Top 2 Immigration Paths for Business Executives

Top 2 Immigration Programs

As one of the most sought after places to build a life and raise a family, Canada has a long tradition of immigration and an elaborate system to evaluate and admit new residents. You can establish residence by applying for Canadian permanent residence in several categories and subcategories, including the following:

  • Express Entry
  • PNP Skilled Workers
  • PNP Entrepreneurs  
  • Start-Up
  • Self-employed
  • Investor

As there are many people applying to immigrate to Canada, in order to avoid a backlog, Canada has created a competitive points based system for many programs, where meeting the minimum requirements of a program is not enough anymore. Under this system, you will be competing with others, to receive an invitation to go to the next step.
Here are the programs:

> Express Entry
This is the case for Express Entry applicants, where most skilled workers go through. Under Express Entry, the competition has increased so much that a regular applicant will not have a chance to go forward, unless they are under 33, have at least a Masters and can speak high in their language test, for example: 7+ in IELTS. Only around 5% of the 140k+ people in the Express Entry pool are selected to apply for Permanent Residency.

> PNP Skilled Workers
Most skilled worker PNP programs require a job offer. It’s not easy to find employers who are willing to go through the process to support a foreign worker.

> PNP Entrepreneurs
Entrepreneur programs are provincially based, under PNP, and each have similarities and differences between each other. The major challenges are:
1) They are competitive based. So meeting the minimum requirement is often not enough.
2) You are required to run the business for a period of time and meet certain conditions, before being accepted to go towards
3) Can be lengthy; Usually 3+ years
4) Most require that the person runs the operations in Canada full time. A challenge for those who already run a business or business abroad.
5) The cost can add up

> Start-Up

This has been receiving a lot of buzz and there has been an increase of agents and licensed consultants have been offering. The is for someone who has an “innovative idea”, who must first receive “support” from one of incubators, venture capitalist, or angel investor organizations, approved by Immigration Canada. To support applicants, there are companies who offer assistance in receiving a letter of support from one of these organizations, by working with the applicant to nurture the idea and to prepare them for the application to the designated organizations.

There is a risk involved in this process. Why? Receiving “support” from the designated organizations, as challenging as it is, is not a guarantee that Immigration Canada will accept the application for PR. Fees being charged are anywhere between $100K to $250K USD. The lure of the money has brought out many companies who promise to be the expert in the process.

> Self-Employed
This category is for those who are “exceptional” and “world-class* as artists or athletes. Considering the minimum requirement and depending on which part of the world you’re from, this can be a difficult category to go through.

> Investor
Contrary to most other countries, entering Canada through a passive investment program is no longer a viable option. The Quebec Investor program, currently on hold, may be re-launching in April. The number of people they will accept is rumoured to become even lower. More than likely, the minimum requirement will remain the same, where the applicant must:

  • Asset of $2million+
  • Make a walk away investment of $230K


For over two years, our firm has been offering two paths that answers some of the challenges applicants are facing in going forward in Canadian Immigration. There are two major steps in the process:

  • Step 1 – Set-up or Purchase a business in Canada and then come as an executive to run their own company, then;
  • Step 2 – Apply for Permanent Residency

Minimum Requirement

  • Post Secondary education
  • IELTS 6
  • Depending on the business plan, minimum $250,000 to show or purchase a business. 

Working Together

We will guide you and support you from the beginning to Permanent Residency by taking you through our formula that we have perfected throughout the years. You will work with a group of professionals who have mastered their area of expertise. Along with our licensed (authorized by the Canadian government) and experienced Immigration Team, you will also be working with some or all of the following team members: Business Consultant, Accountant, and Digital Media Expert.