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13 thoughts on “Immigration Information

  1. Hello
    I am having 8 years of work experience as a trainer, age 28, unmarried
    My ielts bands are overall 6
    L 7.5, W 6, S 5.5, R 5.5
    Can i apply for PR ?
    Will i get ITA ? Please reply

  2. Hi
    Im a business owner based in India and is desirous of settling in Canada.
    Kindly inform me about the process tombe undertaken and your coast of your services
    Thank you

  3. I and my family are interested to go in canada.. Please give me an idea how and where to start? THANKS

  4. Hi,sir/madam,My name is Amanpreet Singh from Punjab in India.I was enrolled in plumber iti trade in college in the year 2015-2016 but unfortunately in one exam I got reappear which I cleared in 2017 but I have work experience in plumber trade since 2014 and I have got 6 each ielts score in general ielts test in January 2018 can I apply for canada permanent residency card.
    I am waiting for your reply and your kind help.

  5. Greetings. My son and his family (+ 2 children) are currently in Kuwait. They have Canadian PR issued in 2018 and valid until August 2023. They are professionals. My son is the GM of a major financial remittances Firm. He is 42 years now. He is Graduate + MBA+ LLM (Liverpool, International Business Law) + CAMS certified. His wife is Senior Finance Manager with a major Bank. She is CA (India) + CPA(USA) + CISA (USA). My son has some pending loan payments that has been further deferred by way of relaxation due to COVID-19 situation.
    However, as known to us, he should necessarily be in Canada to fulfill 730 days of mandatory stay within the PR validity of 5 years. That means they need to be there by August 2021 or before. Due to the Loan dilemma, are the following options for him?
    1. He travels to Canada with his family by April / May this year and let his family stay on. He returns to Kuwait to fulfill his pending Loan obligations.
    2. Will he be allowed to return to Canada to join his family a year from hence?
    3. What other options he can avail, viz., is it possible for his family sponsor him at a later date once they are granted Canadian citizenship?
    Your response shall be highly appreciated.
    Thank you,

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