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  1. Hello Sir
    This is Viral and i am looking to apply for the permanent residency in canada with spouse and one daughter in that my spouse elder sister is canadian citizen she is gonna sponsore me.Can you tell me the process and how it charges for the whole process.

  2. Hi,
    Respected sir/mam,
    I am gursewak singh panesar resident of India ,i want to migrate and want to getting PR with family, My date of birth is 20th march 1972 , i am married ,i have two daughters,one is 14 years old and other daughter is 7th years old, i passed my graduation in Art and humanity from Punjabi university patiala ,and i passed one years professional carpenter training from industrial training institute, i have a 15 years experience as carpenter and 2 years experience as a welder,i am working as social worker in my free time ,
    detail of wife– my wife is 35 years old ,she holding a trade certificate in cutting and netting of clothes she have 15 years experience in her field ,,
    so please provide me accurate information about my status,i shall be thankful to you very much,
    your well wisher
    Gursewak singh

  3. Hi,
    I am an ideator-cum-copywriter with an experience of over 12 years in the Indian advertising industry. I am an MBA too. Can you guide me with the possibilities of migrating to Canada?

  4. im a GNM nurse i have 2 years experience from india and presently working in singapore i want i ork permit of canada ho can i get can u help me to kno that

  5. i want work vise in canada . i was given academic ilets in which i achieved 5.5overall. Now i am planning to get visa for work/ob in canada

  6. My name is Yacoub Ishaq Athletics athlete from Sudan and a Christian in the Evangelical Church. A refugee in Egypt since 2009 I left my country when I was a player in the spring team of strong games in Sudan since 2007 and through which I won the republican tournaments for two years in a row. In 2008, I was selected for the Sudanese national team in Beijing 2008 and before the Olympics there was a team camp in neighboring Ethiopia. But they did not call me !! When I asked why they told me .. I was a Muslim and became a Christian … And everyone who leaves Islam and embraces another religion is killed .. Then arrested me for 6 months Taste all kinds of torture beating and electrocution stand barefoot in the hot sand. I met friends in prison and we thought of escaping from jail. We actually escaped from prison on Friday 10 th of 2008 and we were walking in mountainous and arid land for 35 days, eating tree leaves and rainwater … On our way we found cargo trucks going to Egypt and told them what happened to us but they refused because they were afraid of the government in the border They will arrest them. We found a nearby village where we stayed for two months, during which we worked as cattle herders until we made a lot of money. Then we traveled to Egypt via a chicken export car. We were in chicken boxes until we arrived in Egypt. In 2009 in Egypt I worked in the laundry car .. and training sessions in my favorite game and participated in many tournaments in Egypt .. Then the news reached the Sudanese Union builder in Egypt. Then they sent me people in cooperation with the Sudanese embassy in Egypt to kill me. Then I stopped again from athletics and I was moved from one area to another here in Egypt. Then I went to the refugee office in Egypt, but they told me to call you so far. I am in great despair. I can not return to my homeland, nor can I live in Egypt. I want to come to your country because I have my older sister, her name is fifi Ishaq. I hope you will hear my appeal.

  7. This is Ashok Kumar Bundela, aged 57 years, an Indian citizen, Graduate from Delhi Capital of India, presently working in Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation Limited ,Rajasthan state of India, would like to do IELTS with job in Canada for improve myself, My question is, Am i eligible for get visa student / work visa .
    You are requested kindly to let me know accordingly, if yes kindly let me know on my e mail address is

  8. Dear sir, Currently i am working in Riyadh in a primary care clinic as a GP Doctor for the last continuous 23 years and now i want to move Canada for better opportunities and to enhance my Medical Qualification and Knowledge as well. ECA from Canada Medical Council equivalency established for my Degree is Doctor Of Medicine , A Master Degree. But problem is my age , i am 55 years old , is there any immigration category through i can move to my Dream country

  9. My brother-in-law is a permanent resident of Canada and staying in Edmonton. My wife also does have a valid visit visa for Canada for the next 7 years.
    I wish to migrate with my family.

  10. Respected Sir/Madam,
    Hope this mail finds you well.
    My wife is a licensed and practicing Midwife nurse from Ghana,

    Am seeking to migrate to Canada with my profession, willing to work as a Caregiver or any related field in providing care.

    Can you please assist apply for a Work Permit to Canada?

    Please advise the process involved including your service fees?

    Thank you

    Best Regards
    Florence Kpogli

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