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To work in Canada, a foreign national must receive authorization – work permit.

A work permit is a document issued by Immigration Canada that allows a foreign individual to work for a limited time at a specific job for a specific employer in Canada.

We can assist you:

  • in preparing yourself to apply for a job in Canada
  • representing your Canadian employer in HRDC to obtain validation;
  • preparing file for submission to Canada Immigration;
  • representing you before Canada Immigration to obtain work permit and entry visa.

In most instances, a work permit will only be issued by an immigration officer after Human Resources Development Canada (HRDC) has approved the job offer of a Canadian employer to a foreign national.

An HRDC opinion enables Immigration Canada to determine whether the employment of the foreign worker is likely to have a positive, neutral or negative impact on the labour market in Canada. A positive or neutral labour market opinion is necessary for a foreign worker to be issued a work permit.

The factors HRDC considers include whether a Canadian or immigrant could fill the job; whether the hiring of a foreign national will help create opportunities or benefit for Canadian job seekers; and whether working conditions and wages offered are in line with what a Canadian would expect.

The HRD validation process thus entails that the Canadian employer demonstrate that a "significant" effort has been made to seek and hire a Canadian for the position in which there is a petition for validation. Work permit will be refused if the HRDC opinion is that the wages and working conditions offered are insufficient to attract and retain Canadian job-seekers. This policy is to ensure that foreign workers are not improperly used by Canadian employers to drive down the wage structure in the Canadian labour market.

Once HRDC grants a confirmation for the job that the foreign worker has been offered, the worker may apply for a work permit at a visa office, or, if the worker is a U.S. citizen, at a port of entry.

Contact us if you would like to know more.

272 Responses to Work Permit

  1. Felix Avelar says:


    My name is Felix I’m from El Salvador, I’m planning to move to Canada with a work permit in order to get Canadian experience for then apply for a permanent Residence under the CEC program, I’m interested in your service but I have some questions about if you can help me to get a Job offer preferably in British Columbia, and I would like to get an estimate about how much money do I need for all the process because I have a tight budget of $3,000.

    Thank you.

  2. md.husnat sharif says:

    i want to work in canada as a caretaker of building or care giver. Can i go

  3. jagdeep singh says:

    helo sir, i had done 3 year electrical diploma and get 2 years 9 months experience as a ELECTRICIAN . my IELTS band are LISTENING-5 , READING-4.5 , WRITING-4.5 , SPEAKING-5 , OVER ALL BAND SCORE-5 , Plz inform me, i can apply for work permir. in anywhere in canada.

    • Malou says:

      Hi i am under live in caregiver program i was released and was be able to find a new employer to sponsor,my case is i need to go home in my country,can i wait for my LMIA and working contract there then comeback with my papers to canada to get a working permit since my visa is still calid til 2017? Thanks

    • Manik Sutradhar says:

      I am a Bpo Processional currently working with CSC india pvt Limited previously worked with Genpact India pvt Ltd, overall 7 years of work experience, job of a claim Examiner of Life and P&C insurance in claim payments section,i have given the Ielts Exam just waiting for the results to come, what band score is required to get job in Canada,or can will be get Pr for Canada, what all i need to do please help.

  4. Jesie Kimmayong says:

    i want to work in Canada im 29 Yrs. old married and a college undergraduate is there any way i can find anywhere in canada

  5. sreedevi says:

    i am pg in library science.i want to work in an Assistent librarian in canada.i am waiting for my ielts result. What can i do sir? Please give kind reply

  6. faith o peter says:

    am a student of business administration in Nigeria and i love to work in canada hotel …after my school or in any federal office. pls what are d steps that should be taken in other to get this done.? thank u sir

  7. June Laubser says:

    To whom it may concern.

    I am a 40 year old female from South Africa, Cape Town. I am an au pair and worked abroad since 1998-1999 in Holland, 2002-2002 in Israel, 2004-2006 in London. I am currently working as an au pair in my home city…. Cape Town. If there is families who is seeking a reliable, honest ambitious traveller or worker, and interested to know the culture what the weather is like yearly and of course the food…..please do not hesitate to contact me via email or telephonically on 021-7032705. Thank you for taking the time to read this formal letter.

    Kind regards



  9. Pratimah KISTAMAH says:

    Hello Sir/Madam,
    I am 40 years old and I am divorced.I have two grown up kids,a son of 18 years and a daughter of 17 years old,who live with their father.I am presently working as sales representative in the selling of wooden furnitures.
    I want to work in Canada as a “nanny”.Please,do the necessary for me.
    Thank you for considering my letter!
    Pratimah KISTAMAH

  10. kuldeep says:

    hello , i live in greece and i have got 4.5 overall band in ielts , can u plz tell me can i apply work permit to canada , and which documents they need , i also have 6 year experiance , plz help me

  11. christina ebong alipe says:

    I am christina from cameroon i will like to work in canada as a marketer cause i have an experance of it with an insurance company pls what can i me

  12. Denber says:

    Hello! I’m currently visiting Canada and I am planning to stay and look for a job, is there any posibility for me to do it? Can you help me to find an employer so that I can have a work permit? How about the payment, How much it will cost?
    I’m from Spain. I’ve been working as a caregiver while studying a construction electrician. I’ve finish it but because of the crisis in this country I didn’t have opportunity to practice. I can take any kind of job that suit my qualities, like caregiver, farm labourer, kitchen helper, mechanic helper and specially eletrician helper. I want to be a skilled trade in mechanic or electric someday. Please let me know if you can do something about my situation. Thank you in advance.

  13. Neshat Azam Ansari says:

    Hello Sir,

    I am a postgraduate in Environment Management from India. I want to work in Canada in respective field. Sir, please tell me what are the steps should be taken to get work permit and where i should apply for jobs.
    Thank You

  14. Sonia says:

    Hello Sir, I am 1975 born, working as HR Manager (since 2012 to till date) in Mohali (India). I am post graduate in HR. My total work experience is around 18 yrs. Now i want to gain an international exposure in my life. My Ielts bands score is L,R,W,S …5.5,4.5,6.5,6.5. Sir, pleade guide me what steps do i need to get the work permit and where i need to apply for this?

  15. Michael says:

    Hi sir, i’m a nigerian, i baged an odinary national diploma in surveying & geoinformatics. I want to live and work in canada plaese sir, am i quarlify? If…. What can i do to be legible. Thanks

  16. Daramola says:

    Hello Sir, am Daramola and i live in Nigeria, a Nigeria by birth. Please i want to know what it takes to work and live in canada as in what step i need to take and all necessary documents that i will need to process the travelling. Thanks in advance.

  17. Sonal says:

    I am working as administration executive in Lineomatic graphice Industries of India.
    Now i want to go Canada on work permit so please guide me how can i apply & meet my gole.

  18. Balwinder Kaur says:

    I’m a post graduate women work experience in our own company .my ielts band score is L-6, R-7, W-6, S-6. We are four family member me my husband and two daughters one is nine years and other one is 5 years. We all have tourist visa for canada. Can I get a work permit to settle in Canada

  19. I am working in a bank in Nigeria Can you help me, I need a work permit.I don’t have any visa

    • Sukhjinder says:

      Sir I have 6 years gulf experience as a Health safety evironmet advisor. My ielts score is L,R,W,S 6, 4.5, 6, 6 pls tell me I can get the job in canada in same field.

      • Bhupinder singh says:

        Hello brother i am planning to do health and safty diploma .is there scop in gulf that i can get job there in the same field? Did you move to canada ?as you have work experience

  20. jolly jacob says:

    I have done three years diploma in hotel management almost 11 years experience in hotel industry, currently I am working in Tim Horton riyadh as a store manager, I want know how much is the total cost and how I will get the job there, is it possible I will get job visa please help me.
    Jolly Jacob

  21. tanuja says:

    i did my nursig & i had 1year 3months experience in nri 1000beded hospital icu.recently i did my masters in community health nursing.on march 28th i am going to appear for ielts exam.can u able to do the process for pr&jobin much score i nted to get iy

  22. brahmaji says:

    i did my nursing.i had 3years 8 months experience in nri 1000 beded hospital i want to go to.canada.i got ilets score overall i will get pr &job in canada.please provide necessary information for me

  23. Rajveer kaur says:

    hello sir my name is rajveer kaur.I have 3 year experience..I got 4.5 overall bnd ..
    I want to go canada. I want become a successful in my field..
    I did nanny course..then I applied for canada… Bt plz help me they dont give me any responses…

  24. V.krishna rao says:

    Hi this is Krishna ,I am planning to move to Canada for work permit ,I am welder and got total 8 years hands on experience under my belt and my IELTS scores are reading-5.5,listing-6,writing-5.5,speaking-7 with overall brand score of 6. Can you please assist me how and whom to approach for work permit process.

    • kiran kumar bomma says:

      hi krishna my name is kiran i too trying for work permit as a welder and i think for w\p ielts is not req

  25. My name Monique, i am seeking a job as a Nanny, Assistant Teacher or a Teacher.i am a well trained trainee of The Heart Trust NTA, i have a Level 2 NVQJ Cetificate in Early Childhood Education, along with 3 years experience.I would love to get the opportunity to work in the Early Childhood field in Canada, where i would gain the apportunity to work with children outside my country.I have all the qualities that an Early Childhood Teacher should have.i am loving, caring,i work well with children, i am a good listener, hard working, problem solver, loyal, energetic,a team player and am also creative. I would be delighted if you consider my application.Thank you.


    My name is Faisal I’m from India ,Currently am working in Dubai -UAE , I’m planning to move to Canada with a work permit in order to get Canadian experience for then apply for a permanent Residence under the CEC program.

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  28. kiran kumar bomma says:

    i had 16 years of experience as welder interested to move to Canada with work permit can you please assist me how can i get a work permit

  29. brijesh says:

    Hi sir I am a chef I am from New Delhi India can you arrange me job offer letter from Canada I am 35 years old and I have diploma and degree plus 7 years experience please let me know my contract no is 8742955198 with india delhi code thanks

  30. manisha says:

    Sir I want to work in Canada as a kindergarten teacher or social worker is it possible pls and me as soon as thanks

  31. I got 5 band overall
    L,5.5 w5.5 s4.5 r5
    plzz tell me
    I want to go canada

    • Surendra bhai says:

      Hi sir madam I am Alberta certified red seal welder I had 16 years welding experience now India please assist me how can I Apply

  32. To the

    Sub: Prayer for Please, give me a job to work to. Skilled WorkerCategory. Temporary Foreign Workers … Temporary Work (Skilled) Temporary Foreign..i need a job for save my family.plz give me a one job..

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I beg most respectfully that I am Mizanur Raman from Bangladesh. I need a job to your country for………
    I am cordially agreed to come to your country for this job. I am prepared for this work and ready to come to your country.
    I want to come to your country because I need a job about House ,keeper, Cleaner, Still worker, Hotelboy, Restaurant work, Drycleaning, Wash man, Field farmer, Store Keeper, car Cleaner, Shop
    keeping and marketing etc. Please, give me a chance to serve to your country. I am mentally ready to come to your country. Please, give me a job to work.

  33. Dhavalpatel says:

    Jun second draw date

  34. Zobia Mann says:

    Hey Sir/Madam,
    This is Zobia Mann.i done MBA-it I have management and customer relationship experience. I had banking experience for 5years. At the moment I am in Canada on visit visa . My husband permanent residents of Canada and British passport holder I would like to stay with my husband in Canada and we have plan to buy our house in Canada but befOre how can I change my status visitor into work permit or Permanent resident or my husband can sponsor me so for sponsoring which documents required because solicitors ask very expensive and he ask $2000 fees. Please help us

  35. jayamurthy says:

    dear sir/madam
    I amJayamurthy from, india pondicherry i am an electrician TRADE QUALIFIED and i have DONE Diploma in electrical engineer through part time study programme. i have more than 15 years experience in an electrical feild and , i would like to apply for electrician job or in canada with permanant visa. and i have licenses to work as a matured electrician in India as a senior electrician. . I am happy to start my work immediately. I will be able to work flexible hours even on weekends. I assure you that I have excellent experience as an electrician. My resume is enclosed for your perusal. .kindly arrange electrician job in canada under workpermit or permanant visa. my contact number is +91 9489964755, my age is 49, date of birth 06/03/1965
    yours sincerely.
    my IELTS BAND L,4.5 ,R 4, W 4.5, S 4.5, AN IELTS APPEARD ON 07/02/
    i am looking for electrician job in canada

    • Amit Kumar says:

      hi sir,
      i am Amit kumar from U.A.E. Right now I am working in U.A.E(Abudhabi) as Chef in Restaurant from 2013 to till now. I got overall 4.5 bands in ielts. Can i apply for work permit in Canada? Please tell me.
      I am waiting for your reply
      with regards,
      Amit Kumar

  36. Sreeraj Raju says:

    Hello Sir,
    I am Sreeraj Raju , Working as a storekeeper in Saudi Arabia since 2007. i have total 10 years experience in this job. i would like to immigrate Canada legally. Please help me to achieve my dream job in Canada. I am a graduate and two years technical studies in relevant filed.

    Dammam, Saudi arabia

  37. Bilal Ansari says:

    Hi there ,

    My name is Bilal and I am currently based in Bahrain working as a store manager with H&M.i am planning to ding work in Canada . Please let me know if you can support with the process .

  38. Arun Kumar says:

    I am looking for a job in Canada for the trade of Electrician Will you please tell me how to apply for a job ?

  39. How do I apply for a new open work permit? My current work permit is limited to a company. I no longer am employed with that company. I have been interviewed and offered employment with a new company. Where do I apply to update my work permit?

  40. Electrician job and I will have to be able to get the chance of getting the word about the possibility exists that you can get a good time to meet you at all possible I would like to know

  41. Sir m 2 year experincend Indian nurse and l have achevied over all 5 band sir please help me for work permit in canada

  42. Santanu Mukherjee says:

    Dear Consultant


    I am Hotel Management,B.Com ( Graduate), Working as a Multi cuisine expert Chef with 16 years experience in various country United States,G.C.C, India etc.

    I want to migrate in Canada with work permit, please advise me how to get entry in Canada with Chef Job.

    Chef Santanu Mukherjee
    Mb +919051063883

  43. kulvinder singh sondhi says:

    Hello sir i m very hard and skilled welder. So pls give me job and we r family setteled in canada. So pls give me chance. I m wating for ur response.

  44. jaspal kaur says:

    dear sir i have g.n.m general nurse & midwife diploma. 14 month experience as a staff nurse. in my family my husband teaching in a government school as a contract teacher. having qualification m.a, b.ed , pgdca. and two child their age 2 n 3 year’s old. we wants work permit or permanent setting in canada. is it possible. sir please help us.

  45. Gurjit says:

    Sir, I have done nanny .i have got 5 band in general speaking 5, reading 4 ,writing 5 nd leasing 5.5 ….I want to apply in canada .plz help me

  46. praveen kumaar says:


  47. Sam Raj says:

    i have completed B.E mechanical engineer. Recently i completed Belize CDC course.But i have completed one year CNC operator trainee. I want visa to work in canada

  48. Sam Raj says:

    i have completed B.E mechanical engineer. Recently i completed Belize CDC course.But i have completed one year CNC operator trainee. I want visa to work in canada. i am waiting for your reply.

  49. Am davison from nigeria,welder by proffesion

  50. Parminder Kaur says:

    I want lmia letter in Canada

  51. jatin maisuria says:

    presently i am working as a accountant now i wont to move in canada for work and live

    i already joined with Canada job bank and apply in many jobs but no body reply now how can i get a job because without job i can not get job offer letter

    now what can i do so i get job offer letter

    i look forward to your reply

  52. Kwadwo Ampadu says:

    I am a Ghanaian living in Palermo Sicily ,(Italy). I am a dairy farm and fruit farm worker. I want to work with a Canadian “Farmer’.Therefore I need job offer.Therefore any Canadian Fruit/Diary Farmer who needs farm helper can send me a job offer letter.
    Help me. Thank you.

  53. Festus Aliba says:

    Assistance for work in Canada, work permit etc

  54. ZUNAIRA says:

    I GOT 5.5 BANDS OVERALL L,R,W,S 5,4.5,6.5,6…………am i elligble for canadian work permitt or not??

    • CICS Immigration Team says:

      You need more than a language score to qualify. You need to have a job offer or be part of a special agreement between Canada and your country.

      • DIPS says:


        My question is similar , that if candian employer likes the profile of mine, and he wanted to send me work permit , is it necessary to have 6 each band ? i mean , ielts is necessary to get work permit, and if so, what is the minimum language score/ band criteria are set by immigration to allow work permit to foreign workers??

        i am in the illusion that for high skilled banking/ finace/ accounting jobs , ielts is not mandatory . I have 6.5 band , bt in one i have 5.5… M i qualify for work permit ???

      • Oladipupo says:

        Special programs like what and what please?

  55. Rowena says:

    Am Rowena Miguel from Philippines. I just want to ask some questions.
    1. Can canada government accept an applicants who only a highschool graduate?
    2. My previous Employer from China already living in Canada. And they wanted to take me and work for them as a nanny. Is it possible?
    3. Do i still need to undergo any test like Ielts?
    Thank you very much and i hope i can get a responce soon! God bless! :)

  56. I am an Indian/Mumbai, i am looking for an asst.electrician job at Tim Horton’s, i have also worked on cruiseship n merchant navy, have good experience, i am badly in need of a good job to support my family. Hope you consider me for the post.

    Thanking you n awaiting your favourable reply.


  57. rakesh says:

    Dear sir,

    with out IELTS can i get workpermit in canada ? some consultancy offering job with out IELTS ,please help

  58. Muhammad Anwar says:

    Sir, I applied for Canada one year ago for immigration & my all documents were ok and the Canada officer’s approved my immigration. At that time the required band of ielts were 4.0 . I passed my ielts with the score 5.0 band. But a month ago the canada officers refused my case because now they require 5.5 band in each so what can I do for my immigration. It is not good.

    • DIPS says:

      hi, r u sure that dnt want 6 in each ?? i mean in i have over all 6.5 band, bt in one module i have 5.5 .. would i able for work permit ??

  59. Rattan Lal says:

    Hal lo Sir , I am Indian Presently i Work in Hotel as a Electrician. Now i move to canada for work permit . Please guide me Thanks Rattan lal

  60. Amit Kumar thakur electrician job 10years experience sir please let you have to the other than that the new York city and then we have any attachments is the new one of this message is not the other than

  61. Sahil Ajmeri says:

    I am working for Qatar Airways as a customer service agent. However, I want to move Canada on work permit. Hence, can you help me to find a job and also need a guidance to apply for work permit. I am currently leaving in Ahmedabad India.

  62. Kate says:

    I’m 34 year old skilled Australian citizen with an Australian Bachelors degree speaking fluent English, currently in Canada on travel visa. Would love to know how I can get temporary work visa and the process involved. Is there an age limit? Do I need to sit an English test (i.e. IELTS) before applying for Express entry? Is it any easier to apply whilst in Canada? Is Express entry the ideal or most appropriate means for my scenario?
    Looking forward to getting a response. Thank you.

  63. upendra singh says:

    Helo sir im upendra singh
    Im indian &tandoor chef you have da give me job
    9Year exprince in indian kitchen
    Mobile no +380971400864

  64. Kathlene says:

    Hi i just want to ask something..I have my employer already and im going to work as Nanny do i need to take the IELTS?

    • royal rai says:

      dear mam,as m also one to leave for canada as work visa i also hve employer bt i dont knw wer he hs gone mam kindly plz can ur employer help me to provide visa aftr visa i will pay u the canada dollar amount

  65. WISDOM says:


  66. says:

    Hello sir, i am, from India, currently i work as aindian chef in michigan, me and my wife aplied for canadian migration program on express entry level. My wife is a nurse with wide experience as well. We are already in express entry pool. I also have 13 year experience as chef in various industries. If i get a valid offer letter from any canadian employer, our scores get higher and get the invitation to aply for visa. So if there is any chance to get a offer letter from canadian employer as indian speciality chef.? I am even ready to pay a decent amount for this purpose. So please let me know if you have any idea about this. My contact no is +1 571 789-9952 .

  67. jeeva john says:

    hai my name is jeeva john i have finished my electrical and electronic technician wright now i am working in saudi arabia , to get a work permit in canada what should i need to do . could you hel me for this

  68. MANOJ KUMAR says:

    dear sir.
    I am a health & safety officer and working in an mnc firm in india. i have more than 9 years experience as health and safety officer. i am an indian. My qualifications is:
    M.Sc.- Chemistry , B.Sc.- Fire, Safety and Hazards Management ,Diploma in Industrial safety, Diploma in Fire Safety, Certificate in Health and Environment.
    can i go abroad for jobs?
    Manoj Kumar

  69. mohit semwal says:

    I want a job in hotel industry as a chef

  70. richard says:

    I’m Richard Gordon seeking a job permit and to work in Canada and I’m from jamaica

  71. Hardeep singh says:

    I got 5.5 band each and writing 6 .I have the offer letter from Canada iam an Engg by profession and got 2 years of exp .

    • DIPS says:


      have u applied through work permit ? i mean , is ielts is mandatory to get work permit from employer ? i am finance field employee. 7+ years exp and 6.5 over all band.. but in one module i have 5.5 band.. does it will hurdle me to get work permit ??

  72. olamide says:

    I have 5.0 overall can I work in Canada or retake ielts exam again. what are my chances

  73. jobanjeet singh says:

    Work permit visa live helpers

  74. Dr Singh says:

    Dear Sir/Mam,

    Greetings for the day!

    I am a dentist from India and currently pursuing my Master’s degree in Healthcare Management from United States. I am wondering if you could let me know odds of getting a job in Canada with my 1 year of experience in management field and two years of experience in Dental care.


  75. raj bhullar says:

    Hi i want to apply from Australia to Canada work permit temporary please give me information about this

  76. Rajwinder says:

    Dear sir/mam
    I want to know that if one comes to canada on visitor visa can he apply for work visa and without ielts after how much time he can apply for Pr.i have 5.5 in ielts but the expiry is this june.
    What type of work fieds are available which require no ielts.
    Please inform me for this.i will contact you when i reach canada.and what will be total cost including your fees.
    Yours faithfully

  77. Sachin Chavan says:

    Hello I’m Sachin 36 years old I am a welder I have 12 years experience can I apply Canada without IELTS.please give me replay

  78. Sachin Chavan says:

    Hello I’m Sachin 36 years old I am a welder I have 12 years experience can I apply Canada without IELTS.please give me replay I am Indian

  79. shalini Tanwar says:

    Dear Sir/Ma’am

    I want to apply for Canada Permanent Residency , I am on tourist visa in Canada now a days , i want to know shall i give the IELTS Exam in Canada or i have give the IElTS exam in India for PR

  80. jobanjeet Singh says:

    Help working work permit live visa helpers package all help visa home indian no English word visa Canada

  81. sai karthik arkala says:

    hi ,
    i am sai karthik arkala looking for work permit in canada. i need your guidance regarding work permit in canada. i have some queries to get clarified. please give me your some valuable time to clarify my queries.

  82. please arrangejob incanada.

  83. My ultimate goal is to get a job in candada.I completed my degree and I had done sap a diploma program on computerised accounting.can I get a job there.

  84. Can I get a job in Canada I completed my degree and diploma course sap computerised accounting

  85. Navdeep says:

    Hlo .,. I hve done my graduation in arts two years ago . I want to apply for the visa of canada as a nany . I want to know tht wt type of ielts i hve to do wethr acadamic or genreal and how many bands i require . ?
    Second qustion is tht what type of course of nany i hve to do . ?

    • EGBE victor mbi says:

      sir,I am a high school certificate holder with over five years working experience in an agricultural company in Cameroon. I wish to travel and work in Canada.please assist me to obtain a job and a work visa.

  86. harinder says:

    Plz I m a annuald mom of two kids having age 42+..b.a,B.ED…WORKINGin a residentialschool…how cn I apply forwork permit in canada

  87. Harveer Kaur says:

    I have 5 band in IETS, lis 5.5, read 4, write 5.5, speak 5.5. in general and 81% in MCA in India. Should I apply for work permit

  88. Pusparaj Bastakoti says:

    I am 5.0 score on idles and my plan is to work in Canada on a any good place and my uncle is lawyer on a Canada he had promised me that he will help me if I be there my self so I am in extreme tenson of my life. I had worked on a hospitality industries for a long time about 10 years on a fine dining restaurant in a different post.

  89. says:

    Sir Iam working as a staff nurse I have 9years experience and Iam 30 year old I like to work in canada I did my ielts 5bands… Pls give me a suggestion

  90. gangadharan says:

    i would like to work in Canada. i would like to know what is the age limit to get immigration to Canada? i have 20+years experience in the field of poultry industry.
    please inform me what i should do to get a job in Canada

  91. Shaik Shain Sha says:

    Hello am shaik from Bangalore India currently working as a chef in Saudi Arabia
    I have scored IELTS 5.5 bands all over and can i apply for a work permit in canada
    please advice regards shaik

  92. Rajan Bibra says:

    Hello sir
    I’m from india. I have 2 years of diploma in wedding and fitting with approx. 10 years of full time paid work experience in this field.i have also cleared my ielts with 5.5 bands. I’m now 34 years old and I want to come to canada. So please guide me what to do.

  93. Osei Tutu Edward says:

    I am a graduate with BSc. Natural Resource Management( Upper Division) with Forestry as my major. Is there an opportunity for me to get a full-time job in Canada with work permit?

  94. Pranab kr das says:

    I am 52 years old RETAIRED ARMY personal. Wark in VERIOUS medical field as a paramedical staff and 30 years of medical experience now I wants to work in Canada health care. Can you help me to proceed Thanks.

  95. SURESH BEHL says:

    If I got a letter of offer for the post of Supervisor in a Restaurant with sponsorship. I got 5 band in IELTS. and I have 18 year experience of hospitality industry in India, Please advise for further necessary reqirement.

  96. shabnam says:

    i m a bachelore degree nurse.want to work in canada as a nany.i need to work you can help me???!

  97. Rajadurai says:

    Hi sir, I applied PR visa to Canada. But I got 5.5 in IELTS so Im not able apply PR. So now in plan to apply for work permit visa to Canada. Could you share me the possibilities for work permit visa.

  98. CHANDU Y says:

    Dear Sir,
    This is chandu y, I am from Mumbai, presently am working as Electrical engineer in Steel company and i have 5 years relevant experience in Energy and Steel sector.I am willing to work in Canada,for that i got call from Consultancy for immigration and job assistance,they are telling that IELTS is not required for Work permit visa.For this process they are charging 70k.

    Is it true?

    Have to proceed are not,kindly guide me for my career.

  99. richa Prakash says:

    I am a student of bsc nursing 3rd year. I have got 2 compartments. One in 1st year and one in 2nd year. Which were cleared in second attempt for for those two subjects.I need to know how could it affect my eligibility criteria for applying for a work permit or taking the nclex exam

  100. Narender says:

    Hi Sir,

    I have done graduation in B.Sc (Bachelor of Science i.e physics, chemistry, Maths) and I have done Masters in MCA (Master in computer application). I have 7 years of experience in IT filed . My IELTS score is R:5, W:6,S:6,L:6.

    Am I eligible for work permit for canada. What is the process to apply for canada work permit.

  101. Asogwa christian says:

    am here to apply for Canada workpermit, what are the procedure.

  102. Sebin Wilson says:

    Sir, I would like to know what is the IELTS score wanted for a chef. ???

  103. Sebin Wilson says:

    Sir, I would like to know what is the IELTS score a chef want

  104. sir im jagjeet i chef in hotel .i totally 6year experience i have diploma hotel management and 12complete. i presently cdp chef. please possible for work permit visa.

  105. Abdul Arif says:

    Hai sir/mam,
    I’m a Pipefitter.i have 5 year and 8 month experience in thid field….i want to work in canada so please tell me IELTS is compulsory for Pipefitter.
    Thanking your’s

  106. Sir I’m Nepali I 10 heyars expireans most Dubai working hotel Resturent give me visa plz I coming Canada 0568412732 my no I’m cooking warning

  107. Rupinder singh says:

    Hi sr i am working in dubai as a havy draiver my experience 3 years i have 10+2 pasd can you tell me how many bands in ielts and more informition for canada work permit in winipeg

  108. Noni walia says:

    Plz give me proper information. What is the prosceesor for aply the canada Workpermit.

  109. OBAID UR REHMAN says:

    I have a red seal certificate of qualification in the Electrician (Noc 7241). Unfortunately i didn’t get work permit before my red seal examination in 2014/15. I have TRV and i m recently visiting Canada to find a job. But a job offer with a LMIA is so difficult. Isn’t my red seal certificate enough for having a job in Canada?
    I want to get permanent residence but i do not have a job offer yet. please tell what option i have:
    Work permit?
    PR through Job offer?
    PR through legal work experience in Canada?

    Looking forward for your reply soon!

    Obaid ur rehman

    • CICS Immigration Team says:

      You need to continue to send your resume to companies in the hopes of getting a job offer. Trades jobs are available. You just need to find the right employer to cooperate with your immigration situation.

  110. VIVEK V MATHEW says:


    I am 24 years old. I am from India. I am having an overall score of 7.5 in IELTS. I have done my bachelors in mechanical engineering and passed out in 2014. I would like to know whether there is an LMIA ready for me. Supervisor post or anything like that will be fine. Hope you will reply.

    With regards

  111. jayesh says:

    please give details about job in canada for 3 year ..i have 2 year experience in india..what process is to be done for that please tell..

  112. aman sandhu says:

    Hi sr..i have done diploma of gnm(nursing)..i have 2 year ielts score is 5.5..not less than 5.5 in each..can i go in canada on work permit plz help me…

  113. Hemant Sharma says:

    I am a mechanical engineer and want to apply for Canada work permit so guide me for procedures.

  114. gourav verma says:

    hi sir i want to know about work in canada. Is ielts course necessary for work in canada . My english language is sufficient for work and i am a technical skilled person in electrical field and have 7 yrs of experience in mnc company in india. I want to work in canada. Can you suggest me and also tell me that canadian employer hires indian worker without ielts course.

  115. RHP says:

    Dear Sir,

    I wish you are doing well.

    I have good educational qualification, working experience and soft skills. I am single too and would like to apply to migrate to Canada. I already have filled the Assesment form and you someone might call me back from your end.

    I just wanted to know how soon the process will start and it would take for me to move there.

    Thank you for your time.

  116. Jaspreet Singh says:

    I’ve a job offer letter nd band score 5.5,4.5,5.5,6.5 can I apply for Canada?

  117. My name is Yomi. I am from Nigeria. I will like to get a job in Canada (preference Saskachewan) I work as an AML specialist and also have an accounting background.

    Can you link me to employers.

    Please revert.

    Thank you

  118. Gulshan says:

    I have got overall IELTS score of 6 and in reading alone I got 5 rest all 6. Am I legible for federal skilled work permit for Canada if not wat is the minimum required score needed ? Please let me know asap ?

  119. Gulshan says:

    I got overall 6 in the Ielts reading 5 rest all 6. Am I need to retake the exam or is it eligible for federal skilled work in Canada please let me know if there is any minimum criteria

  120. vijay says:

    am vijay, sir i have written ielts in march 2016 and i got 5.5 overall score .(r -5. 5, w- 5,l- 5, s – 6) in academic . so please tell me that can i eligible for work permit in canada, i have one more doubt that is it possible to apply for work visa through academic ielts qualification,

    am expecting a satisfy reply from you

    thank you

    • CICS Immigration Team says:

      No. Two things:

      You need to write IELTS General and you need to meet the Federal Skilled Worker requirement to qualify. Please see info on FSW.


      CICS Team

  121. Karan says:

    Hello Sir

    I go through your website and i would like to inquire for Arrange Employment job offer letter for Canada.
    Can you please help me in finding job offer letter correspond to my profile.
    I am from India and working as a Network Engineer my IELTS score is L:- 7 S:- 6.5 R:- 6 W:- 6 .
    Could you please help me in this.


  122. fariogun says:

    can I move to Canada with 5.0 in ieltd result

  123. fariogun says:

    can 5.0 sore in ielts can make move to Canada

  124. Manpreet says:

    Hello sir
    I am living in Australia and i have done diploma in cookery. I have 5 years experience and i got 5.5 in general ielts so can i apply for work permit in Canada. Thanks

  125. Sukhdev Singh says:

    I have store keeper can I have elligeble for jobs in Canada .can you have guide me about work permit .

  126. Senthil says:

    Dear sir i done my MBA from uk .can i apply PR or wirk permit without IELTS? kindly rely asap..

  127. Achuth kopuri says:

    Hello sir
    I am living in india and I have done post graduation in information technology. I have 10years experience. I am 40yrs old married .i got 6.0 in ielts (R-5.5,L-5.5,W-5.5,S-6.5.)so can I apply for work permit in Canada.

  128. Amit says:

    Hi I have scored over all 5.5 band in IELTS and Have 10+yr Experience in IT.

    Am i eligible for Canada immigartion?

  129. RAHUL says:

    Hi I am Rahul working in India for one and half year in MNC company as QA tester,I have done btech from electronics and communication trade.I am looking forward to work in Canada….would you help me to find is am I eligible for permanent visa for Canada …i want to support my family and want to give my best whatever the condition comes in my life.

  130. Wedage Asanka says:

    Dear sir/madam,
    I’m from sri lanka
    28 years old
    Experience waiter 5 years some Star class hotels and fine dining restaurants
    Got diploma tourism and hospitality management at Singapore
    Ielts 5. 0 band general test
    Can i apply work visa to canada ?
    Plz let me know
    Thank you

  131. Anish Pillai says:

    I am a Pediatrician working in BC Childrens Hospital, Vancouver. My wife is also a physician in India presently, and has been offered a 2 year job in the same hospital. She will apply for her own work permit and will bring our 2 children as dependents. We had some queries regarding which forms to fill for my children etc. Could you guide us

  132. Anand says:

    Dear Sir
    I have more than 6 years of experience in the field of optometry and I am from India . I got overall 7.5 L:8.5,R:7,W:7,S:6.5. Since optometry is a regulated profession I am not in position to practice. Is there any alternative job you can assist me like clinic managers so that I can apply for FSW under express entry

  133. Jaspreet singh says:

    Hi.. I’m jaspreet Singh want to immigrate to Canada .. I m graduate and also done ITI of 2 years in refrigeration and air conditioning although I Have 3year of experince in the same field .. is this posible to move to Canada permanent ly

  134. fazale kareem says:

    I am 44 years old. MBA in Finance. Working as a Banking Officer in Karachi. Can I get any job in Canada. My own Sister is in Canada. She is a Doctor. She has recently migrated with full family to Canada. How can U help me.
    Thanks n regards.

  135. chuo says:

    Hello sir,
    Greetings from cameroon in africa.I’m chuo a high school graduates looking for a live in caregiver job in canada.pls advised me as the best means .I need a work permit

  136. Maheshwar Akula says:

    Hi there,
    I am completed my 3years in hotel management in the year of 2007, speacialised in food and beverage department and holding 9+ years of experience in hotel industry, I would like to travel and work in Canada on temporary work permit bases on same industry, I am from India. Please give me your assistance in applying for work visa.

    Kind Regards,
    Maheshwar Akula

  137. Benjamin Stephen says:


    I kindly write to express my interest to come and work in British Columbia. I am a Nigeria Nationeel. I am a Bricklayer and stone Mason. Am currently working in United Arab Emirate as a Brick and Stone Mason. I Also have excellent experience in Electrical Wiring and Water pipping. Please I need u to help me for any possible means of working in Canada.

    Looking forward to hearing from you shortly.
    Thank you and compliments of the season.


  138. Vivek says:

    Is Ielts mandatory for fruit packing jobs as a helper in Canada?. please reply me, your answer is very valuable to me .

  139. Hello sir/ madam, I am Bangladesh passport holder, now I live in Dhaka Bangladesh, my age 40 year old or Education Bachelor B.A Pass and I interstate job from Canada Any Company and Oil and Gas Sector i have 15 year job Experience industrial manufacturing sector as like Production supervisor, Any Machine Operator, Assembly, line Worker, I am Work it high equipment manufacturing company, please help me a job Letter Or LIMA I can apply to Canada Work permit Visa, if you sent me yes mail than I sent to you my Personal resume and my international Passport Copy, please Can you inform me as soon as possible.

    Best Regards
    Mohammad Abdul Based
    Skype shihab.fn2015
    Call 0088019527848520, 01764878302

  140. Vennila says:

    Hi ,im 32 years old and have completed physiotherapy degree and im having 6+ years of working experiance ,married and two chidren.can i able to get work permit there in canada without IELTS

  141. Maninder says:

    10th + three year diploma in mechanical engineering and 3 year work experience and i have 5 in ielts .
    Can i apply for work permit in canada.

  142. Raghavendra says:

    Is it is possible to move Canada with temporary work permit for 2 years for a job if not wat was the minimum score required for ielts please help me out in this issue Asap

  143. Bello says:

    I am looking for an opportunity to relocate with my 3children all minors, can you assist with a job and documentation for this purpose. what is the applicable cost for this service.

  144. mehtab ali says:

    Sir I have 6 Year Experience Of L I C Agents And 2 Year Driving Experience In Saudi Arbia .
    4 Year LMV /HV Driving Experince in India. 3 Year Online Computer Job Work Experience.As a Owner.
    Now Current Working In UIDIA As Super Vissior Post.
    My Education B A AND 6 Month Computer Diploma BASIC And DTP.
    Now I Want A Proper Job Any Where In Canada .
    So Please Guide Me.
    You Will Be Very Kind.
    Thanks You .
    Mehtab Ali Frome India .

    • mehtab ali says:

      Sir I have 6 Year Experience Of L I C Agents And 2 Year Driving Experience In Saudi Arbia .
      4 Year LMV /HV Driving Experince in India. 3 Year Online Computer Job Work Experience.As a Owner.
      Now Current Working In UIDIA As Super Vissior Post.
      My Education B A AND 6 Month Computer Diploma BASIC And DTP.
      Now I Want A Proper Job Any Where In Canada .
      So Please Guide Me.
      You Will Be Very Kind.
      Thanks You .
      Mehtab Ali Frome India . Mobile +91 9310784069

  145. Samson says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am a mechanical fitter. I have 10 years of experience in Mechanical fitter trade.Filed my case through BC PNP and I got the aproval leter . I also completed my IELTS in general module score is S-6 W-5 L-5 R-5. Education details is 10th,Plus two,2 year ITI Fitter,3 year BCA and 3 year BBA. kindly let me know am eligible for the Canada work permit.If yes how to get the work permit.Kindly advice me

    Best regards

  146. Anju Sharma says:

    Hello Sir/mam,I belong to India I have two year experience of librarian science and I completed graduation in 2013 .my study gap is 5 year can I do gernal ilets for work permit please reply me it is good for me or not.

  147. karmjeet kaur says:

    I done my gnm nursing and I have a 2 year experience I want to get a job as a care taker in Canada plz help me

  148. sandeep says:

    hlo sir my name is sandeep i am 27 yrs old i have done GNM Nursing diploma i have 4 yrs hospital work experience i wasnt a work permit for canada as on care taker job plz ans me i am illegible or not

  149. Nwashindi mercy nkem says:

    I am a registered nurse and midwife presently practicing in Nigeria is it possible for me migrate and practice in Canada with ielts of overall 5.5 writing 6 speaking 5.5 listening5.5 reading 4.5

  150. Pratap says:

    indian chef looking job abroad from india i have very good experience about indian food if somebody looking indian chef you can contect me i have experience from hotel and restaurant

  151. Prince Harry says:

    I like to work in Canada

  152. Prince Harry says:

    I love to work in Canada

  153. kamaljeet singh says:

    I have passed iti trade wireman 2 year,2 year apprenticeship 66 kv subStation,experience 3 years,my ielts band score 5.0 over all I can apply work visa or not

  154. Kazi Abu barkat kudrata khoda says:

    I am Indian my work experience is 12 years + I am abs /(aws ) poised 6,g welder my company name kappel sheep marien in Singapore I got welding job in canada I am 100% skills and had workar pls give job

  155. Reshma says:

    I am working as a Project Accountant in Civil Aviation Authority since 11 Years I want to migrate to canada My IELTS Band is 5.5.and all my other documents are ready ECA
    Can I apply for immigration please advice

  156. Pravesh Yadav says:

    Respected sir,

    I am electronics and communication Engineer and i have 6 years experience in Toshiba medical equipment like CT- Scan , ULtra-sound System etc. Is it possible to get work permit in canada.
    Kindly contact me in above mention mail.

  157. Ivy Kutlwano Morakile says:

    I am 39 year old single mother of 2 boys aged 5 years and 17 months,nurse-midwife by profession from Botswana.I am highly interested in getting a nursing job in Canada and migrating with my kids too.

    I have taken IELTS test last month and got 6.0 in Listening,6.0 in Reading,6.0 in Writing and 7.0 in Speaking.

    Kindly assist me in the process of getting a job and Canadian Visa

    Thank you so much for your anticipated assistance.

  158. Janice says:

    Hi Sir, I am a Live out child caregiver (temporary foreign worker) here in canada but I would like to apply for a work permit as a cleaner, may I know if this is possible? Thank you.

  159. Annie Pavithra Florence says:

    I need job in Canada
    In IELTS over all 5band
    And 4.5 L, others all 5 band did I get any job.

  160. PARESH PATEL says:

    Is it cumpolsury of IELTES to get Canada Workpermit??

  161. litonmiah says:

    Hi I am litonmiah I am working from Lebanon clenar company 10 yeas I cet to canada work permit visa clenar work

  162. Gagan jain says:

    Sir, I have work experience of 15 years as retail store manager. I have done 12th in 1994. Can I apply for work permit in Canada. I am Indian citizen.

  163. Lam says:

    Dear CICS team

    I am service CNC and industrial robot engineer and have 6 years for working in this field and work for Japan company.

    I graduated automation engineering from technical University.

    I am 30 years old.

    Can i have a chance to get Canada Work permit?

    Thank you and regards!

  164. pawanpreet singh says:

    siri m working in merchant navy…..1year job experience i merchant navy ….can i get permanent residency in canada on basis of merchant navy…..what will bwe appropriate method for meto get there easily,and safer

    • Vatanpreet kaur says:

      Helloo, recently I have done my graduation in nursing so I want to know about how many IELTS band score I need for apply as a work permit.

  165. Sukhpal kaur says:

    My ielts band score …6.5,4.5,6.5,6.0. Sir, please guide me….i have 5 years experience of hotel….can i apply for canada??

  166. Vatanpreet kaur says:

    Helloo, recently I have done my graduation in nursing so I want to know about how many IELTS band score I need for apply as a work permit.

  167. linda says:

    Hi my name is Linda I’m south African I’m 63 years of age . I’m currently working as an elderly carer and would love the opportunity to work in Canada . I have 4 years experience in the care field . What experience do I need to be eligible to work in Canada .

    Thank out

  168. saurabh deshpande says:

    Dear CICS team
    my name is saurabh process for work permit is going through.can you help me to get job in canada? I done my bachelor degree in hospitality management and i have 3 plus year experience.

  169. Latifah says:

    Pls am a graduate of English and currently working as a classroom teacher in Nigeria. How can I get there easily

  170. adarsh says:

    helo sir, i had done bsc maths and PGDCA In computer application and get 12 years experience as a document controller or office assistant in construction and export company. my IELTS band are LISTENING-5.5, READING-5.5 , WRITING-5.5 , SPEAKING-6.5, OVER ALL BAND SCORE-6, Plz inform me, i can apply for work permir. in anywhere in canada.

  171. Gopinath says:

    I would like to migrate canada on work or pr visa, prior to that i obtained a score of 5.5,
    Please suggest me a way to obtain an employement in overseas.


  172. Anita devi says:

    hello sir am Anita devi . am working in cyprus i have a exeprince 7 year in Cyprus take care.i want to come canada for work.. plz help me

  173. chikwe Collins says:

    l am Collins from Nigeria, but l base in Uae l wish to apply for work permit to enable me work in Canada

  174. Shahzad says:

    Dear sir/madam
    I am from Pakistan. But recently I am live in Bahrain from past 8 years. My ecucation is 12 class plus two and six months diploma accossiation of accounting technician AAT- UK.
    I have 2 years office supervisor experience and 1 year experience as heavy truck driver and my driving license 1 year old and present doing truck driver job in Bahrain.
    My LMO/LMIA work permit is ready in British Columbia as truck driver. Because my sister live there in British Columbia. My IELTS (listening 6.5 speaking 6.5 writing 6 reading 6).
    But my question is can I apply for work permit as heavy truck driver in the Canadian embassy with one year experience ?

  175. Shahzad says:

    Dear sir/madam
    I am from Pakistan. But recently I am live in Bahrain from past 8 years. My ecucation is 12 class plus two and six months diploma accossiation of accounting technician AAT- UK.
    I have 2 years office supervisor experience and 1 year experience as heavy truck driver and my driving license 1 year old and present doing truck driver job in Bahrain.
    My LMO/LMIA work permit is ready in British Columbia as truck driver. Because my sister live there in British Columbia. My IELTS (listening 6.5 speaking 6.5 writing 6 reading 6).
    But my question is can I apply for work permit as heavy truck driver in the Canadian embassy with one year experience ?

  176. lohith s babu says:

    regarding work permit

  177. Harpreet singh says:

    Hi sir
    I have uae heavy lincence of truck nd i have 3year exp… i want to canada plz tell me how can i do my no. 9915440013

  178. iyappan says:

    Dear sir
    I am iyappan from India I am looking for job ielts score Mark L,R,W,S 5,4,5,5 .I am electrical engineer I have two-year experience in electrical maintenance .I am eligible for Canadian temporary work permits please reply….

  179. Vinay kumar says:

    Hi sir I have worked Pizza Hut last five years with Hotel management diploma and got ielts 5.5 bands oval L 6.5 R. 5.5 W 5 S 4.5 am I eligible for work permit in Canada

  180. Gurpreet Singh says:

    Dear sir /madam I want to Canada for farmer job please help me

  181. Milan butala says:

    Hello sir, I am indian. I have 7 years experience of web designer. I want to get the job in Canada. Is It compulsory to give IELTS exam to get canada work permit? Please assist me. Thanks.

  182. Hii sir, my name is amandeep singh and i am from india, i want to go canada, i given IELTS exam in italia and got 6.5band in reading, 5in listning, 5in speaking, 5in writing. Overall=5.5. i am 18 years old, can i apply for studyvisa in montreal or anywhere in canada or work visa. Please help me. I am confused. i don’t know what should i do?

  183. bhawana says:

    Dear CICS team
    my work experience is about 2 years in teaching hospital as a post of staff nurse but last month I apper ielts exam and I have got 5.5overall
    Can i have a chance to get Canada Work permit?
    Thank you and regards!

  184. bhawana says:

    Dear CICS team..
    my work experience is about 2 years in teaching hospital as a post of staff nurse but last month I apper ielts exam and I have got 5.5overall.
    Can i have a chance to get Canada Work permit?
    Thank you !

  185. Mohit Malik says:

    I am looking for a job in Canada for the Digital Marketing Will you please tell me how to apply for a job ? I have 1 year of experience in Digital Marketing. IELTS Exam mandatory or not?

  186. Rajinder says:

    Work permit ielts band

  187. Shriya pal says:

    Hello sir I have completed my Bsc Nursing Course and have 1 year work experience in NICU. Recently, I appeared for ielts and got 6.5 bands. L 6.5, W 6.5 , S 7.5, But 5.5 in reading. Am I eligible or not? Do I have to reappear for the exam?

  188. suresh says:

    Ielts Certificate is it needed only for PR or Evan Work permit visa also ?? pls clarify my doubt.

  189. Rajendran says:

    My age is53 .experience in office administration 20years. Can I apply for work permit in Canada.

  190. RAHUL WANKHADE says:

    My name is Rahul .post graduate in MBA FINANCE I wanted to work in Canada. Currently I am working in finance industry from five years and previously I worked with banking sector for three years. Can you help me out for Canada work permit

  191. Pargat Singh says:

    Hello Sir/Madam
    Can you pls. tell me how many bands required in Ielts for Canadian work visa?
    Is band requirement compulsory for each module or overall???

  192. sanam Bastola says:

    Hi I’m sanam Bastola.I’m from Nepal.recently I’m here in Bahrain for working visa as a waiter.I want to move Canada from here is it possible to go canada from here then please tell me the procedure

  193. Jaspal singh sekhon says:

    I wnat to apply for canada work visa related to I.T.I diploma and i have nine years experince

  194. Florence Anwatu says:

    I have a higher national diploma in electrical/electronics engineering.
    I need an engineering job in Canada, what are the criteria needed.
    hope to hear from you soon

  195. sharanjit sharma says:

    i done one year ITI in computer operator & programming assistant after +2
    nd i have experience of 2 years and general ILETS band 5
    in which visa i can eligible in study visa or other

  196. Adnan Ali says:

    Hello Sir!

    Is Ielts Compulsory For Canadian Visa?

  197. Amit Kumar Thakur says:

    Sir&madam I’m electrician high voltage electrician 10years experience please contact me email address amitkumarthakur777@gmail

  198. Dr Raj Mohan says:

    Myself a Vet in India with 10 yr experience. I have got my credentials assessed from ICAS designating as equivalent to Masters in Veterinary science as in Canada. IELTS no band < 6 . I would like to work as veterinary Technician in Saskatchewan or Ontario or BC as to work as veterinary technician demands no registration.

  199. Rochelle says:

    Please scrutinise this below scene and tell me if this is a correct process.

    In mid 2015 my friend applies for canada migration thru an agency. The give her an open work permit details and said job for caregiver is available if interested will apply. She being a nurse readily applied thru this agency and signed a contract in Aug 2015. Years pass and in Aug 2017 she gets an lmia for the same job contract. After which in Jan 2018 her file is submitted by the agency representative for visa application and now she is eagerly waiting for her Canadian work permit visa.

    Please provide light on this scenario.

  200. Dharmendra says:

    Sir / Mada,
    Can I Go to Canada’s Work Permit?

  201. Syed Nadeem abbas says:

    Sir I am syed Nadeem abbas from Pakistan
    I wnat to apply for canada work visa related to fruit and vegetables frame and i have fifteen years experince

  202. Harpreet Kumar says:


  203. K.N.Pandey says:

    I obtained 5 band in IELTS exam. Can I apply for Canada working visa ?

  204. Daniel Kwakye says:

    I am a driver and I want to work at Canada how can I apply

  205. Arvinder singh says:

    Sir I have done two years apprenticeship in electricity department and I have one year work experience in a private company. I have got ielts band all over 5.5. Can I apply for work permit for canada.

  206. Guru Deepak says:

    Hi, I’m Deepak From India. I have Completed my bachelor’s degree in Mechanical and Experienced as CNC operator, Currently working in Engine Assembling Sector as Engineer. I’m ready to move to Canada. Can u Help me with this.

  207. Varun Arora says:

    My overall IELTS score is 6.5
    Above 6 in every module except reading, 5.5 in reading.
    I have overall 5.5 years of experience.
    Profile – Insurance / Group Insurance Contract / Disability claims
    Please help and advise as looking for a job opportunity in Canada
    Waiting for a positive reply

  208. Maninder kaur says:

    i have done graduation in arts 2009 and also done 6 month diploma in tally . i have also an work experience of 8 years in accounting field . i got 5.5 band overall . so i want to ask you about can i apply for work permit ..?

  209. Jiten Patel says:

    I am currently in Canada on visitor visa. I have overall 6.5 bands L-6, W-6, S-5.5, R-8. I want to know that I m eligible for work permit or not. Is that any specific ielts band requirement for a Canadian work permit??

  210. Krishna Prasad ojha says:

    Hi sir or madam

    Good afternoon greeting from dubai uae

    I am Krishna Prasad ojha citizen of Nepal but I am working in Dubai since 2011 I want to apply for work Visa in canadad from UAE. I want to know full information regarding work permit in canada

    I want to apply work permit Visa with job from Dubai. I am kindly requests to you for details of requirements.

    Thanks & regards

    Krishna Prasad ojha

  211. Shivangi sureshbhai Vaghela says:

    Hai.i am registered staff nurse having 9 years of experience..please reply soon

  212. vibhooti says:

    Myself vibhooti from Godhra, Gujarat, India. I and my husband both are interested to do job in Canada and immigrate there. I have completed diploma and then graduation in nursing and 4 years clinical experience as a staff nurse and now doing govt job as a staff nurse. I had taken training of ITLS also and I have certificate of A1&A2 level of French.I have passed TOEFL SAT IELTS but now expired.My husband has done masters in public health in veterinary science and now doing govt job as a veterinary doctor and 4 years clinical experience.please help us to get job and immigrate there.Thank you.

  213. Zafar says:

    Good Day,
    Nice to see this page. I’m an Auto CAD draftsman and doing my job in UAE. I have approximately 8 years work experience but do not have related education. Could I get your services to find my job and LMIA as well?

    Thanks and kind Regards,

  214. Ademola micheal says:

    am ademola by name i want to work in canada as a driver how can u help me and i av 5year driving experience

  215. Madhu Amar says:

    Respected sir/madam
    I would like to work in Canada,I got 2yrs of working experience .May I know what would the IELTS bands score for work permit

  216. Bexzod says:

    Hi! I’m from Uzbekistan. I’m lawyer and professional football referee. IEltS score is 5.5. Help me please to work in Canada

  217. Ritu says:

    I am Msc maths, bEd..I did IELTS test with 5.5babds I have experience more than 7year.i want to do job in canada.what I have to do for that

  218. Bijay kumar biswas says:

    I am 6G welder with 13 year of overseas experience and IELTS overall band 5 .Now i am looking for work permit visa for canada.please help me i am ready to pay your service charge

  219. Isuru says:

    I am from sri lanka.I passed out from ceylon German technical training institute & I studied power electrical full time course.I want to work in Canada and how I get job from canada

  220. Rockson Jafter Amoasi says:

    I will like to apply for work permit to Canada or Australia, Europe or US. Please contact me with details. Thank you

  221. milan patel says:

    my self milan patel
    im from india hindu
    im a looking for job in canada
    house keeping
    if any femly tack care me in canada
    and call me i work

  222. Pawandeep Kaur says:

    I am a nursing officer and if I got one years work experience than i will apply PR for Canada in India plz tell me it is a possible??

    • Harjit kaur says:

      I m bsc nsg i have total 5 years experience in govt job as a staff nurse total 7 years experience i have overall5.30 band in ielts i want to apply as a work permit directly in canada can i eligible or not

  223. Rakesh kumar says:

    Hi I’m from India (Punjab) i am carpenter I got 4 years experience working in UAE. I will like to apply for work permit .thank you

  224. Susanta Kr Ghosh says:

    I want a job at Vancouver , Canada.At present I live in India.I want to go Canada,so sir, please advise to get a job

  225. Hasanpreet kaur says:

    Hlo sir…..I want to consult with you,my sister visa was refused 2 times in work permit on the basis of work permit so now what we can do ,please sir/mam give me your suggestion

  226. Leon says:

    I would like to know if I would be able to apply at the Fire Departments in Canada with an open work permit. Also once I’ve worked for a couple of months would I be able to apply for PR?

    I would appreciate your assistance.

  227. Bello Ahmed Afolabi says:

    Hello Sir/Madam,
    I am a perioperative Nurse in Nigeria and would like to work as a carer in Canada via the work permit scheme. I have an ielts overall band of 6.5 though. Please I will greatly appreciate your assistance. I also have more than 10 years experience in working as a nurse. Thanks.

  228. Mandeep Kaur says:

    Hi sir I am Mandeep and now I am in cypurs and I want go to Canada. Can u hrlpee

  229. lalzaib says:

    Hello dear immigration law I am very skill person now I want work visa of Canada please so help me

  230. Ruhi shaikh says:

    I am nurse. I have 5 year experience in cardiac hospital. Can i apply for a work permit than ielts score 4.5. plz tell me it is possible?

  231. Kavya Niranjani says:

    I have a overall IELTS score of 7.5 in which Reading&Listening 8.5 and Writing&Speaking 6.5. I am 27 years old and have around 6 years experience in Software Java Full stack/Cloud development. My spouse is 31 years and have 8.3 years of experience in Software/CI/CD/Devops. Can you help me get work permit and a job offer to work in canada along with my spouse. If possible, Please contact us on

  232. Vasanthachakkaravarthy says:

    I am working as workshop supervisor for 10 years in Qatar. I have completed ITI in instrumentation and also completed Advance diploma in business management ( operation management). Do I have eligibility to apply Permanent resident for Canada.
    Please advice.

  233. Harjeet singh says:

    I am sir Harjeet singh punjab(india) sir my reqest pleace help me labar job 7611D gernal with +2 and 4yaer securty gurad experice

  234. Dhanapal says:

    i am a mechanical engineer, would like to work in canada and i have an experience of 3 years in vendor development. I took IELTS exam and scored overall 7 band with individual score not less than 6 ( S-6, W-6, R-7.5, L-7.5). Can you please suggest a way to get work permit.

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