Canadian Immigration Hopefuls Gearing Up For Launch of Federal Skilled Worker Program

Citizenship and Immigration Canada will be accepting applications for the Federal Skilled Worker Program starting May 4th

The Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP), the mainstay of the Canadian government’s economic class immigration stream, last accepted applications on May 8th 2012, when the program’s 20,000 application cap for the July 1st 2011 to June 30th 2012 period was reached.

On July 1st 2012, Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) announced that the program would be put on moratorium to give the immigration department time to process FSWP applications in its backlog and to design new rules and put in place new processes for a revamped skilled worker program that better meets Canada’s economic needs.

Now, after a nearly one year wait, the program is set to begin accepting applications on May 4th 2013, providing skilled foreign workers who lack the financial means to qualify for Canada’s investor and business class programs and without a job offer from a Canadian employer, with an immigration program they can potentially qualify under.

Alex Khadempour, a licensed immigration consultant for CICS Immigration Consulting Inc., says that the majority of people who have contacted his firm over the last several months have been enquiring about the FSWP.

“There just aren’t any options through existing Canadian immigration programs for the vast majority of people who are interested in immigrating. Many who contact us are pinning their hopes on the return of the Federal Skilled Worker Class,” said Mr. Khadempour in an interview with CICS News.

One of the major new requirements of the revamped skilled worker program is the Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) said Mr. Khadempour: “we recommend to every one who contacts us to get their academic documents ready so that they can get their ECA as soon as CIC designates the Credential Assessment Organizations. All Federal Skilled Worker applications will require an ECA under the new rules.”


  • It is stupid that they are going to accept new applications under the FSW Immigration category, yet they are having a hard time finalizing cases that are pending for years. It is clear that the government can not handle the amount of applications that they recieve, and that leads to huge backlogs and outrageous wait times which is not acceptable. Now, they are going to get shit loads of applications that they can not process in an efficient manner because they are still working on applications that they recieved in September 2011. That is idiotic in my opinion.

  • Sir, Very nice… but why the canada Govt. is not still not publishing the list of FSWP. this is rather disgusting and disturbing….. without its publication we can not sure that whether we are eligible or nor…

    Melly Mathew.

  • please email and tell me about the requirement of the program

    • More points will be awarded to you if you have an arranged employment in canada, went to a canadian post secondary institution, ARE young, adequate knowledge of either English or French, have previously worked in canada on a work permit.

  • are there any occupation prioritied

    • The list of occupations has not been drafted yet, although what the government is trying to implement through this new revised plan is to prioritize and make this program available to young people across the globe. Without a doubt, this is a great plan. When a young immigrant arrives in canada, it is much easier for them to adapt, understand and learn the language, therefore, they get a fair shot at life. But what’s not acceptable was the wait time, the way the process works right now, it is just going to screw things up even more. What I would recommend is to put an indefinate PAUSE on the program and that way they can manage all the applications that the staff is currently processing and once all that has been done, the PAUSE can be lifted.

  • Dear, sir
    hope you are fine kindly sir tell me the process of Immigration of Canada
    because i would like to apply for Canada in any category
    My Qualification is F.A was completed in 2006 and My B.A is in Process
    but i have Years Professional Experience in foreign Education consultancy field
    so kindly sir let me inform now how can i eligible for apply to Canada in any Category
    Rizwan Qureshi
    Education Counsellor/Admission Officer

    [address and number removed by Editor]

  • Hello Mr. Qureshi
    well first of all, I am not familiar with the term FA. BA as in bachelor of arts. If you have that degree and experience in the consultancy field. I would say one of our Provincial nominee programs are not going to work for you. They are targetted on international students, workers in skilled trades and engineering occupations. However, we still have skilled worker migration scheme under the PNP. So your best bet is to find out whether or not your occupation would qualify under that criteria.
    Federal Skilled worker program is managed by the citizenship and Immigration Canada and I am fairly certain that this occupation is not in demand. Check with your local canadian post commonly known as Embassy, consulate, or high commission.
    Other than that, you are NOT eligible to apply under the Canadian Experience Class, and any other stream of immigration that allows a foreigner to stay in canada for an indefinate period.
    Thank you for your interest in Canada.

  • canada play on people through this program FESW.let them finish the old intake 2010 before they think of this new won.

  • When is CIC going to publish list of designated Credential Assessment Organizations???? Any ideas, anyone

  • You are doing a very good job and it’s really appreciated. I ‘m eagerly waiting to apply under FSWP. I have been stayed in the UK for 8 years and currently I’m working as an IT Technician in Qatar for the past 1.3 years. I am graduated as BSc in Computer Science from London Metropolitan University in 2008. It would be really helpful if you would kindly tell me is there any chance to get approval under above category. Thanks in advance!

    • Hi,

      The only way to know is to do a full assessment but having a degree from a renowned university like London Metropolitan University is good for the application.

      -CICS News Team

  • Dear Sir,
    I’ve 2 years of post secondary education in Canada and have been on a work permit.
    I’m working as a sales supervisor (Team Lead) in a Canadian company here and have a permanent full time job offer (Arranged employment) from the same company.
    Would you recommend me to apply under FSWP before May 04, 2013 or after, when new policies are applied? Also, I would want to understand if there’s going to be any benefit/impact of doing it before May 04, 2013.

  • Can someone answer my question please??

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