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Statistics Show Bogus Asylum Seekers Racking Up Health Care Costs

Immigration Canada released statistics on health care spending for refugee claimants yesterday to bolster its case that the recent scaling back of free health care for asylum seekers was necessary. The statistics show that refugee claimants from Mexico, Hungary, Columbia, … Continue reading

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Conservative Government Introduces ‘Faster Removal of Foreign Criminals Act’

Immigration Minister Jason Kenney last week introduced legislation to speed up the deportation of foreign criminals from Canada. Under current laws, some refugee claimants who have been convicted of crimes have been able to delay their deportation for years through … Continue reading

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Health Workers Associations Lobby against Cuts to Refugee Health Care

Health workers groups held several rallies across Canadian cities yesterday to protest government cuts to health care programs for refugees. As part of its deficit reduction program, the federal government is cutting medical services providedĀ at no cost to refugees through … Continue reading

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Immigration Ministry to Expedite Deportations of Refugee Applicants from European Countries

The Immigration Ministry will create a list of ‘safe’ European countries with independent judiciaries and a demonstrated commitment to international human rights agreements, where residents are unlikely to be facing persecution, and expedite deportations of asylum seekers originating from them. … Continue reading

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Can. Immigration Minister Proposes New Bill to Toughen Canadian Refugee Admittance

Canadian Immigration Minister Jason Kenney has proposed a new bill “Protecting Canada’s Immigration System Act”, that would toughen rules for asylum seekers coming to Canada. The new bill would reduce the time taken to assess a standard refugee application from 1000 … Continue reading

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