Canada’s Best Places to Live – 2012

190 Canadian cities and towns have been ranked by Moneysense magazine and you may find some of the cities you’d have expected in the top 10, lower in the rankings.

Canada’s capital, Ottawa, has been ranked the number one place in Canada for the third year in a row. Canada’s most populated  cities , Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver have been ranked 47th, 149th and 56th respectively. This is a bit surprising since Vancouver, for example, was ranked tied for 4th as the world’s best city to live by Mercer.

The methodology by Moneysense has received much attention with both praise and criticism. It works by ranking the cities by 22 categories, for example culture, weather, unemployment, childcare spaces, and crime. However, some of these categories, sub-categories and the scoring system have been criticized.

All in all, we’d recommend that you take a look at the rankings list and see where cities stand in each category.

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