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To work in Canada, a foreign national must receive authorization – work permit.

A work permit is a document issued by Immigration Canada that allows a foreign individual to work for a limited time at a specific job for a specific employer in Canada.

We can assist you:

  • in preparing yourself to apply for a job in Canada
  • representing your Canadian employer in HRDC to obtain validation;
  • preparing file for submission to Canada Immigration;
  • representing you before Canada Immigration to obtain work permit and entry visa.

In most instances, a work permit will only be issued by an immigration officer after Human Resources Development Canada (HRDC) has approved the job offer of a Canadian employer to a foreign national.

An HRDC opinion enables Immigration Canada to determine whether the employment of the foreign worker is likely to have a positive, neutral or negative impact on the labour market in Canada. A positive or neutral labour market opinion is necessary for a foreign worker to be issued a work permit.

The factors HRDC considers include whether a Canadian or immigrant could fill the job; whether the hiring of a foreign national will help create opportunities or benefit for Canadian job seekers; and whether working conditions and wages offered are in line with what a Canadian would expect.

The HRD validation process thus entails that the Canadian employer demonstrate that a "significant" effort has been made to seek and hire a Canadian for the position in which there is a petition for validation. Work permit will be refused if the HRDC opinion is that the wages and working conditions offered are insufficient to attract and retain Canadian job-seekers. This policy is to ensure that foreign workers are not improperly used by Canadian employers to drive down the wage structure in the Canadian labour market.

Once HRDC grants a confirmation for the job that the foreign worker has been offered, the worker may apply for a work permit at a visa office, or, if the worker is a U.S. citizen, at a port of entry.

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  1. Respected sir/mam ,I scored overall 6 in ielts listening-6.5,writting-6.5,speaking-6,reading-4.5.can i apply in canada for open work permit as nany .i have sponsership , is my bands are sufficient to aplly on this position

  2. Good Day !!!

    I have Total 15 Years work Experience how can I apply for the same in CANADA?
    What all documents are required and What are the Procedures ?


  3. Good Day !!!

    I have Total 15 Years work Experience ,What all documents are required and What are the Procedures ?


  4. Sir I have applied for Aipp program. As per my agent information they are waiting for Hrdc approval. How long it will take

  5. Hello sir
    I’m Manpreet singh mallhi
    from india
    i have a 10 year haevy truck driving experience,
    please i need to any job related to driving,

  6. Hi I am looking for Canadian Work permit as Chef profession. Due to to Covid and some so isdue eith consultant and IRCC they refused my work permit. I again retook IELTS AND secured 5.5 band overall (speaking 6,Listening 6,writing 5, reading 5).Will you able to provide work permit and successfully complete my file. I have all dicuments ready. Job in any provence I can accept.

  7. Good day,

    We want to start LMIA process with my company asap. Could you please contact with me for further assistance.

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