Upcoming Changes to the Canadian Citizenship Rules in 2015


Angelica Detablan, 7, is handed her citizenship certificate and a Canadian flag by RCMP Const. Gerri Beardy at a ceremony at Charleswood School in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

In June of 2015, it is expected that a few new rules and regulations will be implemented into the Canadian Citizenship Rules and the processing of applications. Majority of changes have received negative feedback from immigrants and several civil rights organization which accuse the government of creating a two-tier citizenship system.

Below is a list of some of the biggest changes:

Residency –

Current rules

New changes

One must show physical residency in Canada for 3 out of 4 years

4 out of 6 years and must show that you were physically present in Canada for at least 183 days per year for each of those four years.

Residency before becoming Permanent Resident –

Current rules

New changes

Any time spent in Canada before becoming a Permanent Resident could be used towards residency.

No time before becoming a Permanent Resident can be used towards calculating your days in Canada for citizenship.

Intent to reside –

Current rules

New changes

No such rule.

Applicants must now declare their intent to reside in Canada during the application and indicate that they plan to make Canada their permanent home.

Proof of language –

Current rules

New changes

Applicants between 18 – 54 must submit proof of language proficiency in English or French

The required age will be changed to 14 – 64

Taxes –

Current rules

New changes

Not required to file taxes.

Must file taxes.

On top of the above, a few more changes that we should be expecting are stricter offences and penalties for fraud and misrepresentations and new grounds and process for revoking citizenship.

It is highly recommended that anyone who is eligible for citizenship now to apply before the rules are implemented.

51 thoughts on “Upcoming Changes to the Canadian Citizenship Rules in 2015

  1. I passed my application last month but it get return because I’m missing some documents . I will re submit it by July. It’s this means I’m in the changes rules?

  2. Hi I would like also to know what level or CLB are required to apply for citizenship. Now I am level 6 .. Studying at SaskPolytech (SIAST-Kelsey Saskatoon)…
    Is there also a requirement what level, before I applied?

    thank you very much,

    Maria Wilma Yungwirth

  3. To whom it may concern,
    I am a permanent residence and I live in Montreal for almost 7years,I took my French course until 3rd level. I wanted to know if do I need to send a proof of language in my application for my citizenship?

    Sincerely yours,

  4. Can you give me the instructions how to apply citizenship and the website that I need to get the application form.

  5. I’m 44, single and would like to be an immigrant/citizen.
    Particularly I want to reside in Vancouver and target 2019 as sate of immigration.
    Can you help me?


  6. If you obtain a 4 years degree. do you still
    need to take English prof.
    inorder for you to qualified if you wish to apply canadian citizenship?

  7. we mailed our application over a month ago and was already signed for (per Canada post tracking info) I have yet to receive an email from CIC confirming receipt of our application. Does it normally take a long time just to confirm they received it? Our friend mailed theirs just a week before we did and they already received a confirmation email.

    • There is no consistency, but if it takes more than another 2 weeks, then I recommend contacting the call centre.

  8. If I submit my application for citizenship, would I still be affected by the new bill c-24? When will be the effective date of the new bill, like a specific date, not just June? Thanks.

  9. Hi ! I received an email confirmation last December 1, 2014 with regards to my application for Permanent residency that still under process. I want to confirm if this new rules and changes are applied with our application? Thank you and I am waiting for your kind reply .

  10. hi,
    My parents are now permanent residents since 2012. If the these rules become effective then they would have to wait until next year for their citizenship. My question if we apply before June 15 – would my parents’ time spent in Canada as temporary resident ‘s (visitor visa) count? What rules will apply if we submit the application this week?

    Thank you.

    • They have not announced exactly when the changes will be implemented. We have heard sometime in June. Therefore, we can’t give you an exact date.

  11. Hi my family and I are already Permanent Resident here in Canada, by this coming July 18, 2015 is our exactly 3 years stay here. Does the new rules affecting our application of Citizenship by next month? If yes, is there any consideration regarding our application since are documents were already available for submission?


  12. my dad has been in canada for already 5yrs and still he has not yet recve his PR card.may i just kindly ask,for how long still my dad has to wait for his PR card? a reply will be highly appreciated.thank you.

    • I don’t understand the situation. I recommend contacting our firm and setting up an appointment with one of our consultants to talk about your situation.

      • my dad came from the Philippines and he has been there at Canada,specifically at Burnaby in June 7,2010. so it has already been past 5yrs since he has been staying there.my simple question madam/sir is that how come he still hasnt receive his Permanent Resisdence until now? Am I making more sense now madam/sir? thank you very much and I am very much hoping to attain a generous reply.

  13. Hi I have 2 questions:

    1) Letter of Intent:
    This means I just have to write reasons why I would want to live here in Canada, what other components should I write about?
    2) English Proficiency
    I have my college university diploma from the Philippines and all my courses are taught in English if I submitted those documents, would that suffice?

    Please advise. Thank you!

  14. Good Day! Im just wanna ask if im already qualified to apply for the new rules im arrive here last oct.2010 & i became a permanent resident last march 2014..thank you

  15. dear CIC

    My name is aileen marjorie Aguirre aplication submitted last december 23 2014 nova scotia sydney arrived 11:am decenber 31 2014… until now we dont recieved any email our first notice…. how long we wait? im a clinical instructor expert in Operating room more than 10 yrs. masters degree… i think NOC 4021… … pls. pls. give us feedback my status… all documents are complete together with my husband and 2 kids submitted the documents… almost 6 months waiting…. 67 is our score

    god bless

  16. I had submitted my profile in Express Entry Pool with my Present IELTS result and it is accepted. Will this same IELTS result can be used for CIC application after i received my ITA.

    • followup: the portion of time spent prior to become a PR in March 2015 DOES count towards my required days needed to become a citizen.

  17. Hi,

    My family and I came in Toronto Canada on October 26, 2010 and became PR on the same date. Unfortunately, we haven’t applied for PR yet, are we now affected of the new rules? Also, my dad and mom are 60 years of age, do they really have to take the written test, per the new rules?, and take a course for language evidence? I don’t think this is fair at their age.

  18. hi! we been here in SK Canada for 4 years and 11 months as immigrant and never been outside Canada and we already pass our family application for citizenship last December 2015..my question is 4 years and 11 months are legible to apply for the new rules?

  19. Hi

    I have been on a PR status since 2011. I have completed 2 years in Canada, but will be renewing my PR (which will expire in Sept 2016), in order to complete the 3 years time before applying for Citizenship.

    Will the renewal of PR make me subject to the new changes and I’ll have to complete 4 years before applying for Citizenship?

    Thank you.

  20. hi I applied for citizenship in dec 2014 .I got my citizenship in june 28 2015.is new rules like intent to reside will apply on me.pls respond

  21. PLZ HELP ME. I am an international student at Sheridan college in an electromechanical course.but I think I did not complete this course but I have no interest.i have interest in the other course but this course is available in September.so now I have unofficialy drop from may to September. it will be difficult for me to get a work permit in Canada after study

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