am a PG Nurse by profession with two years of professional experience.

        looking forward for your fast response in this regard.

  63. PSS says:


    My Ielts score is
    W and S:6.0 each
    overall: 6.50… May I know, if I am eligible to apply for Canada PR.


  64. Varsha says:

    Hello, I have received IELTS score like reading :3 , writing 5.5,speaking 5.5 ,listening 5. overall is 5. Let me know is it eligible for secondary applicant for express entry Canada?

  65. Neha Ashani says:


    My IELTS score is as follows :-

    Listening – 8.5
    Reading – 7
    Speaking – 7.5
    Writing – 6

    Would like to know what will be my CLB ?
    Which provinces can I apply to ?

    Neha Ashani

  66. Jesh says:

    Hello i recently did my TEF Canada and i scored B1, B2, C1 & C1. Am i still eligible??

  67. collins says:

    Hello CICS Immigration Team,
    I was recently nominated under Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP). I was advised by MPNP to write and submit a valid IELTS to CIC with my application for PR, since my IELTS has just expired. My Question is : What is the minimum score expected for each band L, R, W, & S? . Your swift response would be most appreciated. Feel free to reply me via email. Regards

  68. Harry says:


    I have some questions regarding the ilets exam.

    I took the exam several times (4) however only the last 2 results are relevant for me… I think.

    I got in the second last exam the following score: S – 7, R – 5,5, W 6.0, L-7.
    And in the last one : S-8,5, R-6, W – 5,5,L – 7,5

    I have all test reports and i am asking if i am able to apply for federal skilled program if i conbine them… Since the score would match the minimum requirements, I am sick of that nonsens ielts…

    On the other hand i have a pretty high score( i bring enough money with me, got master degree both me and my wife and we are under 29 years and ofcourse we have my aunt there with permanent rezidence and my uncle which is a canadian citizen.

    Thanks in advance

  69. Shree Ram says:

    Hi my recent IELTS score is
    R,W, & S- 5.50
    Overall -6.00.

    So I want to know is it qualify to apply for ESL programe also please do let me know the process to apply student visa.

  70. Shree K says:

    I am planning to apply for student visa for coming May’2016 intake and my overall IELTS score is 6.0 with L-6.50, W-5.50, R-5.50, S-5.5.

    So can you please confirm me whether is it possible to get student visa for studying ESL programe.

  71. Wafa says:

    I receive my IELTS result is overall 5 but i pass also TEF exam. Can i apply for Express Entry

  72. ASEF KABIR says:

    My IELTS scores are as follows:

    Overall Band: 8.0

    Listening 8.5
    Reading 8.5
    Writing 7.0
    Speaking 8.5

    What will be my CRS point for language proficiency (with spouse)?

    Is it 116 (CLB 29 x 4) or 125 (32+32+29+32)?

    For CRS CLB 9 = 29 Points and CL10 = 32 Points)

  73. SURESH BEHL says:

    I have received Band score 5 in EILTS. (L5 R4 W5.5 S5.5)(CEFR LEVEL B1) and if I got a job offer in hospitality/restaurant, please advise can I eligible for work permit.

  74. gagan sandhu says:

    my gt ilets score is in list 5.5,reading 5.5,speaking5.5 andwriting 5.5. how can i know my clb level.

  75. Saadia says:

    Ielts academics is not acceptable for FSW?
    Do i have to take ielts GrlT?

  76. Saadia says:

    I meant do i have to take ielts GT?

  77. Mykola says:

    For the language requirement – in the event that I have the required minimum grades for express entry, but not on a single test, can I apply this way? I was short one point on a test for listening, and when I re-wrote it, my listening score was high enough but now speaking is too low from that particular test. With 2 test scores, I have what is required, so will cic accept both submitted together to make up the scores?

  78. sir what is my CLB scoreif i got the bands as follow?

    overall 5.5
    am i eligible for canada immigration ?

  79. Cheah says:

    I am currently working in Vancouver under MOM status. I took the Celpip English test for permanent resident application. My score are
    Reading -8
    Writing – 9
    Listening -7
    Speaking -6
    Do I qualified for express entry PR application ?
    I have read a lot of similar post but no reply .
    Your answer is appreciated .

  80. Levon Paparyan says:

    Hello my IELTS exam overall is 6 .
    What is my CLB level?

  81. Naaz says:

    I got L=6, R=5.5, W=6, S=6.5 and my spouse is also planning to write the exam. But can i become the primary applicant for immigration to canada? Do we need to have 67 points overall like age education n wrk experience or this ielts result also needs to be like 7 or 7.5? Can someone tell me can i try for immigration?

  82. Muneeb says:

    My ielts results is as follows:
    Can I apply for Express Entry??

  83. Huda says:

    I have got 5.5 in IELTS
    L 6
    R 5
    W 5.5
    S 5.5
    I can apply to cubic immigration of Canada

  84. Huda says:

    I mean not fedral skilled entry directly to cubic

  85. Rani says:

    Dear sir
    Can you suggest me weather I am eligible to apply for the express entry. I am working in Canada, Alberta from last 15 months as a postdoc fellow. Additional I have one year work experience outside canada. I also want to know about Province Immigrant Nominee Program (for any provinence)
    I got

  86. hamza says:

    I want to ask you that if I get 5 bands in speaking 5.5 in reading 5.5 in writing 7.5 in listening and overall 6 then is that ok for university in Manitoba?

  87. Nayan says:

    Please help me to inform me link fro latest quebec immigration eligibility for skilled worker

  88. Shaukath says:

    Dear sir
    Can you suggest me weather I am eligible to apply for the express entry. I am from India and Mechanical Engineering with 6.5 years experience. AI also want to know about Province Immigrant Nominee Program (for any provinence) and My IELTS Score overall 6
    Listening 6
    Reading 5.5
    Writing 6
    Speaking 5.5

  89. Mickey Mouse says:

    My IELTS (GT) score:

    L: 7.0
    R: 5.5
    W: 6.0
    S: 7.0

    It is said that minimum CLB level 7 is required in each ability for FSWP. I think I’ve scored CLB 7 or more in all sections but ‘Reading’.

    But CLB to IELTS score conversion says that for Reading:

    CLB 6 = IELTS 5.0
    CLB7 = IELTS 6.0

    So, what about IELTS 5.5 in reading?

  90. Deep waters says:

    I have received 7 in all the sections with an exception of 7.5 in listening in IELTS. What is my CLB? Is it good enough a score or do I need to retake the test?

  91. Qasim says:

    I got

    8.5 Listening
    6.5 Reading
    6.5 Speaking
    6 Writing

    how much i score out of 24 max points

  92. Raghavendra kumar says:

    Dear sir,
    I was taken ielts exam in British council.
    I was scored by listening :6.0, reading :4.0, writing :5.5, speaking :6.0 , let me know my CLB level for Manitoba.

  93. Mujeeb says:

    Hi my Ielts GT score is L-7.5,R-6,W-6.5& S-7. Am i eligible for immigration or Canada PR.

  94. Bheng says:

    My husband got yhe score of reading 10, speaking 6, listening 8, writing 8 and he’s applying for pr in alberta gp. Hes currently a skilled worker as cook is it possible that he can go on express entry

  95. Gagan says:

    Dear Sir,

    I tried looking everywhere but did not find any answer related to my doubt.
    I have following IELTS GT score modulewise
    L-7.5, R-8, W-6, S-6.
    What will be my CLB Level – will it be 7 because it did not score more than 6 in W & S or it will be calcluated module wise (10 for R, 8 for L,7 for S & W) & points also would be calculted modulewise irrespective of the modules having lower score. Please confirm.
    CLB Level Reading Writing Listening Speaking
    10 8.0 7.5 8.5 7.5
    9 7.0 7.0 8.0 7.0
    8 6.5 6.5 7.5 6.5
    7 6.0 6.0 6.0 6.0

    Waiting for your response…

  96. Muhammad Kashif says:

    My score in IELTS is:
    Listening: 8.5
    Reading: 8.5
    Writing : 7.0
    Speaking: 7.5

    Please inform whether I am in CLB 10 or CLB 9.

  97. Anu says:

    Hi, pls just got my ielts result with an overall 6.5 band, L 6.5, W,7.0,S 6.5, R 6.5did it my huband his score is lower which is 4.5 overall. Can we use me as the primary applicant. Pls your urgent response would be appreciated.

  98. juan dela cruz says:

    I got an overall score of 7.0 from IELTS.

    Reading = 7.0
    Writing = 6.5
    Listening = 7.5
    Speaking = 7.0

    When I got update from CIC, I got 102 for First Languange but got ZERO (0) points for second language.

    Should’nt I get points for secondary language since I met the CLB 7 requirement?


  99. DHARATI PATEL says:

    my IELTS score is
    L= 6.0
    R= 6.0
    W= 5.5
    S= 6.0

  100. Rejaul haider says:

    My ilts score are as follows :

    Reading : 5
    Writing : 5.5
    Listing : 6
    Speking : 6

    Overall band score is : 5.5

    Am i eligible for me to apply at canadian university to start my education on it sector

    Please advise .


  101. Adi says:


    I gave both the IELTS and CELPIP within the past one year. I passed both reading and writing in both. In IELTS, I got 8 in Speaking but 5.5 in Listening and hence had to give CELPIP.

    In CELPIP, I got 8/12 in Speaking and 11/12 in Listening. So, I was able to send in my application for Express Entry but am not at the maximum points. My question is, can I use the higher of the two Speaking scores, i.e., can I send in the IELTS 8.0 for speaking and the other CELPIP scores for my application? It will increase my points drastically.


  102. leslie says:

    I am a Ghanaian, my education from primary school upto university was taught in english, I also did a taught masters degree program in Pharmaceutical science (Greenwich University) UK.

    Am I exempted from english language qualification for express entry into Canada?

  103. Harman says:

    I have completed my +2 in 2016
    I have got 8 band in listening ,7 band in writing ,5.5 in speaking and 5 in writing
    Can i eligible for canada

  104. Gurjot Singh says:

    i had given my IELTS GT back in october 2015 and cleared it with 7.0 overall .
    i also had given TEF examination with speaking and listening module only. can i apply my TEF score also for Canada?

    • CICS Immigration Team says:

      Yes. See the Express Entry point system in how it can help you. Or set-up a consultation with CICS to talk about how to maximize your chances to succeed.

  105. Josephine Victor says:

    I obtained TEF Canada scores as below:
    Compréhension Ecrite = Score 166 Niveau B1
    Compréhension Orale = Score 192 Niveau B1
    LS —
    Expression Ecrite = Score 279 Niveau B2
    Expression Orale = Score 237 Niveau B1

    Am I eligible to register in Express Entry Pool to immigrate to Canada?

  106. Josephine Victor says:

    I obtained TEF Canada scores as below:
    Compréhension Ecrite = 166 B1
    Compréhension Orale = 192 B1
    Expression Ecrite = 279 B2
    Expression Orale = 237 B1
    Am I eligible to register in Express Entry Pool ?
    Appreciate your reply

  107. Naseruddin patel says:

    Hello CIC Team
    After reading all comments written here, I have only one simple question, if we do not get 6.0, then is it compulsory to retake the test till we get 6.0? Or is there a way around, so that we can at least apply for job in Canada?

    Your response would be much appreciated, thank you.

    • CICS Immigration Team says:

      You can work as a temporary worker without 6.0, but you would need 6.0 for almost all immigration programs.

  108. Harpreet kaur says:

    I got celpip clb 7 in four modules can I apply for express entry?

  109. Deepali says:

    In ielts my score is ; S 7, W 6, L 5.5, R 5.
    So based on this score what will be my CLB for PR via Nova scotia provience. Am i eligble to apply through this score ..if not, then which other provience i can apply for PR in this score.
    Please reply.

  110. Kreshen says:

    I would like to have a clarification on my eligibility to apply for express entry based on the following:

    My IELTS test are:
    Reading 7.0- CLB 9
    Speaking 5.5- CLB 6
    Listening 7.0- CLB 7
    Writing 6.5- CLB 8

    Also, my skill type job falls into category B (Construction estimators-2234.

    I have read that Express entry requires to have at least CLB level 7 in all of the language abilities to be eligible to apply, but according to other requirements a skill type B job only requires a minimum threshold of CLB6.

    My IELTS scores are above or equivalent to CLB7 except for speaking.

    Thus, i would like to know if i am eligible to apply for express entry based on the above.

    Thank you

  111. Tessy Girl says:

    I have finished my delf b2 years ago… Can that be counted for crs? If it’s possible how much do I get equivalent to Tef?

  112. prithish john says:

    Can you please tell me one thing.I appeared for IELTS and scored 7 and I applied for Canada PR express entry program .My wife is a nurse ,so in order to her to work in Canada in future after we migrate to Canada does she need to write IELTS now ?And if yes should she write General or Academic IELTS?

    Please reply

    Thanks Prithish John

  113. ogbonna kelech says:

    Hello please i need your help asap. i got S 6.5,
    W 6.0, W 5.5, L 5.0 overall score 6.0 can i apply for Manitoba PNP thanks.

  114. Mohan says:

    I have given the CELPIP English test and i got the below scores
    Listening: 7
    Reading: 5
    Writing : 6
    Speaking : 6

    Can you please share is this score fine to apply for Canada PR.I am in Canada from Jan 2016 and i have Post graduation degree(M.C.A) with 9+ years of IT experience.

  115. Abhishek Monga says:

    Sir, I have got 5 band overall in IELTS and each score L-4.5, R-4.5, W-5, S-5.5. I have 4 years of account. Can you tell me can I eligible for PR of Quebec ( Canada )

  116. hardeep says:

    I have scored Reading 7 Listening 7 Writing 6 Speaking 5.5 . . I have received letter of approval FROM MANITOBA as per earlier score. Will cic provide me PR NOW as per above score. Earlier score of ielts was 7 , 6.5, 6.5 ,6 each for RLWS.

    • hardeep says:

      I have scored Reading 7 Listening 7 Writing 6 Speaking 5.5 . . I have received letter of approval FROM MANITOBA as per earlier score. Will cic provide me PR NOW as per above score. Earlier score of ielts was 7 , 6.5, 6.5 ,6 each for RLWS. I have applied under skill A as secondary school teacher .

  117. Dilbagh singh says:

    Hi dear sir.i have certificate 3 in commercial cookery from Australia and certificate 4 in small business and also have experience from Australia as cash hand and still I’m working in good hotel.i have 5 each in Ielts general module and I’m marred and working in well famous hotel in my city.please send me right knowledge about express entry as cook.thx

  118. Eichie Ambrose says:


    I got the below score for IELTS general test as below:

    R: 4.5
    L: 5.0
    W: 6.5
    S: 6.5
    Overall band is 5.5, Can I proceed with this scores for MPNP SW?

  119. olabanji sodiq says:

    Please, i would like to know if my IELTS General score is okay for Express Entry to CANADA

    SPEAKING – 7.0
    LISTENING – 6.5
    READING – 5.5
    WRITING – 7.5

    OVERALL – 6.5

  120. Bret says:

    Hi CIC:

    Just want to inquire, as of August 2016, what is the allowable CLB points to be considered to migrate to Canada? Are the points different on each of the Provinces? All of the migration application get through Express Entry of CIC and they declare different programs besides the 3 major programs such as FSW, FST and CEC plus of course the PNP. Could you help me get through any program just to make it to Canada as I believe I may offer skills as a contribution to Canadian Economy.

  121. sunny says:

    Hi seniors,,
    I am on 66 points and to score 1point for 67 ..what French test I need to appear in? And could you guide me how much I need to score in French test to qualify??
    Thanks in advance

  122. Hiren Rana says:

    I have just received my score in IELTS as below
    READING – 5.5
    WRITING – 5.5
    SPEAKING – 8

    What is my equivalent CLB score? and where can I apply for in CANADA? I will be applying for canada PR soon. Do I stand any chance of getting a accept?

    Hiren RANA

  123. Fidelekay says:


    Kindly advise if this ielts general test score makes me eligible to apply for FSW in Canada and the province there will be easily accessible.

    Overall band -6.5

  124. Muhammad Jamal says:

    Would you please tell me which either ”Academic” IELTS module is acceptable for Express entry program or I must take General IELTS module for this program.

  125. what is my CLB? i got 6.5 in listening, 7.0 in reading, 7.0 in speaking and 7.0 in writing.

  126. Nabeel says:

    I have got overall band 6.5 in ielts.
    Listening 6
    Reading 7
    Writing 6
    Speaking 6

    What is my equivalent CLB score? and where can I apply for in CANADA?
    My consultant make my account in express entery and my overall points are 393 in express entry. What i do ? I am doing electrical engineer job in pakistan in Bahria Town karachi. I had done hons in electrical and also have more than 7 years of experience in construction.

  127. JB says:

    Hi CIC,

    I have recently complete a course on Diploma in French Language Studies and I have
    passed with 89% this includes: Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking.

    Can this be used for Express Entry?

    I am kindly looking forward to hear from you as soon as you can!

    Best regards,

    • CICS Immigration Team says:

      No. TEF and DALF are the language exams that are expected.

      • Lina says:

        Regarding french exams.
        if applying through CIC for express entry skilled workers, would a B2 DELF certificate be acceptable in the application process? or only a TEF exam?

        Also, which TEF should be taken, TEF canada or TEF “only”?

  128. Arun Kumar says:


    Kindly advise if this ielts general test score makes me eligible to apply for EE in Canada and the province there will be easily accessible.

  129. Gaurav says:

    My score in ielts is L-7.5,S-7,R-5.5,W-6
    I want to am I eligible for any PNP for Canada or express entry please advise.

  130. stephanie says:

    i have an overall band score of 6.0, of which all are 6.0 except for writing which is a 6.5. i have applied for an academic entry. i just want to know am i eligible for express entry?

  131. tarun says:

    i have l-5.5 R-5.5 S-6.0 w-5-5

    i m eligible for canada pr ?

  132. Yashovardhan Sharma says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I have scored CLB 7 in my IELTS and have gained 6+ all the four sections of test.
    English is my first language in my first language in this case and i need to improve my overall points tally for Canadian immigration.
    if i appear for my French exam what shall be my rating to be able to add something to my tally?

  133. Rahul says:


    I just received my IELTS result: General; L-7.5, R-7.5, W-7 and S-8.

    I have a B.Sc degree (3 years course) in chemistry
    M.Sc degree (2 years course) in Organic Chemistry

    and PhD Degree in Chemistry (received positive assessment for Phd degree already)

    I have 3 years of post-PhD experience.


    My wife also has a PhD degree in Mathematics but don’t have an IELTS score.

    How are my chances to get invitation?

    Additionally, my question is, should I fill YES in one question : In addition to the certificate selected above, have you completed a 2nd post-secondary diploma/certificate?

    this is asking when I am selecting my highest qualification of a PhD.

    Please advice.

  134. Sally says:

    What is the required score for each test if writing the test as a spouse or common law partner. Also what is the minimum score in total as per the rating to qualify for express entry

  135. Mounica says:

    Hey! Can u please help me with this. I have overall IELTS score 6.0 and individually S-5.5,R-7.0,W-5.5,L-5.5. Can i get the canadian study visa? Should I go through GIC program. Help me with that. Thank you in advance.

    • avichal says:

      some private colleges accept the desired course you want to take admission in and apply.fleming college in peterborough accepts 6 (overall).

  136. Akhilesh says:

    Does the overall score matter or the individual score ?

  137. DS says:

    My Ielts scores is Listening 8, Speaking 8.5, Reading 7 and Writing 6. What provinces and states can I apply for?

  138. I recently completed the IELTS English Language Exam. Kindly indicate what is the minimum acceptable score across the board for each section (Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking).

  139. what is my CLB? i got 7.0 in listening, 7.0 in reading, 6.5 in speaking and 7.0 in writing

  140. Misbah says:

    My score in IELTS is Listening -6.5, Reading-5.0, Writing-6.5, Speaking-6.5
    I want to know that am I eligible for any PNP for Canada ? Please advise.

  141. Shashank says:

    I have just received my ielts score.
    L: 5.5
    R: 6
    W: 6
    S: 5.5 overall: 6

    Will I get a change for PR through express entry program.?
    Having 5 year o experience in SCM profile. My NOC fall in B category.

    And I am 25 year old.

    Pls suggest.

  142. my score of WPLN singapore(CASAS) LA.USA apprved.
    Numeracy 5
    Speak 4
    Write 4
    Read 4
    Listen 3
    Can i elegible for canada work permit.

  143. mellinda says:

    Hi Team,

    I want to initiate my Express of Interest (EOI),do I need to give IELTS before proceeding for the same


  144. karthik says:

    Can you please let me know based on the below IELTS Score how many points will I score for Individual module for applying to New Brunswick PNP

    Modules Score
    Listening 7.5
    Reading 6.0
    Writing 6.5
    Speaking 6.0

  145. Vasu says:

    Hi my IELTS score is
    Overall score-6.5
    CEFR level- B2

    Am I eligible to apply for Canadian PR.

  146. Jose alfredo Ledezma bueno says:

    The issue is the following i work as a housing legal assistant i help tenants and owners not to get them out before the time dictated by law ,,and and i want to eork on canada is everything i’m mexican and i like to work in whatever it is you give me thr oportunitpy and i will apreciated pretty much than you

  147. I work as a housing legal assistant.helping people not to be evicted without final notice

  148. Rasiklal says:

    I have pass ESOLB2 in 2011. It’s valid for express entry ?

  149. Siddhesh says:

    Hi! My age is 30.
    I have a bachelor’s degree.
    I hav experience of 9 years.
    I got overall 6.5 in IELTS
    Reading 6.5
    Writing 6.5
    Listening 6.5
    Speaking 6.0

    Am I eligible for FSW epress entry?

  150. vraj shah says:

    hey!!i got 6 bands in Ielts and applied for ESL program at university of regina.what are my visa percentage?

  151. Ayodele Olaoluwa says:

    hi! Pls
    I got overall 5.5 in IELTS
    Reading 5.5
    Writing 5.5
    Listening 5.5
    Speaking 5.5
    Am I eligible for migration to Canada?


  152. issam says:

    I had entered the Express entry Pool but my total comprehensive ranking is 372.
    will break the points as below:
    Education: 135 for master degree
    Language: 88
    Speaking: 7, Reading: 6, Listening: 6, writing :6.5
    I’m 31 years old and have around 5 years experience, is it worse it to repeat the IELTS or learn French? how much should I improve in IELTS score to get a better ranking, I heard that no rank lower than 430 was selected from the pool yet. Thanks

  153. Deepmala Shah says:

    Hello! My age is 35.
    I have a bachelor’s degree in Arts.
    I hav experience of 4 to 5 years for various filled.
    I got overall 5 in IELTS
    Reading 4.5
    Writing 5.5
    Listening 4.5
    Speaking 5

    Am I eligible for PNP Programme entry?

  154. Sahib Singh says:

    My IELTS General training overall score is 7.5.
    Listening – 8.5
    Reading – 6.5
    Writing – 7
    Speaking – 7.5
    Am I eligible to apply for Canada PR.
    I have a degree from London UK and more than 3 yrs of work experience .

  155. Shailesh Kumar says:

    Hi! My age is 34.
    I have a Masters degree in Socia; Works.
    I have experience of 7 years.
    I got overall 5.5 in IELTS
    Reading 6.0
    Writing 6.0
    Listening 5.0
    Speaking 5.0

    Am I eligible for PNP at Saskatchewan ?

  156. AKINOLA Andrew says:

    My ielts score is R6,L6,S7.5,W7……CLB 7 with 5years of finance I have a chance like someone that scored CLB9.

  157. Lawal says:

    My name is lawal,

    I have the under listed scores in my IELTS and I have masters which has been assessed by ICAS am I eligible for FSW express entry.

    Reading 5.0
    Writing 5.5
    Listening 5.0
    Speaking 6.5

  158. Bhawna says:


    My ielts score is


    i am a English teacher here in India so in which category i should apply.


  159. Dr.riffat latif says:

    Hi I am a dentist aged 34 got 7 years of experience and ielts score is listening 6.5 reading 6.00 writing 6.00 speaking 6.00 can I qualify for express entry pool

  160. Isor thapa says:

    my overal score is 6
    will I able to get visa for colleges of australia to study advance diploma

  161. ISMAIL says:


  162. Live says:


    I have a question about conversation from IELTS to CLB.
    According to the table [link removed] CLB 9 is converted to the following IELTS scores: L – 8, R – 7, W – 7 and S – 7.

    What if I get less in any of the sections (Listening 7.5 for example) and higher mark in the other section(e.g. Writing 7.5), then how is the converted CLB mark calculated? Does it still remain 9 or get lower to 8?

    Thank you!

  163. Cherish says:


    I took IELTS Academic and want to know 1. If there is any difference in the conversion to CLB for Express of Interest purposes compared to CLB conversion for IELTS General training. 2. Is IELTS Academic acceptable for Canada Immigration purposes?

    Your response will be greatly appreciated.

    Best Regards,


  164. Sophie says:

    im done with my ielts .
    speaking : 6
    listening :5
    writing : 5.5
    reading : 4

    Am I eligible for migration in Canada under provincial nominee ?

  165. Jeihgne says:

    im done with my ielts .
    speaking : 6
    listening :5
    writing : 5.5
    reading : 4

    Am I eligible for migration in Canada under provincial nominee ?

  166. Deep says:

    Hi ,
    I have 2 years plus experience
    I got overall 6 bands in ielts
    Listening: 5.5

    And I am going to apply under Canadian experience class with Nov code B

    Am I eligible for that??

  167. Muhammad Nabeel says:

    My ielts band is listening 7, reading 6.5, writing 6, speaking 6.5 , can i apply ? And what is my clb level 7 or 8.
    Thank you

  168. Deepshikha sohal says:


  169. RITA says:


    My IELTS score is

    L : 6.5
    R : 6
    W : 7.5
    S : 8

    Age : 33 F

    Please tell me if I am eligible for express entry?

  170. Salil Chowdhary says:

    My scores are as below. Do I qualify for Express Entry or Provincial Nomination
    Speaking: 8
    Listening: 8.5
    Reading: 8
    Writing: 7.5
    Overall: 8

  171. tanushree says:

    My age is 35.
    I have a bachelor’s degree in Arts.
    I have work experience of 8 to 9 years .
    I got overall 6 in IELTS
    Reading 5
    Writing 6
    Listening 6
    Speaking 7

    Am I eligible for Express Entry in Canada?
    If No, then what is min requirement in each section.

  172. Ali hassan gohar says:

    Hi. I have passed level-7 from United kindom. I want immigration for canada. Can I apply without ilets . My level-7 can exempt ilets????

  173. Inder says:

    How much minimum each CELPIP score is required for express entry?

  174. Mounir says:

    I did the TEF Canada exam and the IELTS exam twice. Is it possible to use the highest scores from each exam?

    • CICS Immigration Team says:

      You cannot combine scores. Only one test is accepted per language.

      • Lamia says:

        In TEF canada test, i got level 6 in writing and reading and level 7 in speaking and listening. Can i still be eligible for express entry. If not, can i redo only writing and reading or do i need to redo the test as a whole.

        Thanks, Lamia

  175. Mohammad says:

    Please, provide us a link for ielts test online

  176. sanket patel says:

    IELTS score :6.5
    listening :7.5
    reading :7
    speaking :6
    writing : 5.5

    what’s about fsw?
    I am software developer having two years experience.

  177. kaushal says:

    I am planning for FSW.

    if I will appear in both, first and second official language test
    what is the minimum CLB requirement for FSW (express entry)

  178. Hi,
    My IELTS General training overall score is 7.5.
    Listening – 8.5
    Reading – 7.5
    Writing – 6.5
    Speaking – 7
    Am I eligible to apply for Canada PR.
    I have a professional Engineering degree from india and more than 5 yrs of work experience . please reply.

  179. Neel says:

    I got 6 bands overall and in L 6, R 6.5,w5.5,S5.0..In acedamic module…I can apply for mpnp?

  180. jaspreet singh says:

    hi i have one year banking exp with AM grade with 6 bands in each module of ielts . am i eligible for express entry system

  181. Harinder Singh says:

    I got 4.5 band overall.listening=5,reading= 5,writing=4,speaking=3.5 what can I do for Canadian visa


    My Age is 39.
    I have a bachelor’s degree.
    I have a diploma engineering (three years programme).
    I have experience of 17.1 years.
    I got overall 4.5 in IELTS
    Reading 3.5
    Writing. 5
    Listening 4.5
    Speaking 5

    Am I eligible (PNP) in Canada Saskatchewan provinces for FSW express entry?

  183. Ñeel says:

    I appeared in acedamic IELTS and I scored 6.0…Can I put this acedamic score for general visa ??

  184. Shamay Zurayeva says:

    Hi! My IELTS scores are as follows:
    Listening: 6.0
    Reading: 9.0
    Writing: 6.5
    Speaking: 7.5
    What CLB score will I get for those?

  185. Crown Fell. says:

    Hi, please shed light.
    I have job offer, I’m graduate, under 35, 1+ year experience , I desire to get my PR through PNP. But my language test result is CLB 5. Should I go ahead with SINP. Thanks.

  186. Asiyah Khan says:

    Hi my ielts score are as follows:
    Overall band score is 6.50
    Can i enter into Express Entry with this scores?Also which provinces can I apply with this score?

  187. Muss says:

    Dear all,
    I did my IELTS exam in 2016 my grades Listening 6.5/ Reading 6.5/ Speaking 6.5/ Writing 5.5 CEFR level B2, with this grades can i proceed in my immigration to Canada ? which Program of immigration is suitable for me ?
    Thank you,

  188. chuks says:

    where can I write IELTS in Nigeria please

  189. Shamba Sarkar says:

    Hi! My IELTS scores are as follows:
    Listening: 7.5
    Reading: 8.5
    Writing: 7.5
    Speaking: 8.0
    What CLB score will I get for those?

  190. Rodrigo Angeles says:

    Hello Good afternoon, I’m Rodrino Angeles, I’m asking what’s my celpip level score required? I work here at Dynamic concrete as a Concrete Finisher? Please reply me ok. Thanks.

  191. Ashwin says:

    I have y overall IELTS band 7
    Listening 8.5
    Writing 6
    Reading 6.5
    Speaking 7
    Can I apply for a Canadian PR ???

  192. Paulina says:

    Hi!! These are my scores in IELTS, do I apply for an Express Entry? Where can I apply?
    L: 7.5
    Overall 7.5


  193. Akeem kazeem says:

    can i move to canada with this my ielts score? L:5.5, R:4.0, W:6.5, S:6.0

  194. Wale says:

    My General IELTS English Language Exam score is
    Overall Band score 6.5
    Do I pass the minimum acceptable score to qualify for a Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program?
    My NOC is 0



    READING 5.5
    WRITING 5.5
    READING 5.5
    SPEAKING 7.0


  196. Manjit says:

    I m graduate in BTech (info tech) 3yrs work exp.married. Ielts score is listening 8.5 reading 7.5 speaking 6.5 writing 6.5 overall score 7.5 and my
    Husbands score is overall 6.5
    He has done masters in architecture.
    What are my chances to b primary applicant fr express entry?

  197. Manjit says:

    I m graduate in BTech (info tech) 3yrs work exp.married. Ielts score is listening 8.5 reading 7.5 speaking 6.5 writing 6.5 overall score 7.5 and my
    Husbands score is overall 6.5
    He has done masters in architecture.
    What are my chances to b primary applicant fr express entry?

  198. Steny Mascarenhas says:

    I am planing to apply for PR Card under the category Provincial Nominee and I wrote Celpip test; score is reading 5, speaking 6, writing 8 and listening 10. Are these score meet the requirement in the category said above.
    thank you

  199. Rohini says:

    I have ielts 6.5 overall, L 6.5 R 6.5 W 7 and S 6, could you please suggest how can i apply so that get crs score and get ITA

  200. Sam says:

    My Age is 31.
    I have done B Pharmacy
    I have a 9 years of experience in the same stream.
    I got overall 7 in IELTS
    Reading 8
    Writing. 6
    Listening 7
    Speaking 6

    Am I eligible for (FSW) Express Entry in Canada.

  201. Rohith says:

    I am already in the express entry pool with eligibility in FSW program. My score is 347, i would like to apply for PNP and i am a novice in this regard. Please guide me which province should i apply to for securing an ITA.
    Also i would like to improve my current score by learning french as a second language. Please let me know the minimum score to get to add points to my profile. Thanks in advance.

  202. bimbo says:

    I had a L7,R7,S7,W6.5. I plan to remark the writing to get a 7.0. Hope its good for Canada PR application.

  203. Bimbo Niyi says:

    I had a score of 7.0 in all the 4 modules. Hope it is eligible for EE as I missed 8.0 in Listening.

  204. Lulu says:

    Hey all! I’m having issues submitting my profile for express entry.

    My scores are:

    Do I meet the minimum English requirement?

    My profile went through with these scores and came back as ineligible after 1 month.
    Could my English scores be the problem?

    Please advice


  205. Karim Mansour says:


    I couldn’t find an answer to my question so I decided to comment,
    I did both the IELTS and TEF receiving the scores below:

    L: 7.5
    R: 8
    W: 6.5
    S: 7.5
    Overall Band: 7.5

    R: 229/300
    L: 286/360
    W: 284/450
    S: 359/450

    My question is, I am meeting the band requirements for the TEF in each category except writing, how will this be considered in my application? i.e: will my TEF be dismissed or is there also an overall score calculated where my TEF score will be accepted.

  206. Okechukwu says:

    I have overall band of 6.5 in the ratio of S=7:W=7:R=6: L=5, Can I apply for Provincial nomination program

  207. Romil Patel says:

    I got admission with english medium certificate.
    My Ielts score is as follows:
    Listening: 8.0
    Reading: 6.5
    Writing: 5.5
    Speaking: 5.5
    Overall: 6.5

    Would this score work out for study permit in canada or i have to retake it.

  208. suneeta says:

    Hi CICIS Team,

    My son got the below score. May I know whats his CLB equivalent score and is he eligible for express entry?


    Thanks in advance

  209. bliss says:

    my ielts result:
    L: 6.5
    R: 7.5
    W: 5.5
    S: 5.5
    Band Score: 6.5
    am i qualified to any provinces in canada? thank you.

  210. puneet sharma says:

    I have scored 6.0 overall in ielts General training reading 6.5 speaking 6.0 listening 6.0 and writing 5.5 am I eligible for canada express entry

  211. Maricel says:

    how much would be the points for L-5.5, R-6, W-6., S-6.5

  212. Maricel says:

    how much would be the points for this GT – L-5.5, R-6, W-6.5, S-6.5

  213. Roshni says:

    Hi CIC,

    I got my IELTS score as below :
    My spouse’s result is as follows

    Could you please tell me who can be the primary applicant here and what is the difference between primary and secondary applicant? We both have similar Educational qualification and work experience of 7 years. What are our chances of getting an invite at the earliest? Appreciate your response.


  214. Sania says:

    I got over all band score 6
    Listening 7
    Reading 6
    Writing 6
    Speaking 5.5
    Can I get express entry in canada with these scores????
    Plzz reply

  215. Tushar Baru says:

    Hi I am applying for Express entry, and i am learning french. will search for a job when i get to Canada.
    i am 32 yrs old and completed my masters in finance. work exp of 9 yrs
    what IELTS result was 8.
    what should be the min score i need in French and what level?

  216. Satinder kaur says:

    Sir , i have filed with 6.5 in speaking 6.5 writing 6.5 reading 7.5 listening and 7 overall. …but my certificate got expired….my new scores are speaking and writing 6.5 ….listening 6 reading 5.5 overall 6….i want to ask whether i have to give new certficate or my expired certificate will be evaluated?

  217. Abeer says:

    I am graduating soon from a PhD program in Quebec, I did the IELTS 4 years ago to get admitted to the university program. Do I need to do IELTS again to apply for the federal PR?
    Thank you

  218. Vidhu mutreja says:

    I was prt (English) in india and have 2.6 year teaching experience.Curenty I am in Toronto on tourist visa.I giving english class in YMCA gya,on,ca. as a volunteer.My hour appx 70 hours.I want to aply for express entry program and I have done BA(E),B.ed in india.In iets general I have L-7.5,R-6.5,w-6.5,S-7 total clb-7.I want to settle in Canada.Now I booked celpip.please tell me what is the minimum score in celpip I need for applying pr.My age is 26 year and never married.

  219. Nadir Cemil Abdulhamit says:

    I recently completed the IELTS English Language Exam.
    Listening: 7.0
    Reading: 9.0
    Writing: 7.0
    Speaking: 6.5
    Are these results acceptable for Express Entry?
    In what CLB range do I fall?
    Thank you

  220. Hamrawit says:

    My ILET test results Reading 7. Listening 7. 5. Writing 5. 5 Speaking 7.The overall score 7. Am I eligibe for skilled worker immigrants program?

  221. Gaurang Mistry says:

    I got 6.0 in each and want to process for express entry. To get more points I am planning to apply for PNP for additional 600 points. I am Software Engineer with 5 years of experience. So, Will I get PNP? What is the chance to get PNP on 6.0 band.?

  222. Khan says:

    If a person gets 8 in one and 7 in all rest 3 parts, will he be given some addition/bonus
    marks for skilled worker category?

  223. Aysha says:

    Hi I have done CELPIP with the following score;
    Reading: 11
    Listening: 9
    Writing: 8
    Speaking: 8
    How is this score compared with IELTS and what is its interpretation? How many point, in total, do I get?

  224. Krunal kumar says:

    My IELTS SCORE L4.5 R 5 W 6 S 5.5 over 5.5
    What is my CLB ?
    Second my Distant relative live in Monitoba and he is Spooner to me.
    So can i Eligible for Monitoba ?
    Please reply asap

  225. PUNAM KAUR SIDHU says:

    My IELTS score is
    MY CRS in express entry is 350. Do I need to re-apply for language test

  226. amit says:

    my IELTS general test score is

    am i eligible for any PR program or work permit I’m a sales engineer, graduated in mechanical engineering with more than 4 yrs experience.

  227. Odubiyi Moradeyo Afolabi says:

    Dear Team CIC Immigration,
    I had Listening 6.0, Reading 5.5, Writing 7.5 Speaking 7.0 with an overall band score 6.5 CEFR Level B2, Kindly advice which program am mostly qualified for

  228. Theophile says:

    As regards French skills, is only TEF accepted or is also DALF or DELF or TCF accepted. I would appreciate to get CICS Team response because there is no TEF center whereas there is for DALF or DELF or TCF.
    Best regards

  229. Meenu says:


    I have attained L: 8.5, S: 7.5, W:6 and R:5.5; overall 7. Please if you could suggest on my eligibility for skilled worker immigrants program.


  230. ahmed says:

    So, I wanted to ask that either CLB is calculated on an individual component of Ielts or on a cumulative basis.
    Option A:
    Reading 8- CLB would be 9
    Speaking 6.5 CLB would be 8
    Listening 8.5 CLB would be 10
    Writing 7 CLB would be 9

    OR a cumulative CLB of 8.
    The core question is would I get marks for each component separately based on CLB in that component or I would get same marks in every component based on CLB 8 cumulative.

    Kindly guide asap

  231. Gautam Mahendru says:

    I have an ielts scpre of- Speaking-6.5,writing-8,listening-8 and reading-7.What will be my CLB score?please let me know

  232. Harpreet says:

    Hi, I am qualified ECE in Australia with 4 years and got skastchvan assessed ECE Level 1. I got Ielts S 7.5, L 6.5, W 6.5, R 5.5. How clb level get assessed???? Do i qualify??

    +61 4 50 827 527

  233. Harpreet says:

    Hi, I am qualified ECE in Australia with 4 years and got skastchvan assessed ECE Level 1. I got Ielts S 7.5, L 6.5, W 6.5, R 5.5. How clb level get assessed???? Do i qualify??


  234. senarath says:

    Hi my bands are
    Listening: 5
    Reading: 6
    Writing: 5.5
    Speaking: 6
    Overall bands: 5.5
    What is my clb stand. can I apply for migration

  235. Nishant Tyagi says:


    I have scored L – 9 , S – 9 , R – 8 & W- 6 in CLB , with this score am i eligible for PR in any province in Canada.

    I have experience of 8 Yrs in hotels, as a restaurant/ Banquet manger.

  236. Ashok Garhwal says:

    IELTS score (combined 7)-
    What is equivalent CLB score ? 7 or 8 ?
    Only confident/expert reply.
    Thanks in advance

  237. Sima says:

    In Academic IELTS exam on October 2015 I could get in Listening 5.5, in Reading 5.5 in Writing 6.5, in Speaking 6.0 and my overall band score is 6.0
    I am studying in a Certificate program in BCIT, and it will finish on December.
    Do I need to wait to get my certificate or can I apply for my Citizenship right now with my Academic IELTS score of 6.0?
    Best regards

  238. Dimitri Souilhol says:

    Hi, I have done my Tef exam and am a candidate in the pool for express entry. I would like to udate my language score to increase my points. I have top score in all but writing. Can I redo only the writting as it is possible wih TEF but will cic accept a second document with my updated written exam results as well as my origional exam results?

  239. Roy says:

    hi.. my husband received a job offer letter from Vancouver Canada. They asked us to process through express entry. What could be the next step for us. Do he need to do his ielts. Do i need to support him with ielts as he is poor in score. what will be the processing time

  240. Gracian Balendran says:

    I have a Certificate in Advanced English (CAE) qualification from the Cambridge English Assessment system, do still need IELTS ? Thanks

  241. Joseph says:


    I got, 5.5 in Reading, does this count as 6 for the CLB? This is my only problem. Thank you in advance

  242. Sridharan says:


    My IELTS score speaking 6, Listening 5 ,reading 5.00 writing 4.00 overall : 5 and I have completed postgraduate and also have 10 + experience in Finance & Accounts ,would you please tell me I am eligible for Quebec PNP or any other states immigration program?

    • Sridharan says:


      My IELTS score speaking 6, Listening 5 ,reading 5.00 writing 4.00 overall : 5
      For my Spouse score speaking 5.5, Listening 5.5 ,reading 5.5 writing 6.00 overall : 6
      and I have completed postgraduate and also have 10 + experience in Finance & Accounts ,would you please tell me I am eligible for Quebec PNP or any other states immigration program?

  243. adane says:

    je voudrai avoir des informations concernant les tests linguistiques et leurs equivalences ,en effet je suis medecin et ma femme aussi et on dispoe de diplomes DELF B2 avec ces notes (ecrit : compréhension 21/25 , production 18.25 /25 , Oral : compréhension 18/25 , production 23/25 ) avec un total de 80.25/100 et pour ma femme 79.25/100
    on voudrait savoir si ce dipolome est reconnu pour travailleur qualifié programme d’immigration fédéral? ?? Ou est il équivalent au TEF demandé ?

  244. MAE says:

    My IELTS SCORE for each was: LISTENING & READING – 5.5 ; WRITING – 7 ; SPEAKING 7.5 . Want to apply in EXPRESS ENTRY, are this scores okay? Targeting Intario. Thanks in advance!

  245. Jaskaran says:

    I have ILETS overall band 6.5 academic
    Reading 6
    speaking 7
    Listening 6
    Am i eligible for Express Entry ? Which Canadian province accept LELTS academic.
    I have Bachelor Degree (India)Graduate Diploma in Business (New Zealand)
    Post Gr Diploma in Banking (India)
    4+ years New Zealand experience 1&1/2 Years Indian Experience in Administration Accounts & Customer Service.

  246. Joseph says:

    Hello! CIC, thanks so much gor your answers on this plateform, so helpful.
    I would like to know if TCF #Test de Control de Français# is accepted for federal express entry Program.
    Or kindly let me know which types of French Tests are accepted.


  247. Kate says:

    Hi, does anyone know if the Ielts score is counted on 1 seat only, or we can combine the scores of 2 test results and pick the highest scores of those to apply?

  248. klekle says:

    L = 6.5
    R = 6.5
    W = 6.5
    S = 7.0
    overall = 6.5
    what is my CLB?

    Thanks in advance

  249. AMAR RAMESSAR says:

    i have a job offer and my IELTS ARE:
    Listening – 6.0
    Reading 5.5
    Writing 6.5
    Speaking 8.5

    Overall – 6.5

    Do i qualify for FSWP?

  250. Jass says:

    Hi there,
    I have taken my ielts and my bands are as follow:
    Listening: 8.5
    Reading: 6.5
    Writing: 6
    Speaking: 7
    I have four years of experience as software engineer after my B.Tech in computer science.

    Am i qualifying the criteria to apply for canada PR? If so, can you let me know to which province can i apply?

  251. Navya Venu D says:

    Hi ,

    My IELTS score is listening 8.5
    Reading 7.5
    Writing 6.5
    Speaking 7
    Please can you tell Tia score comes under which club level.

  252. Amy says:


    I received the IELTS score of:
    So my overall grade is 7.5.
    I know to qualify for a CLB of 9, you need to have IELTS L:8, and the rest 7. However, my overall average is above what you request for a CLB 9 average.

    Will I be able to qualify for the CLB of 9 instead of 8?



  253. oma says:

    I have a obtained a delf and dalf certificate over 5years ago, how does this add to my crs score. Am not particular about Quebec but Ontario or Calgary or any other part.


  254. James says:

    how much is the minium score required for TCF when i got 6.5 overall in ielts

  255. Prash says:


    Kindly let me know – what are the prospects of getting Canadian Job / PR with CLB 7 …. [L: 7.5; R:6.0; W:6.0; S: 7.5]


  256. Dina Raju says:

    Can anyone please help me.
    I appeared for IELTYS exam and my scores as below

    Listening 7.5
    Reading 8
    Writing 6.5
    Speaking 7.5
    Overall 7.5.Can I apply for any Jobs in Canada.if so which category I can apply?

  257. Aastha says:

    Hello I am an Occupational Therapist by profession…I wrote my ielts and my score is L 7.5 R 6 S 7.5 W 6.5 So my question is do I qualify for express entry?If yes…how can I apply because my profession is not in OID List.

  258. fatima cruzada says:

    my academic ielts test result is
    listening: 7.5
    reading: 8.5
    speaking: 7.0

    what is my CLB grade? thank you!

  259. fatima cruzada says:

    Do you have official test results indicating you have language proficiency in Canada’s second official language at CLB 5 or higher?

    and based on the scores i got from my IELTS exam, what should i answer this question?

    thank you so much!

  260. Nayaz says:

    Dear Team CIC Immigration,
    I got L.6.5 , R8 , W7 S6.5.
    And I got offer letter
    All over 7 in general training.
    What is my CLB LEVEL?
    with this score am i eligible for PR in any province in Canada. I have an offer letter too.?

  261. Vaibhav says:

    Hi I have IELTS score of

    Overall Band:

    am I eligible to apply for Express entry

  262. Anas Ahmed says:

    My IELTS score is LRWS – 6.5,8,6.5,7.5

    What’s my CLB?

  263. Deep says:

    I got 7 years of IT experience and got 6.5 IELTS band with below scores.
    Will I get a Canada PR?
    Any suggestions on PNP programs ?
    Do I need to retake IELTS exam again to improve my score ?

  264. Fatty says:


    My score is : L(8.5), S(8), W(7) and R(6.5). What shall be my CLB score? AM i eligible for express entry? I aim to apply for British Columbia. I have a work experience of 7+ years outside Canada and a post graduate degree in HR.

  265. naz says:

    i need ielts L 8,R7,W7,S7, Please guide me if i give CELPIP what score is needed equivalent to it

  266. Kee says:

    I have taken TOEFL for attending university in US. Can that score be used for express entry eligibility?

  267. diana says:

    I got IELTS band with below scores.
    Will I get to Canada PR?

    But, the agency said, my overall points didn’t meet the criteria by few points.

    Please advise. Thanks

  268. Mohit R Jain says:

    What shall be my CLB score with the following IELTS score:
    Overall Band: 7
    Listening: 7.5
    Reading: 7
    Speaking: 6.5
    Writing: 7

    Appreciate your help since I am planning to apply for Canada PR Express Entry.

  269. N kishore says:

    Overall Band: 6.5

    Listening : 6.5
    Reading: 6.5
    Writing: 6.0
    Speaking: 6.5

    Insights please , i had a target of 8 , thought will cross band 7 at least, what are my options for immigration to Canada ?

  270. Farhan says:

    Speaking: 7.5
    Listening: 8
    Reading: 7
    Writing: 6

    What’s my clb

  271. Sai says:

    My ielts score is L-8.5,R-7.5,S-6.5,W-6.5
    please tell my CLB score as I know it is around 8,can u confirm it once?

  272. meen says:

    Speaking: 6.5
    Listening: 6
    Reading: 6
    Writing: 6.5

    What’s my CLB?
    Do I qualify to apply in express entry program

  273. meen says:

    Got my ielts result today

    Speaking: 6.5
    Listening: 6
    Reading: 6
    Writing: 6.5

    What’s my CLB?
    Do I qualify to apply in express entry program? Can I get Canadian PR through Express entry program?

  274. Serge ntalu says:

    Why is TCF not accepted for French ?

  275. Leticia says:

    I git on my TEF
    R: 7
    L: 7

    w: 6
    What is my CLB pls?
    Thank you

  276. Mohammed says:

    My Celpip Score is

    Speaking: 4
    Listening: 5
    Reading: 6
    Writing: 6

    am I eligible to apply for Express entry

  277. Shyamendra Srivastava says:

    Kindly confirm the chances to get PR based on below IELTS scores :

  278. Mohammad says:

    Hi everybody

    I already received my CELPIP scores by email, as:
    -L 6 -R 11 -W 7 -S 8

    What is my CLB score??

  279. Gaurav Sharma says:

    My wife had done her graduation in commerce and currently working in government office as accountant from last six years and scored 6 in all modules in ielts and she is 32+ .We are interested to go to Canada what do you think about our scope of getting PR

  280. Axit patel says:

    hii sir/madam….

    i am applying for ielts on 24th may 2018….

    problem is that……my wife’s real uncle’s and aunt’s (means her fathers real sister) daughter settled in canada before 3 years….n they will wish to sponsor me for PR….so am i eligible for PR as first applicant??

  281. Urva Nouman says:

    I recently got the score IELTS 6.5 & now I want to apply for Canadian Immigration. I’m working as HR Manager in Pakistan and my husband is working as a Sales Executive in Dubai (U.A.E.)
    Am I eligible for Canadian Immigration

  282. Urva Nouman says:

    My wife working as a HR Manager from last 2 years. She recently got the score IELTS 6.5 (Listening=7, Speaking=7, Writing=7 & Reading=5.5) & now I want to apply for Canadian Immigration. I’m working in Dubai (UAE) as a Sales Executive and I have done Master degree too. My sister lives in Alberta (CANADA).
    Is my wife eligible for Canadian Immigration ?


  284. Mian rizwan says:

    I have sccored overall 6 bands in ielts L6 S7 RR 5.5

  285. JASPER says:

    Hi ,

  286. Bello Babatunde Victor says:

    Hello! My IELTS results are as follows:
    Speaking – 7.5
    Listening – 6.0
    Reading – 5.5
    Writing – 5.0

    What is my CLB please? Thank you.

  287. Rajanisha bhagat says:

    I got ielts bands
    Am I eligible for express entry for canada PR?
    I have work experience of 5 years and i am Indian but working in Saudi arabia As General practitioner (Doctor)

  288. Robie says:

    What is my CLB Level if I got an IELTS score of:
    Listening 6.0
    Reading 6.5
    Speaking 6.0
    Writing 5.5

    Thank u in advance

  289. Biren says:

    I got overall 4.5 bands in ielts exam . (L=5.0 R=4.0 W=6.0 S=3.0)
    please convert this bands in CBL.

  290. angela alonsagay says:

    May I ask of the below mentioned scores under general training – british council org is enough entry to Ontario Canada under federal skilled worker.
    Listening 6.5
    Reading 6.5
    Writing 5.5
    Speaking 6.0

    Thank you

  291. Ogie Samuel says:

    I have IELTS result April, 2018.
    Listening 6
    Reading 6
    Writing 6
    Speaking 6
    Pls am I qualify to apply for Canadian express entry (FSWP). Thanks

    • CICS Immigration Team says:

      You should google search: Federal Skilled Worker point system. If you need more help, set up a consultation with one of our licensed consultants.

  292. Abimbola says:

    Pls what is my CLB band for my IELTS result of: L-7 R-6.5, W-6.5, S-7.
    Overall band is 7

  293. Linda says:

    I would like to know what is the minimum score required for the TEF canada to qualify for the Express Entry please.

  294. Elizabeth says:

    Hi there,
    I took TEF and got:
    Listening: 239
    Writing: 349
    Reading: 209
    Am I eligible please. Thanks

  295. SONO says:

    i have taken listening 7.5
    reading 5
    writing 6.5
    speaking 6.5

  296. SONO says:

    can I get immigration for Manitoba, canada

  297. Nishi Sharma says:

    Sir,can I be eligible for pr in canada if my score is clb8 (listening-8,reading-7.5,writing-6.5,speaking-7) through express entry pool.I am commerce teacher with 4 years experience and my hsbnd is in banking sector with more than 10 years experience.

  298. Limi babu L says:

    I have ielts general score overall 7.5
    Listening 9
    Reading 8
    Writing 6
    Speaking 6.5
    What is my CLB score? Am I eligible for immigration?I am post graduate in computer science and engineering. Working as a teacher for more than 5 year.

  299. Elle says:

    Hi. I scored listening 8.5
    Reading 7
    Writing 7.5
    Speaking 8.5
    Overall 8

    What is the clb? I’m Relatively older and will get demerits for age do i wanted to boost clb through perfect or near perfect language tests if that makes any material difference to obtain points for immigration purposes. I’m not looking at making minimum requirements which I have obviously met. I’m looking at optimal clb for maximum number of immigration points to make up for other factors like no job and over 45.

    Any guidance is appreciated. I dont know if I should sit again

  300. Daksha Ben Bhavesh Kumar patel says:

    I have completed gnm nursing since 2008 and my ielts score is overall 5 band, listening_4.5 and speaking 5.5, writing5.5 and reading3.5, Canada pr pnp possible

  301. haki says:

    I got overall 6 in Itels but listining scores is less than6( 5.5). could I apply for express entry?

  302. Mutiu Niyi says:

    Please I’m an accompanying spouse.
    My IELTS result is this:

    L – 5.5
    R – 5.5
    W – 6.5
    S – 6.5
    Overall – 6.

    Do I need to write the test again?

  303. Anupriya says:

    What will be my CLB score, if my Delf B2 score is as following:
    Listening: 9.5/25
    Spoken: 10.5/25
    Writing: 15/25

  304. Shathakarni says:

    What is the minimum score i required in celpip for FSW visa.

    • CICS Immigration Team says:

      7 is minimum, but minimum is no longer enough to have a chance to be selected. You should be aiming for 9 in CELPIP and 7,7,7 and Listening 8 for IELTS.

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