Canada to Get New Immigration Minister, Chris Alexander

Chris Alexander, who started his career in 1993 as a foreign services officer stationed in Russia, will replace Jason Kenney to become the new Citizenship and Immigration Minister (Government of Canada)

The federal government announced a major cabinet shuffle on Monday which will see Jason Kenney, the current Citizenship and Immigration Minister, move to the Department of Employment and Social Development, which will be the new name for the Department of Human Resources and Skills Development (HRSDC).

Chris Alexander, who is currently the MP for the district of Ajax-Pickering, will become the new Citizenship and Immigration Minister. Alexander has never held a Minister position before, but has spent 18 years as a Canadian diplomat where he had proximity to Canada’s foreign visa missions.

During Kenney’s tenure as Immigration Minister, Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) saw major reforms in immigration procedures and rules, that attempted to better match selected immigrants with skills in demand in the Canadian economy, reduce the backlog in the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP), and reduce the processing times of applications.

Kenney also pushed to reduce fraud and abuse of Canada’s immigration and refugee programs through various reforms including new marriage sponsorship rules and expedited deportation of bogus asylum claimants from E.U. countries.


  • As publisher of Korea Alberta Journal(KAT) in Calgary we would like to say,
    “Welcome to Immigration Department.”
    KAT always follows the news of Immigration Dept. and convey it to Korean
    community. We hope you may visit Calgary in the near future and we would cover your visit in our newspaper. So please let us know!
    Congratulation and welcome!!!

  • We, Korea Alberta Journal(KAJ), welcome you to Immigration Dept.
    Being a ethnic group’s newspaper we always concentrate the news from
    your department.
    We hope you may visit Korean community in Calgary soon.
    When the time comes please let us know. We want to be the mediator between
    your office and Calgary Korean community.

  • Congrrulations on your new position. Wish you all the best for the future endeavor…

    Thank you
    Biraj shah

  • Shriya Sudhakar

    Mr Jason Kenney is credited with many new initiatives. But, at grounds level, applicants for ‘permanent residence’ continued to suffer the inefficiency and incompetence of their staff at foreign embassies. They require applicants to pursue matters with other Canadian authorities what is their legitimate duty and which they could do faster themselves. Their ongoing strike is an example of insolence and indiscipline. We expect the new minister to improve this situation.

  • Hi, Chris,

    I applied for the skilled worker immigration in Quebec, hope you can bring more vitality and speed up the processing. We have already waited for 2 year with no good news.T.T

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