The political unrest in Syria, the Damascus Visa Office and what it means to you

As most of you know, the situation in Syria has gotten worse. This has resulted in the Canadian visa officers moving to other offices in nearby countries like Greece, Turkey, Poland, France and others. This means that many of the applications have also been forwarded to other visa offices. There are still people working in the Damascus visa offices, but they are assistants and junior members. The Quebec province immigration office has totally shut down and is now working in other visa offices in nearby regions as well.

So what does mean to you if you have an application there?

This will most likely increase the processing times for applications. We are also noticing an increase in errors committed by Immigration Canada. We continue to try to keep ourselves up to date and make sure that we protect our clients the best we can by seeking updates and making sure that the visa office follows the proper procedures.

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  • is it possible that the client choose the country that the applications are being forwarded to ?
    And does it affect on the processing time ?

  • Immigration Expert

    It is not possible to choose the country.

    The processing time can be affected, but only by a little bit. Immigration Canada applies the same regulations on all visa offices, but of course, some visa offices could be faster and more efficient or vice versa in their processing.

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