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Hundreds of Canadian Immigration Consultants will meet in Mississauga

Six hundred immigration consultants are registered to gather at the First General Meeting (FGM) for members of the Canada Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC) in Mississauga on Friday. This will be the largest gathering of Canadian immigration consultants in history. The ICCRC is Canada’s immigration consulting regulatory body, and replaced the previous self-regulatory body of the immigration industry, […]

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Jonathan Kay of National Post says Immigrants turning Canada into Nation of ‘Tiger Moms’

An editorial by Jonathan Kay in the National Post, published on Friday, argues that immigrants are turning Canada into a nation of ‘Tiger Moms’, a term that refers to demanding Chinese mothers who push her children to excel academically, due to the competition that immigrant students from Asian countries are giving to native born Canadian students: But the issue is more […]

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TD Economists urge Canada to expand Provincial Immigrant Nominee Program

A report by the Toronto Dominion bank argues that Canada could reduce the wage gap between immigrant and native-born Canadians by expanding the provincial nominee program. The provincial nominee program requires immigrants to live a certain number of years in the sponsoring province, and allows provinces to create their own criteria for an applicant being accepted as a permanent resident. […]

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New Immigration Rules will be more Flexible, says Citizenship and Immigration Minister

Changes to be made to Canada’s immigration process will make it more flexible, says Citizenship and Immigration Minister Jason Kenney.Kenney said new rules will give more weight to those in-demand skilled trade experience when assessing the eligibility of a candidate, to fill the shortage for this type of skill-set in Canada’s job marketAs the National Post reported: “People who are […]

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