Canadian Visa Section in Tehran Embassy Closed – Relocated to Turkey

Citizenship and Immigration Canada announced yesterday that the Visa and Immigration section of the Embassy of Canada in Tehran is being closed, and its services for Iranian nationals are being transferred to the Embassy of Canada in Ankara, Turkey, effective immediately.

The department said in a statement that it regularly “evaluates its network of immigration offices and explores ways of doing business more effectively and efficiently”, and that the closure was part of these efforts.

This move will affect the processing of temporary resident applications. Permanent resident services were transferred from the Canadian embassy in Tehran to the embassy in Ankara several months ago.

There have been a number of downgrades in diplomatic relations between Canada and Iran in the past few years. Tensions between the two governments have increased since 2007, as the showdown over Iran’s nuclear program has ratcheted up.

               The Embassy of Canada in Tehran

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2 thoughts on “Canadian Visa Section in Tehran Embassy Closed – Relocated to Turkey

  1. dear sır, my name ıs baby kay from ghana and am schoolıng her ın turkey and ı have got a resıdent permıt to stay here ın turkey .through my educatıon ı met a canadıan guy who ı love so much and we want to marry but ı dont know hat documentatıon ı need to get marry. to hım. also ı have not conpleted school yet but ıt have left hıs sıx months to conplte school .ı would lıke to move ın wıth hım to canada .do you thınk ıt possıble and how long wıll our marrıege document wıll be proceed .please ı dont know much about thıs so please can you help me.

  2. Dear sir,
    I am a Afghan refuge who born in Iran I have never been to Afghanistan and for my entire life i lived in Mashhad Iran .unfortunately refugees in Iran are not allowed to travel abroad . we can travel to certain five cities inside Iran only with written permission .I’m a applicant of sponsored refugee for permanent case is in progress for more than 7 years. I can’t travel to Turkey since I’m not allowed by the government of Iran.
    The relationship between two governments is getting worse.Do know any other way that we can have our interview.Are there other options?
    Please notify me of them.
    I will really really appreciate your kindness
    Thank u

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