Federal Skilled Worker Program Cap/Quota Counter Released

As the federal skilled worker program applicants continue to prepare their applications for submission, one question continues to make most people anxious; “Will I have enough time to meet the quota?”

Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) has released a page where the counter is updated about once a week to show how many complete applications under the 50 eligible occupations have been received.

As of today, June 9, 2014, 157 applications out of 25,000 that they will accept have been received. The occupations with the highest accepted applicants are Financial and Investment Analysis (43), Computer Programmers (39) and Software Engineers (20).

Last year, the occupation to first reach the cap limit of 300 was Computer Programmer and that was reached just over 4 months after the occupations were released.

Licensed Immigration Consultant and partner at CICS Immigration, Alex Khadempour believes that there is still time: “If last year is any indication, those who are looking to apply, even in the popular occupations like computer programmers,  should still have a few months left.”

Applicants are encouraged to focus on getting their IELTS exam and their Educational Credential Assessment as they take time to be prepared.


  • give me full details thanxxx

  • Wha is the immigration fee. I have an Associate degree in computer an business, can ai qualify for a permanent job.

  • i harinder singh have done welder iti which was one year diploma and i have three year experenice and 5band in ielts like l=5.5, r=5.0, w=5.5, s=4.5=overall=5.o can i apply for pr .plz give to me full information about this case .
    thank you

  • am stil preparing to take ielts test, what are the secret in scoring a ban upto 7.5

  • Hello everyone, if you only get 63 out of the 67 points, but fulfill the other requirements with at least one year work experience in one of the professions, is it still worth applying? I am going to do so for sure, but will it be turned down due to not fulfilling the point criteria?
    Have a great day!

  • Hello,
    My name is Sneha and i came to Canada on my student visa and completed my studies in paralegal. I am married and my husband is on my dependent. We are planning to apply for PR under FSW. My main query is that should I get my credentials assessed under ECS because i am not the principle applicant.

  • Iam a site surveyor in construction building houses l do brickwork plastering l have been working. In construction from2000 to 2014. L am staying in Botswana

  • Main applicant only need to apply for ECS report form WES.

  • My husband is a mechanical engineer with 6 years of experience. Can he apply under fsw program without job offer in Canada?

  • Hi I have submitted my file on 18th June as register nurse . I am waiting for reply. Please help me how long they will take time? Thanks

  • Has anyone received confirmation from CIC since May?

  • I am a software engineer from india and have 4.5 years of work experience after my B.tech in computer science. i am unmarried. what is the average score in ielts that i need to get pr under fsw?

  • If I apply by 3rd week of September , what are the chances that I can get Visa??

  • How much application for H.R.Manager have been received sofar

  • I had applied under FSW program in 2173(Software Engineer and Designer) category. The current total complete applications received in 2173 category on CIC website is 425. My documents were received by CIC on 24 October 2014. What are the chances of getting this file under the 1000 cap?

  • I have applied under FSW program(4214 Early childhood educators and assistants) on 1st of September. by when can i expect a reply from CIC?

  • I submitted my CIC application under FSW program NOC 2171 on 5th November 2014. Are there any chances? One of my friend submitted on 10th September. He has recently got the file number

  • we have submitted our file (received at cic on) 23rd Sept 2014 as per DHL stuatus. We have still not received any information regarding the file no. or the status. What are the chances to have the file number received.

    • They have received many application and so are slow in response. Many people are in a similar situation. Continue to wait patiently.

  • I have applied under FSW program NOC 2011 on 30th Dec 2014 . By when can i expect a reply from CIC? The CIC website doesn’t give much info on the cap limit . Do let me know if you have any update. What would be the next step after I receive a file number?

  • I send my FSW application in code 3112 which was delivered to CIC on 31 Dec2014. I did not received any reply yet and processing fee was not also charged in my credit card.I can’t open CIC website to check total no of application they received. can you guide me what might be the situation.
    Dr Farhana

  • I applied for FSW under NOC 2174 ( Computer programmer Cap) in September, 2014. File was received by CIC on 24th September, 2014 but I have not received any letter or file no. from them as of now. Kindly inform that by when we will receive any information about our file status.

    Abhinav Sharma

  • I sent my application on October 29, NOC 1123. No news yet……
    What do you think, is it already capped??

  • I sent my FSW application under NOC 2172 on December 2014.
    File was sent to Nova Scotia Canada on 31st December 2014, but it was delivered to CIC on 02nd January, 2015 due to FedEx holidays. Is there any chance my application will get approved?

  • syed hussain mehdi

    my application recieved in cic on 30th december 2014.after how much time appximatey i will get any response from cic??possible in mid or late march?

  • I also applied under the same NOC 3012.. My application reached there on 20th Oct. The CIC website doesnt give much info.. Do let me know if you have any update..

  • I have applied under FSW program NOC 2011 on 30th Dec 2014 . I havent got any update from CIC. What would be the next step after I receive a file number?

    • I have applied under FSW program NOC 2011 on 30th Dec 2014 too. But some of my friends said me . FWS was completed on 29 December . if you have a new information plz help me.

  • I submitted my CIC application under FSW program NOC 2133 on 12th November 2014, and there is no update. Should I be hopeful of getting my application approved, by any chance? or the cap is already reached?

  • Team,

    My FSW application was delivered on the 28th October (NOC: 2171). I haven’t got any response yet. Please let me know if this is normal as the usual processing times is between 30 to 90 days and that has already passed.


  • Hi Team,
    1.My FSW(2014), papers reached 28 Dec’15 to canada novascatia , could you pl let me know if i could be receiving the file number by Mar or Apr 2015.
    2.Now that express entry is in full swing will the old program be delayed?
    3. I have paid the visa fee 550 CAD through Demand draft but the validity is only for 3 months
    will this impact my PR visa application?
    Please reply…

  • Sriram Krishnamoorthy

    I have submitted my PR applicaiton on October 29 2014 and have not heard back from CIC till date. Please help me with some tracking mechanism.

  • Dear CIC team,

    I am 2171 applicant and my application rceived on. 06 NOV 2014 at Central Intake office. Still there is no response nor DD cleared until 10FEB.

    Would you please let m know why it is taking this mukch time? Since I believe it was only 553 completed applications received as on 07 NOV 2014 update by CIC.

    Please reply.

    Thank you.
    Best regards,

    • It is taking long for everyone.

      • Dear CIC,

        Is there any chance for my application? Since I heard the cap is full for NOC 2171 on 02 sept 2014?

        Please update your valueable fedback.

        Thank you.
        Best regards,

        • Today I called CIC and they informed my application has been returned on 17FEB, NOC 2171 application received date 06 NOV 2014. I asked for the reason but she didn’t disclose. I guess it is due to cap full.


  • Dear CIC NewsTeam, I am a NOC 1123 applicant of October 27, 2014. Can you advise on the status of applications on this date? Thanks much

    • No we cannot. It is our of our hands. You will just have to wait until they give you a response.

  • CICSNews,

    I request you to kindly release the information about overall cap reach of 25k for FSW 2014….please inform about the applications from which date were returned back due to this fill….as the package delivery would take time for international applicants….priorly informed we could brace up for other options like EE..n PNP…

    information would be of great help.

  • Hello team,

    I submitted my application on 8th December 2014. Have not received a reply or any news about my application. NOC 1111. May I only know do I stand a chance or the cap was full before I applied. So that I prepare a new file for EE.

    Thank you,

  • Hello team,

    I submitted my application on 13th November 2014 and date of receiving was 19th November 2014. I have not received a reply about my application. NOC 1111. May I only know do I stand a chance or the cap was full before I applied.

  • Dear cic news team

    Kindly tell about cap fill for 2172 as on 19th dec it was juz around 400.. so how some people sayng about cap full aftr 10 dec

    Anyone has any idea??

    • CIC is known not to update as quickly. Until you receive a letter telling you whether you are accepted or refused, it’s not for sure.

  • hello cic news team. my application was received on 7th november 2014. my NOC code is 4011. but i havent received any response. has the cap been fullfilled for this NOC?plz do reply

  • Any dec2172 applicant got per??

  • Dear Team

    i have applied as Manufacturing Manager under FSW.
    My application was received on 7th May 2014. I got my PER in August.
    After that I had telephonic Interview in January 2015.
    After That, I didn’t Get any Reply…….
    How long you expected that they will take to give any response……
    Plz Reply…..

  • Hi, I am December 31st applicant for Childhood educator. Till now no reply. Any scope? Any one gotPER for this NOC?

  • Noc 1123 Clarification

    Dear CIC Team,

    My Complete file was sent under NOC 1123 between 8th Dec & 16th Dec 2014.. Its a complete chaos around with speculations on the Cap status of this NOC.. Should we still be hopeful.. Neither the file is returned Nor We haven’t heard anything from CIC.

    Request you to please clarify the situation.


  • Dear CICS NEWs Team,
    I applied under NOC 2172 and my application was delivered on 29th Dec’ 2014, as per DHL at Sydney NS Office. Now after almost three and a half months I have not heard anything, while most Dec’ 2014 applicants have either received their PERS or at least know about the fate of their application, should I consider that my application has been rejected or lost. I have even emailed them and showed my concern but no response.

    • Nothing is for sure until a response is given. We recommend that you contact them again.

      • Dear CIC NEWs Team,
        I got in contact with the call center as recommended, the lady on the phone took the necessary information and told me that there is no record with the provided information. Meaning my information has not been uploaded in the system. Now after almost four months I get to know from the call center that my information is not in the system, what does that mean, where did my documents go. Please provide your expert opinion.

  • I have applied under the code 4151. The cap has not crossed more than 50. My application has reached CIO on 19th of Nov. I had not received any updates hence I wrote to CIO and got a reply from them stating my UCI number. The status says in process and application received on 19th Nov. nothing else. So far I have not received any updates from CIO. Its going to be 6 months now. Should I write again to CIC?
    Are there any chances of them returning applications received after September?

  • Dear CICS NEWs Team,
    I applied under NOC 2131 and my application was delivered on 30th Dec’ 2014 at 12:34 pm , as per TNT at Sydney NS Office( mike signed). Now after almost three and a half months I have not heard anything, plz help me. Some of my friend say you will be reject because all field be full on 29 DEC. … Plz be honest .

  • Dear CIC News Team, I have applied under FSW program NOC 2011 on 30th Dec 2014 . Now after almost three and a half months no reply. Any scope? has the cap been fullfilled for this NOC?How long you expected that they will take to give any response……
    Plz Reply…..

    • Only option here is to wait for a response to see whether your application would be accepted.

      • Aileen Marjorie Lim Aguirre

        Dear CIC

        HI my name is Aileen just want to update my documents december 2014 submitted FSW program…
        yes we can wait… is it true that 2014 is no cap out just like 2015 EE program and 6 months we recieved your email or first notice… if eligible or not… but before we submit our documents in CIC my documents assist by WES… im masters degre BS nursing clinical instructor for 10 years until present… in canada im a bachelors degree equivalent of 4 yr course.. as WES assist my documents…

        pls. give us reply.

        god bless us all

  • I applied for FSW under NOC 2174 ( Computer programmer Cap) in June 2014. File number was received by CIC on 24th September, 2014 and second line updated on November 2014 but afterwards we have not received any letter from them as of now. Kindly inform that by when we will receive any information about our file status.

  • Hi. Our application was received last December 31, 2014. Would there be any news that will confirm if our application is a positive or will be returned to us? Thank you.

  • Hi. Good day. I applied under NOC 4214 in December and have not had a response yet. Can I apply through express entry while I still wait?

  • i scored R.6.5,W.6.0,S.6.5,L,6.0 under academics module am i eligible

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