Immigration applications from victims of typhoon Haiyan in Philippines to be fast-tracked

A satellite shot of hurricane Haiyan

Canada’s immigration department says it is giving special consideration to Filipinos affected by typhoon Haiyan.

Immigration Minister Chris Alexander’s office says it will give priority to applications from Filipinos who are “significantly and personally affected” by the typhoon that left thousands dead last weekend.

The note also says that Filipino citizens temporarily in Canada who want to remain will be assessed in a “compassionate and flexible manner.”

The announcement comes as the Canadian military’s Disaster Assistance Response Team, or DART, heads for the hard-hit Philippine city of Iloilo.

The Canadian Forces are also helping with the deployment of a separate 12-member Canadian Red Cross field hospital.

Philippine authorities say Iloilo, one of two major cities on the island of Panay, was in the direct path of the typhoon and suffered 162 deaths and the destruction of 68,543 houses as a result.


  • I am from Cebu City Philippines, willing and need a work from your country. My course is a Mechanical Technology has an experienced in machine operation for almost 7 years, have also background as a Section Line Leader and Mechanical Technician. Please send me updates job hiring from you so that I will apply for the said position.

  • Dear Mr. Minister Chris Alexander.

    First at all I want to thanks so much for helping the victim Filipino people in Samar Layte.

    I am writing too you Sir to give a chance my cousin to find the job in Canada, because my cousin LISA DIAZ ADONA she also one of victim the (yolanda) typhoon international name Haiyan she lost the job, house in Tacloban city. before the typhoon she work as Staff nursing attendant at the Mother of Mercy Hospital. I want to try to help my cousin the way to find the job in abroad because she a single parent one son, and also the breadwinner in family, the most important to forgotten to much worse experience the Haiyan Typhoon. Now she stay in Cebu to find the medicine and foods.

    The Face Book name is Izak Diaz Adona, Cell phone number 093-0887-5077.
    Please to gave a chance may cousin the second life…
    Thank you very much for your consideration!

    Your Truly,
    Carlota Adona Ando

  • april karen c. ubanan

    this is really a great help f0r the filipino victims 0f typhoon haiyan..

  • I’m low skilled worker my job is laundry ,I’m affected in haiyan typhoon my parent is in the phil. how can apply to stay here….b cuz I’m a temporary contract worker….

  • cynthia borja vega

    Dear Sir/Madame;

    I would like to ask pertaining to those who have been hit by your back log in 2012. My husband and I applied as immigrant since 2003, if I’m not mistaken, but completed and submitted the full requirements and payment in 2007. We were informed by CIC Philippines about this and brought back all our requirements submitted to them. Although, my husband submitted for the reimbursement. We still would like to let you know that we want to re-apply our case. Thus, we want to seek your advise pertaining to this matter as we dont know how and where to start.

    We are currently residing here in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. We’ve been here since 2007. My husband and I are currently working in Hewlett Packard Company as an IT Professional. My daughter is also with us studying here in KL.

    We were advised by our friend that their application was reinstated in 6 months only they flew to Canada. That gives us hope. My brother and his family are already in Canada.

    Here’s the details of my husband as the Principal Applicant:

    Name: Rodolfo Julian Vega Jr.
    App code: B 0507 6465 2 13
    User ID: RV136608

    Contact Numbers:
    Mr. Rodolfo J. Vega Jr: +60162548567
    Mrs. Cynthia B. Vega: +60166228070

    ‘Hoping for your immediate response.

    Best Regards,

    Cynthia B. Vega

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