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Canadian Immigration Information – One of our licensed immigration consultants can speak with you in person, online or on the phone about your unique immigration situation and to give you a breakdown of your options.




8 Responses to Immigration Information

  1. retheesh says:

    Any chance to with out ielts

  2. renz says:

    I am under live in caregiver program and I need assisstance to process my papers under the new pathway.

  3. sumudu says:

    Dear Sir;
    may i know that how long time spend to complete visa application process.

  4. simarjeet kaur says:

    Igot overall 5 band in ielts . any chance for Canada?

  5. Krish says:

    Overall band 7 CEFR LEVEL C1
    Individual (L 7/R 7/W 7.5/S 5.5)
    Am I eligible for PR? Pls advise

  6. Hitesh says:

    I am having 8 years of work experience as a trainer, age 28, unmarried
    My ielts bands are overall 6
    L 7.5, W 6, S 5.5, R 5.5
    Can i apply for PR ?
    Will i get ITA ? Please reply

  7. Nakul Dahiya says:

    Im a business owner based in India and is desirous of settling in Canada.
    Kindly inform me about the process tombe undertaken and your coast of your services
    Thank you

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