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Canadian Immigration Information – One of our licensed immigration consultants can speak with you in person, online or on the phone about your unique immigration situation and to give you a breakdown of your options.




9 Responses to Immigration Information

  1. retheesh says:

    Any chance to with out ielts

  2. renz says:

    I am under live in caregiver program and I need assisstance to process my papers under the new pathway.

  3. sumudu says:

    Dear Sir;
    may i know that how long time spend to complete visa application process.

  4. simarjeet kaur says:

    Igot overall 5 band in ielts . any chance for Canada?

  5. Krish says:

    Overall band 7 CEFR LEVEL C1
    Individual (L 7/R 7/W 7.5/S 5.5)
    Am I eligible for PR? Pls advise

  6. Hitesh says:

    I am having 8 years of work experience as a trainer, age 28, unmarried
    My ielts bands are overall 6
    L 7.5, W 6, S 5.5, R 5.5
    Can i apply for PR ?
    Will i get ITA ? Please reply

  7. Nakul Dahiya says:

    Im a business owner based in India and is desirous of settling in Canada.
    Kindly inform me about the process tombe undertaken and your coast of your services
    Thank you

  8. Bernadette Natividad says:

    I and my family are interested to go in canada.. Please give me an idea how and where to start? THANKS

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