New Federal Skilled Worker Program to Launch May 4 2013

Citizenship and Immigration Minister Jason Kenney announced today that the long-awaited Federal Skilled Worker Program will be launched on May 4th 2013 (Citizenship and Immigration Canada)

Citizenship and Immigration Canada announced today that the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) will re-open on May 4 2013 with the new selection rules.

CIC closed the FSWP to new applications in July 2012, saying it needed time to reduce the program back-log and re-design the point system used to select immigrants to better meet Canada’s economic needs.

The re-launched FSWP will award more points for youth and English/French language proficiency, factors CIC says its body of research shows contribute to economic success for immigrants.

FSW applicants will need to meet the Canadian Language Benchmark 7 standard for English proficiency to qualify for the program, which is the equivalent to scoring 6 on the IELTS, the most widely taken English language assessment test.

The new FSWP selection rules will also utilize an Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) process that will be introduced with the program, which will award points for foreign educational credentials based on assessments of their equivalent value in Canada.

A list of organizations designated  by Citizenship and Immigration Minister Jason Kenney to do the assessments will be released in early 2013.

“For too long, too many immigrants to Canada have experienced underemployement and unemployment, and this has been detrimental to these newcomers and to the Canadian economy,” said Kenney.

“Our transformational changes to the FSWP will help ensure that skilled newcomers are able to contribute their skills fully to the economy as soon as possible. This is good for newcomers, good for the economy, and good for all Canadians.”

CIC also said that new FSWP applications will be processed in months, instead of years, owing to the work the department has done in reducing the existent backlog and limits the program will put in place in quantity of applications it will accept.

Federal Skilled Worker Program fact-sheet

  • Maximum points awarded for a principal applicant’s proficiency in a first official language increased from 16 to 24 points, in proficiency in a second official language reduced from 8 to 4 points
  • Maximum of 12 points awarded to applicants aged 19 to 35, with decreasing points awarded until age 46
  • Maximum number of points awarded for foreign work experience reduced from 21 to 15
  • Points awarded for spousal education replaced with a maximum of 4 points awarded for spousal language proficiency
  • Maximum of 10 points awarded for Canadian work experience
  • Points awarded for foreign education credentials to be determined by an assessment of the foreign credential’s equivalent value in Canada as assessed by an organization that is designated to provide credential assessment and authentication


  • could you please send me the occupation list which will open 2013
    on my email address.

    • Hi, no occupation list has been released yet.

      -CICS News Team

      • my cousin brother and sister are citizen in Canada. so can I get points of family in Canada.

        Waiting for your reply

      • Could you please kindly inform me when will new occupation list will publish?

      • I just want to know if the CIC will still accept my applicaiton if I only got 5.5 in writing but 6.5 in all…I got a band score of 6

        • hello Cel

          i want to put FSW file but i face the same problem.
          I have 5 band in writing all other modules are 6 and above.

          Have you find any solution or did u put your application as FSW?

          please let me now on my email ID –

          i will be thank full to you if you reply.

    • please send occupation list

    • Hi I have tryed to get my electrical trade qualification evaluated by WES( world educational services) but they say they deem a trade qualification to be professional training and not an academic award and so cannot evaluate it. Is there another organisation I can us.

    • plz tell me the procedure how to apply PR for canada

  • My current IELTS result expires by June 2013. Can I still apply with it?

    • Yes you can apply with it as long as your application is received by CIC and they issue your file number before June 2013.

      -CICS News Team

  • Could you please send me poin lits and minimum poins require for P.R., My brother inlaw is a citizen, what will be benifit in poins?

  • Could you please send me points lits and minimum points require for P.R., My brother inlaw is a citizen, what will be benifit in points?

  • I want to know that I have 5.5 points in my IELTS . Can I apply under new law in welder cattagory.

    • It would be best to apply under the Federal Trade program. Most likely welder will be on the list.

      We recommend that you fill the assessment form:

    • Dear sir , i have completed B com in 2009 afterthat i did ITI WELDER in july 2011 .. Than i have two year work experience as welder in limitted firm . Also i appeared ielts and i scored 5.5band (5each).now i want to go canada for work if any possibilty for me plz tell me ….tnx a lot…..

  • masters in environmental science,female social worker 4 year experience, age 28 years,spouse education MBA age 28 years,ielts 5.5 band,sister in canada, am i eligible for canada immigration

    • IELTS would need to be at least 6.0 in all areas.

      • I have taken Ielts results

        L 5.5
        R 6.0
        W 6.0
        S 6.0

        Can I apply with this score for FSWC program? My husband and I are self employed, for Graphic Design, and computer repair? My husband is going to take Ielts at the end of April, but I don’t think he is going o score more than I. Can we apply or we have to redo IELTS Exam.
        Thank You

  • so now instead of jan 2013 we will have to wait till may…

  • presently if i apply under quebec skilled worker category, can i apply for FSW in may 2013?

  • If a male nurse with 3years experience , how much point need for federal skilled migration & how much score needed in ielts


  • hetal mehul patel

    i am doing mca in ignou,
    i want to know i am applicable to apply canada immigation,
    i have one child, his age is 1 year old.

    • Hi Hetal, that depends on many factors. Please submit your details at to get a complete assessment.

      -CICS News Team

  • could you please show me the list that which i have to score 67 points, heading.

  • hi there i did study in canada can i apply i did post graduation for one year .i just want to know what will be the requirement for me.

  • I just want to know if the application for Provincial Nominee in Manitoba is still open in 2013 and until what month? I have relatives and friends living there for so many years but i want to apply on my own without there support,it is possible? Thank you=)

  • whats about the Arrange Employment points?

  • Hi,

    Can I apply as indepantant skiled worker based on the occupation list going to be released in the new FSWP, or I should have a job offer based on the occupation list to get Canadian PR?

  • hi, if applying under this scheme and i have a job offer and lmo but in a semi-skilled position, would that count? or not? as far as i know the employment offer should be in a skilled position, right? hope you can answer this. thanks!

  • I reach my age of 35 by Mar.22. So when its May 2013 I would be 35 Years and 3 Months or so. Do I still get 12 Points for Age or does that gets reduced?

  • What is the spouse language requirement for FSW Migration purpose. To get that 4 points for my spouse qualification how much does he need to score on IELTS.

  • My aunt is based out of Alberta last 30 years. Do we still get some additional points for adaptability as well as wanted to know whether our application stands good for a better chance of consideration and process time gets reduced

  • I have lived in the U.S. for about 10 years and have obtained both my undergraduate and graduate degree in the U.S. Do I have to take the English test?

  • My IELTS Scores
    Listening – 7.5
    Reading -5.5
    Writing – 6
    Speaking – 7
    Overall – 6.5
    Do i need to retake IELTS ,or is it ok if my score 67 points already with this score.
    Cheers and happy new year

    • Hi. Just want to know if there is additional points for adaptability for my spouse level of education? And how many points i will get if my credentials will be assessed by qualified institution in Canada? I would be very grateful if u could answer my queries.

      • No you will not get additional points for adaptability for your spouse’s level of education.

        The points you get for your credentials will depend on the assessment.

  • AS A PRINCIPAL APPLICANT, IF I MEET 67 SCORE with the following score do i need to take IELTS again.
    Over All -6.5

    • Unfortunately, you need to seat for the IELTS exam again. CIC explained the minimum threshold for the IELTS. That means we have to confirm minimum CLB 7. CLB 7 means you need to score minimum 6.0 in each ability. For success, we have to ensure 67 pass points and at the same time IELTS score not less than 6.0 in any ability.

      Hope you are clear now.

    • Hi there,
      I intend to apply for FSWP. I, the principal applicant, have IELTS score 7 (General) and my Wife, the dependent, has a score of 6.5 in Academic. I checked the document checklist for fswp at cic website where it says IELTS need to be general module only. My question is, can I still claim points for language proficiency for my wife?

  • hi, i am a skilled worker in food industry for more than 4 years and have a job offer of the same employer can i still proceed my pr application right now? tnx

  • My brother is Permanent Resident in Canada. Do I get any additional points for this? If yes, how many points and what is the procedure?

  • Hi!

    I am a Computer Programmer/MIS Analyst here in the Philippines for the past 10 years. I also have an overall band scores of 7 in IELTS. Am I eligible to apply to migrate to Australia?


  • Iam a medical technologist with phl and u.s license and 6yrs experience. Iam 27y.o. My eilts band is 6.0 . but i have 5.5 in reading and speaking Am i qualified?

  • Hi,

    I am a Chartered Accountant and have relevant seven years experience. I have also cleared IELTS with 7.5 overall. Please let me know when can i apply for PR.


    • Hello Dhirendra

      Hope by now you might have applied under the new FSW that opened on May 4.

      I am little late to act. I am IT Programmer with 10+ years of experience, my wife is Chartered Accountant with 7+ years experience.

      Can you please clarify how many points will my wife get for her CA degree. Is it 23 or 25? I check with consultant and they gave 23 points for my wifes degree. I am surprised, as one of my freind, who is Master of Commerce has also being credited with same 23 points.

      Strange !! Does CA degree not get you any extra points compared to M.Com, when you apply to Canada through the FSW route? Isn’t CA equivalent to PHD? Equivalent PHDs degree holders get 25 points. I really have doubt now whether CA should get 23 or 25 point?

      Please help clarify

  • for FSW immigration i have ielts overall 6.5 and more than 6 in each band,if my spouse also does ielts and get overall 7 will that give additional points to me?

    is credential evaluation is required for spouse of primary applicant?

  • wen new point list will be released?

    • Hello

      Iam 42 years old, Working more than 10 years as Risk Management Analyst in a Central Bank and 2 years experience as Management Accountant in a banking sector also. I have Master from British University and I have the minimum CLB 7. My aunty is canadian permanent resident and i have already obtained 66 points. Should i retake english test in order to higher my points?

  • I have done MBA from Shikkim Manipal University (Distance Education). This couse was Distance Learning course but I have attended class twice in a week.
    Will it help me to get maximum number from education? I meant to say will it treat as a master degree?

  • Hi. Me and my common in law partner are both Industrial Engineer, Is our profession on demand for us to apply under the Federal Skilled Workers program this year?

    • Hi, the occupations that will be on the new Federal Skilled Worker Program have not yet been released. Indeed, it is not even known whether there will be a priority occupation list for the program in 2013.

      There are other potential programs that you could be eligible under. We recommend you complete this online assessment form to receive a free immigration assessment.

      -CICS News Team

  • Hi!

    I am a Computer Programmer/MIS Analyst here in the Philippines for the past 10 years. I also have an overall band scores of 7 in IELTS. Am I eligible to apply to migrate to Canada?


    • Hi Roy,

      The details of the Federal Skilled Worker Program have not yet been announced so we don’t know if you will be eligible under it. It’s possible you could eligible for other programs though. We recommend you complete this form for a free assessment.

      -CICS News Team

  • How the Educational Credential Assessment will work? If my education could not meet Canadian standard will I be given any points or my application will be rejected? And Do I need to do GT of IELTS or Academic.

    • Yes you will still get points if your education standards do not meet Canadian standards, just less than equivalent degree that meets Canadian standards.

      You need to do GT of the IELTS.

      -CICS News Team

  • My fiancee is Canadian, currently living in Canada. We have not set a date yet, should I apply as a spouse or a FSW?

    • Hi Marta,

      It depends on many factors, like your occupation, how long you have been in a relationship with him, etc. I advise you contact us to get a detailed assessment.

      -CICS News Team

  • I am a Contractor and and under NOC7204 category, but I don,t have a job offer and don’t have a Cert. of Qualification from a province territory, am I still qualified to apply?


    • hi ,My age is 24 years, i am a engineer and finished my under graduation degree. i am working as a system engineer.i have 2 year work experience. IELTS 7.00 band
      spouse education : BBA, age 25 and no work experience ,IELTS 4.00 band, am i eligible for canada immigration?
      Looking forward for your response…
      With Regards

  • hello
    I applied for PR in Canada in federal skilled worker category in 2007. Would you give me some information about my case.

  • hi ,My age is 31years, i have master degree, Master of Arts in English Literature, But both my bachelor and master degree is gained as an external student(distance learning) not a full time in class study. I have overall 7 bands in IELTS. currently I am working as Assistant cash and Account in a reputed bank in India. Will I be eligible?

  • I am Civil engineer and finished my masters in transportation system. I am working as a transportation planner. I have 3+ years work experience. Can I apply for Immigration for Canada? does my profession is enlisted in the National Occupational Classification system(NOC) 2013??

  • I am from an English speaking country and would like to know if I am still required to do an English exams.





  • Hello Sir/Madam,
    I am Pharmacist. My IELTS Score is as bellow. Shall i eligible to Apply Under Federal Skilled Worker Program 2013 of Canada?

  • Good day,

    I am going to achieve masters degree in June or July 2013. May I then add it to my docs?

  • Hi,

    I am 27 Years old, Single, Completed MBA in IT having work 4+ of work experience, IELTS bands fall as under, will that work or need to appear for an IELTS again.


    Thanks a ton in advance

  • Hi! When are you going to release CIC’s official education credential assessment? I wanted to know it soon so I can start the credentialling.


    • Hi, we do not represent CIC, so we don’t have information on when CIC will release detailed instructions on how to obtain an educational credential assessment. All we know is that they will release it on or before May 4th, when the Federal Skilled Worker Program launches.

      -CICS News Team

  • I am statistician and having more than eight year eperience in clinical industry; is any chance for PR in CANADA.

  • what is minimum qualification for 2121. May i eligible as i have done pharmacy degree with more than three year experience in pharmacolgy research.

  • Hi, i applied for FSW before Feb -2007 & recently checked the status which indicated ” Decision made” but no email from CIC. Most likely a part of backlog issue. Anyways, I am an Australian citizen with master degree in I.T . I have 3+ years work experience as Telecommunication Network Engineer. Do i qualify for new FSW ? Do i also need IELTS ? If so what should be the score ? Also does my wife need IELTS as well ? Please reply.


  • i am Chemical Engineer graduated in 2011 and i am on full paid employee as technical assistant from last 6 months in one of private firms which is exclusive representative of multinational company , ielts score is 7 (academic one) and my brothers are in Canada . what are the eliblity criteria for me and what are possible requirements will be needed to apply in may FSW ???
    your prompt reply will be appreciated .

  • sujata milankumar jivanbharti

    Could u have live in caregiver workpermit if u have so send me email i have 3 year experians and countine you job in israel

  • Hi,
    You said for someone here:

    “Yes you will still get points if your education standards do not meet Canadian standards, just less than equivalent degree that meets Canadian standards.”

    Do you know how much less would it be? I mean, if my points in educational skills reaches 22, how would this number be reduced if my education standards do not meet Canadian standards?


  • Hi, I am hotel management graduate,I have 6 years of experience as a Chef.I am from India. my age is 31 years & i am not married.So i need to ask that how many IELTS BANDS, I need to take to get Permanent Residency for Canada.

  • when will credential evalution body annouced for fswp…..?what is expected fees for that?how much time it will take to complete the credential evalution?

  • i am working in dubai as a heavy duty truck driver from 13 years , can i apply for work permit of canada ? if yes plz tell me that IELTS need or not ?

  • when will credential evalution for fswp announced? what is the expected fees for dat?how long it would take to procedure complete?

  • I`m a 41 year old crane operator here in Ireland with Irish qualifications vastly experience in the industry. As you can see I`m over 35 and don`t qualify for the holiday visa.
    I have been applying for jobs on line and getting no where, bar one offer in Ontario but they needed someone straight away and I can`t start my application on til I get a job offer.
    Dose anyone have any advise or am I just wasting my time.

  • please give me advise that if i meet 67 points and after that husband ielts will be necessary

    • hi Aman,

      I have checked with two consultants on IELTS requirement for spouse that whether it is mandatory or note, provided if principal applicant secures 67 marks already.
      – One mentioned NO (same is also mentioned by CICS team on this website, pz c above.
      – Second one mentioned Yes. so I also perplexed.
      Please do let me also know if you will get the authentic news on that, my ID is

  • Hi there! I want to inquire if I can applied as skilled worker To get my permanent residence .I got my open permit already and waiting for my selection du quebec but i read and the news that the processing is 38 months .and I want to pursue my studies and I can’t go to school until I am permanent residence ..I need your best advice thank you

  • Hello,

    My sister: Bachelors in Arts (4 Years college degree) and is a certified Montessori School Teacher with over 6 years of work experience. Her husband is a textile engineer with over 8 years of working experience in banking operations. Can they apply under any available program? will really appreciate any inputs. Thanks

  • Hi,
    Masters in social work, one year work experience, age 25 IELTS 6.5 band
    spouse education : Masters in Social Work age 28 and 3 years work experience am i eligible for canada immigration?
    Looking forward for your response…
    With Regards

  • hi,
    Please send me a new point system and new occupation list for fsw visa.

    Do i get any additional adaptability points as my very close friend is living in sasketchawan for 5years.

  • Dear CICS News Team,
    in order to apply for FSWC on 4th May’ 2013, is it mandaotry that either we should be a PHD student in Canda or to have an arranged employeement offer in Canda?


  • Quebec skilled worker :amend the occupation list ,i want to know chemist category is illegible or not for Quebec skilled worker in permanent residence visa??

  • hi, I’m a Pre – school teacher for almost 12 years now in one of the prestigious University here in the Philippines. Am I eligible to apply for an independent visa?

  • Dear Sir,
    My father is Canadian, so if he opened a business in Canadá, could he hire me? (I would run the business). I that case, how much is the minimun
    amount invested for that business?,
    (I have and MBA, a Master in Marketing Management, a bachelor in Science in BA, 9 years of experience as branch manager, and my score (overall) in IELTS is 5.5.(My age is 39).


    • I am lawyer and my spouse also lawyer. My IELTS Score is as bellow. i have a LLB degree,one year experience(legal officer).my uncle is citizen of canada.Shall i eligible to Apply Under Federal Skilled Worker Program 2013 May of Canada?

  • hi
    show me new list

  • Gursharan singh chahal

    Dear Sir/Madam
    Will teaching professionals be also eligible to apply for after 4th may 2013. pls reply me.

  • As the fswp applications are going to accept on may 4th onwards.But still no adequate information’s are available regarding occupational list. I am a social worker planning to migrate under fswp.can you please give satisfiable answer,weather social worker are in the occupational list of 2013.

    Thank you

  • I’ve completed an English proficiency test last year. But it’s TOEFL iBT. My total score was 102.
    Reading -25, Listening – 27, Speaking -25 and Writing -25.

    Do I still need to take IELTS?

  • Dear Sir,

    I would like to know that Iam a 42 year old clinical psychologist with 18 yrs of experience and my job responsibilities match the criteria set on cic,the only hitch is I have achieved the score of 64 points with high scores on IELTS as well but my agent says I still dont qualify as I dont reach the 67 points,Iam surprised as I have proof of enough funds to take care of me and my spouse in canada and also we are both professionally qualified but just because I dont make to the 67 point I maybe rejected.I felt my agent was being unfair that is why I was considering to apply directly will that help….please guide soon.

    • Hi Mr. Malhotra,
      Have you migrated to Canada? If so, I wanted to know some information about being a Clinical Psychologist there.

  • Hello ,

    I’m a CHEF and 27 years old , 4 years work experience , IELTS score is 5.5 bands, and my spouse uncle is in Canada and my wife is a Bachelor in economic, no kids and enough funds………….

    my question : do i qualify for FWS 2013 Canada visa?
    and does my wife (spouse) have to give ielts language test?

  • Hi, my ielts will be expiring this April. Do i still have to take ielts? Also i submitted my papers last Sept and they returned it since they stopped processing but they gAve me a file number… Is it safe to assume that am eligible already? Tnx

  • Hi! I think im qualified to apply for concern is that im separated but not i stil need to hav his ielts result..second,i cannot bring my children for now,not financially capable…can i apply alone as a principal applicant w/o my children..wil it affect my application???

  • My nephew just been granted a permanent residency last year..can i use him as my relative living in canada..thank so much!!!

  • Hi im a nurse for 5 years here in ph, I will take the ielts exam this march and to be passed on may does my husband also needs to take the ielts exam? he took the exam and got only 4.5 overall is that passed? please reply

  • Dear Sir or Madam,

    I would like to apply for New Federal Skiled Program. I have one qustion. Has there been any announcement already about credentials assessed in compliance with the program’s new policy? Is there a way that I can finish the credential assessment now? I am afraid I would not get enough time once the door opens in may 2013.

    Thank you.

    yours faithfully,
    Zsuzsanna Lorinc

  • Hi!. I am a chemical engineer having 5 years of exp and my IELTS score in GT mod is L =7 ; R= 7.5; W= 7; S =6.5. I also have an MBA. My quesrtions are:

    1. Am I eligible for FSW program?
    2. Is my profession included in latest demand list/ occupational list?


  • Hello, My name is Ankur. My partner has done M.A English, B,Ed in 2008. She has got experience as a teacher in school for 2 years and in college for 1 year. I have done Masters in Accounting in Australia and I am Australian citizen. she has got 6 each in IELTS.
    Wanna know that we are eligible for Canada PR or not…

  • Hi im a nurse for 5 years here in ph, I will take the ielts exam this march and to be passed on may does my husband also needs to take the ielts exam? he took the exam and got only 4.5 overall is that passed? please reply

    And i got sponsorship points from my brother in canada..

    regarding with my post, If i passed the ielts exam and my spouse got only 4.5 in ielts. will that be enough for canada to accept our papers this may? please reply..

  • I am from India, want to apply under New Federal Skilled Worker Programme starting from 4th May, 2013, so where shall I send my application?

  • Hi dear,

    Thank you for your time and effiort answering questions here. I will be most delighted to hear from you soonest regarding this VITAL question asked earlier in this forum…” I am from an English speaking country and would like to know if I am still required to do an English exams.” Your earnest reply will be highly appreciated. Many thanks!!!!

    • Hi,

      Yes, you are still required to do an English exam if you are from an English speaking country.

      -CICS News Team

  • Hi,

    Please I am from Ghana and have been studying English for over 20 years since that is the language of instruction and I have also been working as a Police officer for 15 years now in Ghana. Do I still need to take the IELTS exams?

  • Hi Sir,
    I am applying for the Skilled Worker.I am a Nurse in my country Philippines,aged 35 y/o. I obtain the 67 points required already and ready for review this MAy 4,2013. Sir what will I do if the qouta reached its number already? does it affect my age when I will file my application next year if ever that the next review would fall on my birthday?Please enlighten me on this. Thank you very Much!

  • hi i have ielts of of the following
    speaking 7 , reading 6 listening 6.5 and writing 6
    my question is how many points wil i score for the immigration of canada ?????????

  • Hi,

    I have doctoral and master degrees from US and other international degrees. I assume I only need to provide evidence for my doctoral study, correct? What should I wrap up for education credential assessments? It’s now mid-March, only two months away from the FSWP reopens, and is not that “early in 2013”. I believe applicants will need some time to have their education credentials certified.


  • Pushlinderjit kaur

    Hi i have done GNM nursing from india and i have one year experience as a staff nurse . I have done NVQ health and social care level 3 from uk . I have one year and 3 month experience in uk but its part time it is valid to apply canada PR or not .i worked in uk 20/week. How i can apply to canada on which part of canada i can apply with my qualification . I have 6 band in Ielts its from general . What i need to do more for this.

  • Hi,

    I am 42 and a Veteran from the Indian Air Force having 21 years experience as a Sheet Metal Tradesman ( 7233 / 7261 NOC “B” ). My IELTS score is 7.5 and my spouse has a score of 8. I have no AEO or relatives in Canada

    a) Am I eligible to apply under the Federal Skills Worker Prog?
    b)Further, do I need to get an assessment of my trade skills prior or subsequent to my filing my application?
    c) Its been 04 years after I completed my initial terms of engagement with the IAF during which I have taken up jobs unrelated to my trade. Will this be an impediment in any way?
    d) would your team suggest that I put in my application immediately or wait till May 2013?

    I would deeply appreciate all forthcoming guidance and information.

    Thanks and regards

  • can i apply for this program : age 25 – work exp. 3 years – bachelor degree in accounting (2010) – Ielts 6 academic – will be engaged next august – No relative in canada
    can you calculate my points please and tell me if it available to apply or not ?

  • i have DAE in electrical technology and also graduate. am i qulify for fsw

  • Mubeen Siddiqui

    Dear Sir i want to know i have 5 band in ielts can i apply for Canada Immigration Please tell me that and my professional is Desktop & Network Support Technician i have 3 years experience and i have done BCS 3 years please guide me and how can i apply for work permit.

  • Mubeen Siddiqui

    Dear Sir i want to know i have 5 band in ielts can i apply for Canada Immigration Please tell me that and my professional is Desktop & Network Support Technician i have 3 years experience and i have done BCS 3 years please guide me and how can i apply for work permit from Pakistan Please Guide me.

  • michelle mesias

    could i ask what is the needed ielts result for federal skilled worker?


  • Hi I am male 26 from london.
    And I had finished my masters .
    And my age is 26.
    Work experience of 3 to 4 year has a chef ful time. I booked my ielts general training .
    Just want to know how much band shoul I score. Also explain me the individual scores pls. Thanks
    Regards sukhi

  • Dear CICS News Team,
    in order to apply for FSWC on 4th May’ 2013, is it mandaotry that either we should be a PHD student in Canda or to have an arranged employeement offer in Canda?


    • Hi,

      No it is not mandatory. Currently, the FSW program is only open to graduates or enrollees of PhD programs at Canadian educational institutions and those with skilled arranged employment in Canada. On May 4th it will be opened to others.

      -CICS News Team

  • Hi,
    i am from India & have done MSc IT in 2010 and after that i m doing job.and my Husband is Btech in ECE.can i apply as a main applicant for canadian PR?

  • how can i apply FSWP. I have least experiance.

  • Are the assessment forms out as yet?

    Who is authorized to do the education credential assessment?

    • Hi Jerry,

      The list of organizations designated to provide Educational Credential Assessments has not been released yet.

      -CICS News Team

  • i want to apply for canada immigration..
    but my spouse and dependant son passport is applied for and will get it in 3 months as here too much back locked.

    can i still apple for fswc on my passport with my family

  • hi i am karthik .my ielts score below i mentioed.
    OVER ALL-5
    Could you tell me i am eligible for PR visa chef/cook profession.

  • want to apply for canada immigration..
    but my spouse and dependant son passport is applied for and will get it in 6 months as here too much back locked.

    can i still apply for fsw on my passport with my family, though i dont want to take them along with me at the first visit after getting PR..

  • Should we go for an acadamic or a general training ielts exam for federal skilled working visa.

  • Good day CICS News Team!

    I would like to ask as for example, I am a registered nurse from the Philippines, usually the Canadian Board of Nursing compare our degree here as equivalent to Diploma in Nursing for Canada.

    I want to clarify If ever, the upcoming education assessment is still be diploma equivalent, will it rejects us to apply for FSW under Registered Nurse Occupation? or It will still be pursued then corresponding points will just be deducted?

    Thanks so much. Its great you’re there to answer all our queries.

  • hi..i am dalvinder..i am a wife is appying to i have to give the acadimic IELTS or general?
    she give the GT ielts..but for increasing her points..I have to give which IELTS acadimic or GT…
    OR i can give any one??
    please help

    • i have completed 4 years nursing and 2 years experience.can i apply for canadian sister in law has been living in canada from 8 years.can i get some points of adaptability due to my sister in law.

  • if anyone sponser me with work permit in canada then how many ilets band r required ?i have certificates of ITI automobile .

  • Dear CICS News Team,
    I want to apply for NFSW program. I am in Canada as a student pursuing masters .Can my wife (masters in computer application-3 years) apply for it as a principal applicant she is on spousal open work permit and have 2.7 years of experience in India as a teacher ?

  • Hi:

    Could you please advise the best city to immigrate for University Professors in Canada, where job prospect is more?


    Praves Grovar

  • Respected sir,
    i had given ielts and got 6band(Academic) so is there any chances that i will get job under FSWP, by the i am a nurse with 3 years experience.
    thank you

  • The earliest IELTS date available is for the 22 Jun. Can I apply using my expired IELTS score 8.5 (Dec 2012) and send the new scores later once they’re available. I’m currently in Canada on a Temporary Work Permit (been here for 3 months) and would like to apply under the FSW category. Pls advise.

  • Jackielou Antonio

    is academic ielts acceptable in canadian immigration, federal skilled worker category?

    please i need some info?

  • Dear Sir/Madam,
    i want to apply to the FSWP , i have a job offer from an employer in canada ,
    can i apply now with this job offer and submit the AEO from the HRSDC later ??
    Appreciate your assisstance

  • pls tell me

  • Is it compulsory that you MUST submit the IELTS exam result with your new application for skilled worker program or can you apply and submit the result later. The reason I am asking is that there is no opening for me to write the exam on or before the 4th of May, 2013.

  • I want to learn french language.kindly tell me it is helpfull for appling federal skilled PR visa.

  • Hi. Im 30. I have 6 years experience as accounts payable/accounts assistant. I have bachelors degree in hotel mgt. No ielts yet. If my occupation won’t be on the list is there chance that my agency will find job for me? If so do i need ielts?

  • Hi sir,
    Me and my husband want to apply for Canada immigration under the federal program iam an account and he is an engineer , so i would like to know the IELTS score required in the IELTS exam for accountants and ngineer and which module should we take ( academic or general).
    Waiting your feedback
    Have a nice day

  • Dear Sir,
    I’m a pharmacist and wife is also a pharmacist, I would like to know what is the IELTS score required for us, and how can I get a visa to work in Canada.

    I’m really confused from a lot of application forms , How can I start ?

    Wish to hear from you soon,

    Thanks & Best Regards,

    Abdullah Suaid

  • i am a bsc nurse with 8years experience and 30years old , my ielts score is
    listening – 6.5
    writing – 6.5
    reading – 5.5
    speaking – 7

  • I am a registered nurse working in australia for last 11 years full time. for immigration as FSW the IELTS general is required and i have sent my application to CARNA for assessment for eligibility for registration as RN in Alberta and for that IELTS academic is required. does that mean that i need to give IELTS general and academic both??

  • is it mandatory for ma spouse to write ielts while she iz a dependent applicant bt for spousal language proficiency im awarded points

  • Hi, I am from Mauritius and I will be applying for the FSW programme. I have my IELTS result:
    listening – 8.5
    Reading – 7
    Writing – 7
    Speaking – 7.5

    I have worked as an IT Professional for 3 years
    I have concerns regarding assessment of my academic qualifications. how do i need to do that?
    And when can i mail my application? Do i need to post it on the 4th May itself? or can i post it earlier so that it reaches Canada on the 4th May?

    I would be grateful to get a feedback

  • Hi,

    I am a Business Development manager responsible for IT solution sales and having experience of 10 years out of which last 4 years have been in International markets. Just wanted to check with you if this experience is considered in FSWP . I tried to look up the skill list but could not find the exact match for this role in the list.
    Can you please help me, if i can apply for Permanent Residence under FSWP. Apart from this i satisfy all the other requirements in the point based system.

    Would appreciate your help.


  • yes,you need to sit for IELTS(general module) for immigration purpose and indeed Academic IELTS for registering with CARNA since they do not accept general module of IELTS.

    • Thanks Anish, Can you please suggest under which skill list can i apply as i didn’t find an exact match in FSWP




  • Respected sirs,
    I have over all band score 5 points in IELTS may i apply for the Federal Skilled Work Program.

  • how to get work permit and job offer

  • On May.4 is saturday. How do you get the mail? Can i send my document by May.3?

  • sir i applied in 2006 when my ielts was valid now as i have to reapply but i have foreign qualification from Sweden do i need to take ielts again i took it back in dec 2004 with

    Listening 8.5
    Reading 8
    Writing 7.5
    Speaking 6.5

    Also my wife is graduate two years program with doing doing chef and cooking courses her brother is permanent resident. I am a postgraduate with distinction and doing MPhil leading to PhD. 12 years civil engineering experience.

  • i am a clinical physiotherapist with 2 years of experience and i have done bachelors in physiotherapy of 4.5 years. i just wanna know that how many points will i get in education if i apply for FSW canada visa 2013. Also i got 7.5 band overall in IELTS exam with 8 in listening and reading, and 6.5 in speaking and writing. so, wanna knw how many points will i get for that as well.kindly reply soon.

  • When I initially commented I clicked the “Notify me when new comments are added” checkbox
    and now each time a comment is added I get four emails with
    the same comment. Is there any way you can remove me from that service?
    Appreciate it!

  • I would like to apply as an Electrician For FSW in Canada. How much IELTS band score needed?

  • I am pharmacist. Can I file under FSW in 2013? The current occupation list does not mention pharmacists. Will there be any updation to the list in the coming months?

  • Makinde Akinkunmi Alfred

    I want my fiance to be the principal applicant.She is a graduate of Mass communication, she works in a Media house as Sales and advertising officer.
    Moreover, I will like to know the exact IELTS exam she is to take, and if I have to write the exam as well.
    Thank you in anticipation.

  • Dear Sir,

    i have complited my 4.2 year in pharmaceutical industry. I fi got over all 6 band in IELTS then iwill be eligible or not?

  • Md. Iftekharul Amin

    Dear Sir,
    I am 25-year old and from Dhaka, Bangladesh. I completed MBA major in Accounting in 2010. Besides, I have above 3-year job experiences in Accounts & Finance Department of different organizations and different positions, but right now I am unemployed. However, I am considering about immigration to Canada in Ontario province. In addition to this, my second cousins living permenantly in Toronto and they are Canadian citizen. I should say you that, I am going to appear in IELTS-GT exam on 25/5/2013, but a little bit confused about minimum score requirement. Frurthermore, I need to know about my eligibility to apply.

    I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

    Yours sincerely,

  • i am a teahcer with three years exeperience.i have ilets score overall 7.5 can i submit my file for canada immigration as a teahcer in canada.

  • Hi im a chef I have the languages the experience can I apply if my profession is not in the noc for this year?

  • Hi I am a hairdresser newly qualified work self employed, husbands got gnvq level 2, 4 years work experance in floor fitting and 6 years working as a sheet metal presser programming ect.. We have two children. Would we be able to get visas if my husband had a job offer in sheet metal pressing? And what’s the best way to get ball rolling? Any advice would be great 😉

  • Can I submit my IELTS score sheet 2.5 weeks later after submitting my FSW application on 4th may.

    I could not get the early booking date for ielts test and I will receive my result end of May.

  • Hello,
    I have been educated from primary school up to university level in English. Also further my education I am working in US for 4 yrs , would I still have to provide the language proficiency documentation.

    Thank you

  • Hi,
    i m a civil engineer and have job experience of 4 year. right now i am not working as i resigned in 2011. please confirm me if I am still eligible for apply under FSW program

  • anil kuruvilla john

    My sister is permanent resident in Canada and i am a nurses with four year experience ………… is their opening for nurses as skilled worker how much ielts score i need ,

  • is pharmacist category available in new federal skilled worker visa of canada(which starts from 4 may 2013)


  • My sister she is B.E Electronics with 20 months experince as a software developer.
    Her results of ILETS will be coming mid of May….Will that be late to apply for FSW category because their is a cap of 300 applications?

    Please advise.


  • I’m a lab chemist in chemical factory. I have already secured 4.5 bands in IELTS and again appeared on 27th April. My age is 38 yrs and work exprience of 14 yrs. May I eligible for canada PR. And if not then how many bands required for my eligibility for the canada PR. I obliged if you give me suggestion in any state in canada such as Quebec, Montreal etc.

  • Hi sir my husband has more than 67 point& ielts band has6 S-5.5,R-6.0 W-6.0 L 6.5. Overall score has6 so my husband has eligible apply under fswp of cannda?

  • Hi sir,
    Me and my husband want to apply for Canada immigration under the federal program iam an account and he is an engineer , so i would like to know the IELTS score required in the IELTS exam for accountants and engineer and which module should we take ( academic or general).
    Waiting your feedback
    Have a nice day

  • Hi sir,
    I am a general nurse and my immigration application was rejected in 2012 due to my husband’s incomplete degree. Can I re-apply now in nurse catagory without his degree certificate as per the new rule and get passed in the immigration programme. Your kind reply is awaited.
    Thank you so much.

  • Dear Sir/Madam,
    I need to know for educational documents, does the principal applicant need to send all his/her certificate and transcripts along with ECA’s result, or just the latest one? I mean if he/she has bachelor, does he need to send high school certificate and transcripts or not?
    what about spouse?
    Many Thanks in advance,

  • I did my 4 years graduation in English medium from India then worked as Financial Analyst for 5 years 7 months. After this, I left the job and went Britain for 1 year language course and 15 months MBA course. Returned from UK on June 2012 and again working as Commodity and Securities Analyst since July 2012. IELTS score is
    Listening- 6.0
    Reading- 6.0
    Writing- 5.5
    Speaking- 6.0
    Spent two and half year in UK. my age is 32. wife is graduate but no IELTS score. I have a child.
    The question is that should I retake IELTS again or my one year language course from UK will give me IELTS waiver. I spent GBP 3200 for that language course. And that language course is under credential evaluation.
    Please guide me.

  • hi,
    am about to apply for FSW immigration and i have all the required documents and waiting for my result of IELTS. if i get the score below the requirement level can i start my process so that when i take the language exam again and get a good score, can i insert the 2nd score card in between my process? or is it possible to file my application without my language requirement? pls help me.

  • Nishan Dangal

    my IELTS results score is 5.5 can i apply for study ?

  • Hello
    I am trying to understand how many point, following a new score system, I have got from my IELTS exam results. My results are:
    Listening 7.5
    Reading 6.5
    Writing 6.0
    Speaking 6.5
    I don’t understand if I’ve got 16 points on language section(in case I count all my results by CLB 7) or I’ve got more(in case I count my results by combination of CLB 7, CLB 8 and CLB 9)
    In order to apply to FSW program I need at least 18 points on language section.
    Thanks in advance

  • Gurinder Singh


    This is Gurinder. I am preparing for FSWP this year.
    I am getting my documents ready for education assessment and IELTS is also pending on 16May.

    I have one question, AM I LATE?
    Should I try, because 500 cap per category is very less.
    Please suggest. Thanks

  • Hi!
    Just a quick question, can the reference letter come from a colleague?

  • Hi , I am from India and I just got my IELTS score and scored 7.5.. But I have a low score in the reading section, 5.5 .. Does this mean I have to give the exam again? ..

  • Vikram Singh Nanua

    I am working as a Technician at staples in IT. As per CIC new list i cant see my trade of IT in it as per this blow link

    Please let me know weather i am eligible or not or should i change my trade.
    Thanks in advance.

  • Mamunur Rashid

    I’m an aspired candidate for the program (FSW). My spouse has IELTS “Academic Module” Score of 6.5. Whether academic module IELTS score will be considered for spouse’s language ability (Adaptability) or she need to sit for a General Module?

    Very Urgent. Please enlighten.

  • Require one information . I am from India..
    For FSWP program.. is it require to have work experience in Canada..?
    I was doing self assessment trhough CIC site and there they are asking
    How much skilled work experience i have in CANADA?
    If i enter 0 it says “Not Eligible” .. As I ahev exp in INDIA not in CANADA.
    Please let me know… for FSWP program..we require Canadain Work Experience.?

    Please suggest me asap.

  • I have completed my PhD in India in Pharmaceutical chemistry subject on diabetes. I have 7 years of experience. will I be eligible for the Pr?

  • Im an Electrical/Telecommunication Engineer with 7 plus years of experience, my last year’s experience is as a Technical Manager and now I’m working as Technical Director in a small company. Am i eligible for FSWP?

  • I was in UK for 3.5 Yrs (aprox.) and just one week before leaving I collected Police Clearance Certificate. Will that serve the purpose?

  • I was in UK(London) for 3.5 Yrs (aprox.) for higher study and just two weeks before leaving I received the Police Clearance Certificate in response to my application on the latest residing address. Can I submit the notarized copy with the PR application/ will it serve the purpose? Kindly let me know

  • I was in UK(London) for 3.5 Yrs (aprox.) for Post graduation/ study and just two weeks before leaving (Feb’2007) I received the Police Clearance Certificate in response to my application on the latest residing address in that time. And presently I am residing in my home country for 6+ years. For the present address I can collect the certificate from the local authority. Can I submit the notarized copy of that certificate with the PR application for clarifying previous record? Will it serve the purpose?. Kindly let me know…..

  • Gabriela Rodriguez

    I have a question: I am a gratudated Physical Therapist with over 10 years of professional experience. Does my Electrician husband have to apply separately or can he apply as my spouse? I am 44 years old and he is 23. Is my age or his age an issue? Does he have to pass the English Proficiency test? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much in advance!

  • I hav 6 band in ielts and i am 26 year old .i hav 2 year experiance of teaching.i am m.a.b.ed.i want to apply for p.r.base visa of canada with my 27 year old husband .he passed only 12.can i eligible for this canada p.r.base visa.

  • Abhishek Parulekar

    I have a MBA from a US university & its been few years in US working. I want to apply for PR. Do i need to give IELTS again?

  • Dear sir , i have completed B com in 2009 afterthat i did ITI WELDER in july 2011 .. Than i have two year work experience as welder in limitted firm . Also i appeared ielts and i scored 5.5band (5each).now i want to go canada for work if any possibilty for me plz tell me ….tnx a lot.

    • said:
      Dear sir , i have
      completed B com in
      2009 afterthat i did
      ITI WELDER in july
      2011 .. Than i have
      two year work
      experience as welder
      in limitted firm . Also
      i appeared ielts and i
      scored 5.5band
      (5each).now i want
      to go canada for
      work if any possibilty
      for me plz tell me
      ….tnx a lot.

  • Sir,
    I have completed hardware & networking course then having experience 10+ years in the same field. I would like to work in canada and my overall score in ielts 5.5 can i apply for pr suggest me.


  • Hi, i am completed MBA finance and i have applied for ielts, i got over all 5.5
    Am i eligible to go to canada (accountant) PR?

  • Hi! I am a nurse with 4 years of working experience and have 2 bachelor degrees both completed (Biology and Nursing) and my wife a graduate of Bachelor’s in Accounting and is working for 7 years now. May I know how much points can we claim in the education and area of training department? Thanks a lot.

  • Hi
    My own brother is living in canada on a student visa for the past 3 years.Do I get any adaptability points for this???
    Thanks for your replies

  • Hi,

    I am a computer engineer and have a work experience of 5 years working as system Quality control engineer. Can i apply for PR? Will i be eligible?

  • Hi,

    I have done my assessment and fall in the skilled worker category.I want to know if I can do the process alone without approaching any consultancy.

  • i want to go canada as account. can i go?

  • Muhammad Athar Ayyaz

    I am serving in Electric Distribution Company as lineman for more than 11 years in Pakistan, My Wife is a Advocate High Court, Can I apply for Canadian immigration?

    Waiting for your favorable reply…….

  • Hi, I am a Civil Engineer and have 11 years of extensive experience in Planning & Management with a combination of steel structures, i recently attempt IELTS, and have got (6-Listening), (5.5 reading), (7.5 writing) & (6 speaking), Overall i have got 6.5 bands; shall i qualify for FSW migration, please give an immediate reply so that i will make my mind to retake the test or not.

  • I have 5 years welder experience and I got general 5 band may I apply for Canada work permit

  • Hi sir,
    I m from italy somebody can tell me . I studied till 11 th grade , am i eligible to apply canadian pr. I have 3 year experience in trucking field.

  • Hi, I am a male Registered Nurse in ICU working in South Africa originally from Congo DRC, I want to immigrate to Canada (Montreal Quebec), what must I do?

  • Hello
    I am working as a cook in Toronto since 2011.Now I got IELTS result and I have
    L 4
    R 3
    S 5
    W 5,5
    Can I eligible to apply PR according to IELTS band 4,5
    I look forward to hearing from you.
    thank you

  • I am an Indian citizen living in United status for an year. I have all the documents with me. To complete the assessment they require a Official Academic records by the issuing education institutions which is back in India. Due to my official work, i am unable to travel back to India to shows the original documents to the institution to send the academic records back to organization.
    Could you please check and confirm what process do i need to follow for ECA report.

    • Hi Ahamed,

      I’m facing the similiar issue now with my ECA. Could you please tell me how you got it resolved.


  • After sending yur federal skilled workers application to the cic office in canada, how long does it take for the appplicant to get their first reply from the embassy.

  • My wife is an occupational therapist and is about to apply under the FSW program. After her IELTS test and Educational Credential Assessment we calculate she has 71 points. As her spouse do I also need to take an IELTS test even though she has enough points already? The appliction forms ask if your spouse speaks english and if you select yes, requests IELTS details. I would prefer not to take it (costs £140) if I don’t have to.

  • hello…i have filed d case..n my file reached canada on 4th nov…bt nw as physiotherapist cap has reached,so whn will my file wl b back n all?

  • I am going to apply for MPNP , please suggest that is spouse also have to clear the ielts for MPNP.

  • D.Venkateswara Rao

    Hi Sir,

    I am applying PR for Canada. I need to get IELTS score of 6 in each band. I have taken IELTS Exam but I got overall score of 6.5 but I got 5.5 in Writing where as in all other bands I got above 6. Can I still apply for PR in Canada on overall band score. If so please tell me the procedure. I am applying for FSW. I have 9+ yrs Chemical Engineering. Please suggest me how to proceed further.

  • D.Venkateswara Rao

    Hi Sir,

    I am applying PR for Canada. I need to get IELTS score of 6 in each band. I have taken IELTS Exam but I got overall score of 6.5 but I got 5.5 in Writing where as in all other bands I got above 6. Can I still apply for PR in Canada on overall band score. If so please tell me the procedure. I am applying for FSW. I have 9+ yrs Chemical Engineering. Please suggest me how to proceed further.

    Thanks and Regards,


  • I am a post graduate in English Literature, from India. Currently, I am working as an editor. I am 36 years old. I would like to migrate to Canada. What are the opportunities over there? Is there any course that I should pursue, which would fetch me a livelihood there? Are there any online courses, authorised by the Canadian Government, which would foster my chances there? Please let me know at the earliest.


  • I have 4.2 years if ecperience in quality assurance in pharmaceutical can i get pr for canada?

  • Hi my Wife is a nurse in India, and she have 3+ experience. she have got 6.5 bands in ilets. Do I have to complete and ilets test to in order to apply for federal skilled workers in Manitoba and how many minimum scores I need to get in ilets?

  • Dear Sir/Madam My QUALIFICATION IS (+2 Non-Medical) and after my study ITI PLUMBER with two years experience and my iltes 5.5 band in general can I apply for canada work and my friends sponsorship in canada Please help me

  • I am doing AERONAUTICAL ENGINEERING in China so this Engineering can come under Aerospace Engineering or not? As I want to apply for Skilled Worker Program so is this Engineering comes under the list or not?

  • I am 34 years old lady i got 4.5 band over all in general ielts exam 2013in april i am post graduate and i have job experience also can i get the immigration of canada with my family

  • Dear sir
    I am Pawan mahajan, age-32 years. my qualification is MBA & and after that have experience as an Accountant for 6 years. My IELTS overall score is 6.5(Speaking-6.0, Listening-7.5, Writing-6.0, Reading-5.5) but in reading it is 5.5. My spouse is also masters in English and have overall Ielts bands 6.5. so please suggest me can I apply for Canada federal programme.

  • Hi sir, I want to apply under FSWP , my spouse and child 3 months old lives in Canada so am I going to get any points for adaptibility?

  • Really helpful

  • I have civil engineer diploma of three year.
    My age is 29 years
    presently working in italy from 5 years in construction work.
    I also gave job letter from canada.
    my ielts gen. Band
    L 5.5
    R 5
    W 5.5
    S 4.5
    over all 5 band
    My sister is pr canada
    my wife have graduation ( bachelor of arts)
    can I apply for PR in Canada

  • I needed to thank you for this verfy good read!!
    I certainly loved evey bit of it. I’ve goot you saved as a favorite to check
    out new stuff you post…

  • Dear Sir/Madam, I have sent my file and received FileNo about 7 months ago. Checking my application status at CIC website I have found it “In process”.
    Also website shows that the processing time for applications “on or after 26 June 2010” is about 30 months (based on visa office), however the new rule has informed about short processing time (“which will be processed in months, instead of years”).
    Please let us know if there is any estimation about new processing time. I still do not know if I should wait for months , or for years!

  • I have 5 year experience in nursing..please tell meielts requirement..

  • sir,

    i completed my MCA(post graduate) from IGNOU delhi that was correspondence .
    i am eligible or not for federal skill worker visa

  • I have done mba and doin job as an assistant manager in bank since 2.5yrs.I scored 7 bands in ielts and having basic french language knowledge.can I apply for canada on PR basis alongwith my spouse, who is mba LLb


  • Ramandeep Singh

    Hi, I have done my B.Com in 2010 and after that I worked as Accounts Clerk at college till date and having Band in IELTS and now i am appearing for 7 and 6 in each pls tell me Am i eligible for Accountant category.

  • Naimisha Y Patel

    I want to immigrate to Canada. I got 5 Bands in General Test. What I have to do ?please Guide me as soon as possible and I want to go with my familly. Husband and two children.

  • Hi,
    I have taken IELTS twice in 3 months. I got better score in first trial. Can I submit the score sheet of first trial for Cnadian FSWP Programme?

    • Dear Sir/Miss,

      I am Ehab Abu Fares, I’m mechanical engineer. I have more than 8 years of experiance in construction machines and power generator. I would to appley for for FSWP but I don’t have a working contract or certificate of qualifiction.

      please guid me who to get the certificate of qualification in my occupiction.



  • Sir,
    I am working in a bank, My duties are matching with 2 NOC codes i.e. NOC 1212 and NOC 0111 Financial Managers- Please advise me
    1. Can I submit 2 different applications under Different NOC i.e. 1212 and 0111 ?
    2. If yes, should I submit work experience with same duties in both applications?


  • hi,
    I have working in a Bank, I perform no of duties of the NOC 1212 & 0111. Please advise me
    1. Can I apply 2 applications under different NOC’s
    2. If yes, can I submit the same work experience under both applications
    3. under NOC 0111 – they require for Accounting and audit managers degree (CA, CMA or CGA).
    I am simple commerce Graduate- Can I still can apply without above degree


  • Hi i m a physiotherapist. I hv worked for 2 years as a physiotherapist in a clinic . Is experience of clinic valid to apply under FSWP?

  • Hi, I hv done MBA (hrm) in London currently I am on interpreter visa. I have two years retail experience as a overnighter at hollister . I want to apply canada federal skill point base system is I m eligible ? If yes then what are the requirement ? Do I need general ielts ?

  • Lalit Maheshwari

    I am Indian CA with 10 years work qualification as accountants, have done CA after higher secondary without degree
    without dgree it is 4 yeas course

    Do i qualify for Accountant occupation ?


  • Dharamjit Singh

    My IELTS expire in 1st October 2014. My documents are ready and will be delivered in Nova Scotia canada by end of June 2014. Should I retake my IELTS exam before sending my documents or wod my current test result would do?
    Would really appreciate a prompt reply. Thanks

    • If it’s valid when the application has been received by them, then it’s okay and you do not need to take another test.

  • I have done my (cse).I want to apply for Canada under skilled category or under sponsorship what are the requirements for this…..plz reply soon….thanx.

  • Is there any benefit of scoring over 67 or does the applicants scoring more than 67 gets any privilege?

  • Harinder singh

    Dear sir i have done welder iti and three year experence and l=5.5 R =5.0 W=5.5 S=4.5 Overall=5.0 can i apply case in fedral skill trad program plz inform soon thanks you

  • Can I apply without IELTS in any PR program ?

  • I will put my file in NOC 0711. If my file select than can I do job in other filed ?

  • I have a an ielts overall score of 7.5
    L-8, R-6.5, W-7.5, S- 8.5
    i was told that for immigration under FSW i need L- 8, R-7, W-7, S-7.
    do i need to repeat my IELTS exam to qualify the criteria?
    would appreciate an earnest reply.

  • Eilen May Abellera

    If I am the principal applicant and has taken IELTS exam, does my husband need to take the IELTS exam too?

  • Regarding the language proficiency test, is it only the principal applicant who needs to submit it? How about the spouse (as dependent)?

  • i want to know bachelor of pharmacy is in qubec program and i got 5.5 band in ielts and my spouse education is computer can i eligible for pr in qubec program and french is required for qubec program.

  • My IELTS score in Academic is as follows:
    Overall: 8
    L 8.5
    R 7.5
    W 7.5
    S 7.5

    Can I apply for Canadian Immigration with this Academic IELTS score?

  • i want to put a file for canada fed skill pro
    work exp-16
    now i want 12 point more,
    in ielts how many band score reqare in each modual

  • Hi

    I want to know that in my case for fswp to canada,Iam the primary applicant but my husband’s sister is PR in do i get additional points for that?

  • HI, I got 6.5 in all the four abilities in IELTS , so how many points will I get in language to put my application.

  • precious gem tagamolila

    hi, I have a cousin in Canada and she wish to support me. However, she is not sure if she is eligible to support me since we are just 2nd cousins by degree. what do you think? will our relationship add an additional points if i am applying under fsw immigrant?thanks.

  • Can we expect social work to be included in the occupational list in near future? I am having 75 point and IELTS – 7.5, but just waiting for social work to be included in the list.

  • Hello!
    I have a UK Master degree and living in UK for 5 years.Do I still need english language profiency to apply for federal skilled worker programme?

  • dear sir

    i got ielts band

    listening = 4
    reading = 4
    speaking =5.5
    writing =5.5

    so can i apply as skill trade worker..

  • Dear Sir,
    If someone will get more than 67 points but his or her ielts score is L = 6.5, R = 5.5, W = 6.5 & S = 6.5 (Over all band = 6.5) and intend to apply under FSW then let me know is he or she eligible for applying under FSW?

  • i m javeria 27 years old done MBA in human resources Having 6 years experince but not in cananda… but my spouse uncle liveed in canada..can i get a point or not…how much ielts required

  • Dear Sir,

    I am in the process of applying to the canadian permanent residence – federal skilled worker class program. I am a resident and citizen of the Republic of Mauritius.

    I have completed the application and the only outstanding documents are:

    (1) Police reports from Mauritius and USA where I studied
    (2) Duplicate TEF(french exam) results from the issuing authority. Original submitted to Quebec immigration as part of my application to quebec immigration.

    Questions for which answers requested:

    (1) can I submit the application to canada immigration and submit the police reports when i receive them in two months time?
    (2) I have yet to recieve the duplicate TEF results from the issuing authority. May I submit a photocopy of my results together with a letter from quebec immigration proving i have submitted an application to quebec and showing my quebec file number.

    A quick response to my email would be most appreciated.




  • Hi,

    I am an indian CA having 8 years of experience (including 3 years of experience) and I hold graduation degree too. I want to know how many points do i get for my work experience and for my education. WES evaluated my education as two bachelor’s degree (3years) with following brief :-

    1. BCOM
    Entry requirement :- Secondary
    2. CA
    Entry requirement :- Bachelor’s

    Experts your valuable comments are highly appreciated

  • had done graduation under distance education in 2014 and have experience in the mean time. Got 6.5 overall and 6 in each module can i apply for student visa for canada what are the chances?

  • Dear Sir,

    Could you please give me an idea about point calculation for FSW (Canadian immigration) if i am having below –

    **Education Full Time – MBA – Awadesh Pratap university, Rewa, MP India & BSc (PCM) Barkatulla University,
    Full time Experience with in 10 years – Sr. Business Analyst (Health Care IT) 5 Years 10 Months (Dec 2008 till now) Employer – CSC/isoft/Napier Health Care, Nursing Assistant 3 Year 8 Months (May 2005 till 2008) Employer – National Health services/Scot Nursing/Black & Blank/ Clyde Health Care), Administration officer Aug 2003 till Jan 2005 Employer – Radharaman College of Engineering & Pharmacy.
    **Age – 37 Years 6 Months (As on Date)
    **IELTS score is (appeared in July 2014) –

    **Could you please be little bit specific on – what would be the points calculated as my age is between 37 – 38 on as on date and experience is 5 years 10 Months (Less then 6+ Years) as Business Analyst.

    Nishu –

  • Hello CICS,

    Please tell me if i have overall band of IELTS GT is 6. Do i will qualify for FSWP and putting a file for immigration.?

    Thanks and regards
    Tejinder Singh

  • Hi, I have friend who’s a physician and was able to send her credentials to MCC. Does anybody know the equivalent points MCC usually give to applicants so I may know how it can affect my qualification for FSWP.

    Thank you in advance.

  • i wish to apply under NOC 2263 as i work as a health inspector in India with over 3 yrs of experience . i have a bachelors degree in Sociology from India and a masters in Business Administration from UK,which i saw in your list when i did a free test on your website .But my qualification related to NOC 2263 is a one year diploma conducted by the health department of the state i reside in India which cant be seen in your list. So can it be still assessed by you if not is there any point in me applying with just my bachelors and masters assessment ?

  • Hello
    The experience gained before the completion of degree will that ve counted under fswp?

  • Hi CICS!

    I got 6.5 overall band in my IELTS exam last month. Can I apply in Canada as a nurse?




    I am not having my date of birth certificate for myself and spouse. This is the pre-requisite documents for filling documents for Canada FSW 2014. Please suggest any other alternative to cope with this.

    Paramjeet singh

  • GNM with 4 year clinical experience and in ilets score 5.5 all over were can I go abroad. ..Please suggest. ..

  • hi sir ,
    I have scored 6.5 bands in ielts
    i have done B.ed on regular basis.Alongwith that i have done Msc(maths) Private could i apply for Pr in Canada.

  • Hi Dear
    I have my 3 years GNM study accessed by WES and they say equal to two years of hospital study. So can anybody please let me know how many points i will get???

  • Dear Team,

    I Sandeep Arora, Done PGDM from IGNOU, New Delhi in 2010, Done B.A Correspondence from Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra & having 10+ yrs regular marketing/collections experiance in MNC & working as Area Collection Manager.

    Am i elegible for Canada Skilled working visa.with Correspondence education as done along with my job.
    Pls reply as waiting for further action.

  • palika vinay babu


    I m looking for Express Entry for January 2015, for Canada PR

    I completed MBA(International Business) from JNTU University and working as
    HR Recruiting manager and having experience over 3 years. please tell me whether my application will be eligible for Canada PR (FSW). And tell me what is required IELTS score for PR process. I m single now. and how many points required for Canada PR process.


  • Is there any benefit of scoring over 67 or does the applicants scoring more than 67 gets any privilege?

  • Hi.i have done 12th in arts 2007 then completed my diploma in welder ITI..and after that i done B.A and i got 5.5 each band…able to go for FSW

  • Dear CICS News Team,
    I have completed my 3 yrs diploma in General Nursing and Midwifery(GNM) after secondary school graduation, and had given it for credential evaluation at WES, but they gave a ECA report of canadian equivalency stating Three years of Hospital Study and Training from a recognized Institution. Am I eligible to apply under FSWP with this educational qualification and how many points will i get. Would really appreciate a prompt reply. Thanks

  • Dear CICS News Team,

    I have completed my 3 yrs diploma in General Nursing and Midwifery(GNM) after secondary school graduation from India, and had given it for credential evaluation at WES, but they gave a ECA report of Canadian equivalency stating “Three years of Hospital Study and Training” from a recognized Institution and The certificate of Registration entitles the holder to practice as Registered Nurse in India. Am I eligible to apply under FSWP with this educational qualification and how many points will i get. Would really appreciate a prompt reply. Thanks

  • Dear CICS News Team,

    I have completed my 3 yrs diploma in General Nursing and Midwifery(GNM) after secondary school graduation from India, and had given it for credential evaluation at WES, but they gave a ECA report of Canadian equivalency stating “Three years of Hospital Study and Training” from a recognized Institution and The certificate of Registration entitles the holder to practice as Registered Nurse in India. Am I eligible to apply under FSWP with this educational qualification and how many points will i get. Would really appreciate a prompt reply. Thanks

    Thanking you

    Manoj Xavier

    • my dear,i am a RN here in Nigeria and i got same evaluation from WES.i am so confused.pls how far have you resolved this so u can guide me too.thanks

  • My Ilets result is Listening-4.50 Reading-4.50 Speaking-6.0 Writing -5.0 I have 3 years experience of teaching till Grade 5.So can I eligible for teaching job in any part of Canada

  • i have got 6.5 bands in ielts .but i have done private b.a and master degrees in computer from distance education.plz tell me am i valid for either canada or australia.


  • It is very sad to realize that people stopped being people and have stopped understanding the pain of others. I, by no means, want you to pity me. I just want to understand myself better. I know that it is difficult to understand all stories until it touches you personally. The point of my entire story is for someone to ask one question… in order for a better perception I wanted to reveal my story in a way so that in this story the reader (you) are the main hero and then everything will fall into place.

    What is war!? It is a scary memory. It’s a blockade to everything; there is no light, no warmth; no water; no food. People gather water from lakes, from the leftover water after a rainfall, from snow. In the plaza close to your house is the closest place where you can get water; rain water usually gathers in the craters left after a bombing. You are happy to gather this water to make some time or simply not to die. And so you, after gathering 5-6 people, run to this water filled crater but they start shooting at you from both sides. People fall dead on both sides of you and others turn themselves inside out in pain and die, and you keep running and think how you can possibly get back and stay alive since at home you have helpless loved ones who are thirsty. Do you know what is hunger? It’s when out of hunger people start eating the dead animals they found on the streets. For food people would do anything!

    So you finally come home and at home Russian troops have killed your relatives first by slashing their throats and then shooting them. You and your husband escape in order to hide from this war but this doesn’t even save you …. Airplanes fly above your head endlessly releasing bombs. Russian soldiers enter the cities and villages and shoot everyone without hesitation or investigation. In front of your eyes they rip open pregnant women’s bellies and burn the children. Mothers have to see their children being abused and get their heads cut off. Pregnant women are tied to armored transports and ripped into two pieces. After all of this horror in front of you, you know that you are pregnant with your third child. You run holding your son in your arms (your belly holds your other baby), and your husband is holding your daughter. You run with all your strength to save yourself and your family. You hear a bomb go off. You turn around and you see your husband lying on the ground. Your little daughter is crawling on top of him smeared in blood and alone. You take your pregnant self and grab your husband and your children and drag him to the side and hide your children from the shooting and the bombing so that their lives can be saved. You don’t lose hope that your husband’s life can be saved but you realize you can’t save him because he is already dead. And so you are alone. You don’t have anyone but your two kids and one on the way. You decide to run to the neighboring town. There you get abused and beaten up. There you can’t hide your nationality. The police enter your house and throw gas grenades and you and your children are gasping for air. Then they beat you and your children up with their rifles simply because you are Chechen. You cannot escape this hell. You cannot go anywhere since no one will place a pregnant woman on an airplane. You also cannot give birth safely since no hospital will admit you and once again you are left alone. You are thrown by the police in a holding cell with three criminals who rape you. Then they put you on your stomach against cold concrete and tie up your hands and feet in your back. Then they put you face to the wall and throw knives at your back for fun. Then they cut your fingers and skin hangs off like strings. Then they sharpen knives on the pillow parts of your fingers thereby slowly tearing the skin off. Then they pierce your nipple with a big and dull needle. But you are ready to endure all of this just so they don’t touch your children and don’t hurt them. You then get beaten up with such force that you start bleeding from your ears.

    So yes you manage to escape all that horror, take your children and come to Canada. In Canada they immediately recognize your refugee status and give you an opportunity for a new life. In your heart and soul there was so much joy that you couldn’t stop crying. You went though a tough path but you remained a human being and wanted to see the light in all dark things. You meet a person who you love. When you love someone you don’t see their nationality or colour or what language he speaks!? You simply love the other person. Don’t you have the right to simply love another? Of course it was unfortunate that you were born in a place like Chechnya and that you were born Chechen. You ask why? The answer is simple …Arabic Muslims are nothing compared to Chechen Muslims. I want to explain to you the reasons why Chechen Muslims kill women.
    1) wearing of pants
    2) wearing makeup
    3) men can’t touch women; if they do then they have to marry them or otherwise the women gets killed since she is a fallen woman
    4) if a man divorces a woman, she gets thrown out into the streets and her kids get taken away; her parents have no power to take her back
    5) a brother can kill his sister simply because someone said a bad rumor about her
    6) lately if as a woman, you happen to marry a man who is not of your Muslim faith, then you and him will get killed.

    The above examples are not exhaustive of all the situations for which Chechen Muslims kill women. So it is very difficult, after having endured all of this to find inner strength and faith and to believe that you will finally live a happy life. And so you are in Canada. Canada is a country that prides itself on understanding and family. In 2003, you are given refugee status. In 2004 you get married. In 2006, your file gets transferred to Scarborough. You go through all types of interviews and investigations and in the end? In 2007, an officer calls you from the Scarborough immigration office with a question which you answer. You ask the officer: HOW LONG DO I HAVE TO WAIT? The officer’s answer shocks the ground from underneath you..”AS SOON AS YOU GET A DIVORCE YOU WILL GET YOUR PR STATUS”

    I am not going to recount how many other negative experiences we have had to go through after that phone call at the hands of CIC….

    Then in 2010 in May you once again get invited to an interview where you are held from 10 am until the closing time of the office. At the interview you are degraded, the officer tells you that it would be better for your story if your daughter died along with your first husband. The officer doesn’t even give you an opportunity during the entire day to feed your children. After which you can’t take it anymore and you burst and tell the officer exactly what you think about her behavior. Isn’t this a fair reaction when you hear such words being spoken to you? The next day the manager from the CIC office calls you and further threatens you that they will call the police on you. You tell the manager that he was present during the entire interview and he himself saw the behavior of his employee officer and you tell him that you will tell the police to get the video from his office showing the entire interview and this will prove that the CIC officer was abusive. The manager doesn’t expect to hear this from you and abruptly hangs up the phone.

    You continuously tell CIC that they are prolonging the processing of your application without any justification. But they could care less. I regret not requesting and using the video from this interview. After the interview I immediately started writing letters to everyone I could think of including all of our Ministers. And so what in the end … Everything that that CIC officer threatened with is happening and continues to happen to the present day. Further, CIC is now offering to separate your children from your application; essentially they offer to separate you from what is most dear to you in this world.

    On top of all of this you have a new husband who is young and healthy. He wants to have his own kids with you as well. However, you can’t do this because if your kids are born citizens and you are not then they could be taken away from you.

    I came to this country in hopes. This is a country that boasts about family values and family reunification. However at the same time this country encourages me to separate my family. So what does one do in this situation? Of course ….you try to turn to any organization that will listen to you and your story but everywhere there is no response. It seems as if there is no one out there that cares and no one wants to know about you….however you don’t understand why you deserve such treatment?

    Now I have a question: how do you feel in my skin? What would you do if you were me?

    I know only one thing….I am happy that despite all of my hardships I have remained a human being. I take joy in one thing that all of my hardships do not make me weak and this is very important. Thank you for your attention and understanding.

  • I have done my welder Iti with ncvt I have 5 bands in ilets I like a job in canada please ans how


  • Hi,

    I have three Years of Physiotherapy experience. My doubt is one of the clinic I worked have been closed, will the experience can be calculated.

  • How many IELTS band (minimum) required for Skilled trade.

    I Have Diploma in Mechanical Engineering Can I apply?

  • Dear Sir/Madam,

    What is the eligibility points are required to apply under FSW. also confirm whether the points will vary if apply from different country wise.
    If yes, please provide what is the eligibility if apply from Mauritius.

    Thanks in advance.

  • hello
    I have a pharmacist license by MOH Mauritius and now I want to do job in montreal canada
    can someone tell me the procedures regarding it

  • hello sir,I am already here in Canada and I am under the old rule..I just want to ask if ever I will change an employer ‘coz they are planning to stay for good at USA am I still under the old policy sir?And I am graduated with 2yrs course as midwifery and having 1yr and 7mos experience in H.K as domestic helper too sir.If ever I will be working here for 2years and apply for a permanent resident,do i still need to have an examination of IELTS sir..Thank You and have a good day.

  • Minister,
    The experience working class is a good program but I think the process has to be look at again for review.All because is a form of an improvement for the old FSW but it rather become difficult for applicant to get in and as matter of fact government spend so much in this program and turn over Shows clearly there is no value for money at all.

    Two things to be review by Government
    1. The language bench mark for general ielts should be
    reviewed from the normal canadian bench mark 7 equivalent to the british 6 .Since this a program there should be a special score for which I recommend the program should accept up to 6
    equivalent to british 5.
    2. For the academic ielts can be tired to the canadian bench mark since immigrant are coming to school.
    Hope the minister and government will consider this proposal as soon proposal.

  • I completd m.a.m.ed English I want to PR for canada after ielts .it is possible for me

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