Settlement / Post Immigration

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Settlement / Post Immigration

There are so many things to consider when settling into a new country with a brand new system and culture.

We can assist you in a number of ways to make your settlement in Canada easier and hassle free. Some of these are:

  • Assistance in finding a place to live – Rent or Purchase
  • Applying for various memberships, such as health card, social insurance number, etc.
  • Opening a bank account
  • Searching for work
  • And more..

Contact us if you would like to know more.

9 thoughts on “Settlement / Post Immigration

  1. I am a mechanical engineer who just migrated from Nigeria.I am interested in your oil and gas training programme to enable me fit into the canada market.Please can you give me the information needed to get started?
    Erhurun otega
    587 700 6856

  2. My husband is a tractor trailor driver in edmonton from April of this year. I live n n jamaica and want join him. I own and opperate an early childhood institution for over 26 years now. I have level 1, 2 in NCTVET in early childhood and leve 3 NVqj NCTVEt in Early Childhood diploma .hanAdministrative Management.I just finish my Bsc.Early Childhood ( pending ) I want to join your job market to help mold the minds of children in my care in can I get a open work permit to join him

  3. I am a public school teacher for almost a decade here in the Philippines. My sister is in Alberta, Canada and I want to work there. What should be the process to migrate and work in Canada with teaching as my profession?

  4. Hello sir,
    My name is El bousaady Brahim from morocco, I have so much interest, to immigration to canada living and work there.
    How can i get this opportunity and need information how to apply for a visa to live and work in canada.
    Thank you very match.

  5. I am MBA finanace by qualifications and have around four years of experience in finance industry. I am looking out for immegration process and settlement to Canada with a job. Please guide

  6. I am 47 years married with a kind 8 years old , planning to settle in canada. can you let me know the procudure. Presently i have business in india.

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