Canadian Diplomats Around the World Walk Off Job In Strike

The Canadian High Commission in New Dehli, India. The walk out by Canadian diplomats will affect visa and permanent resident application processing in 12 Canadian missions around the world, including in India and China (Wikipedia)

Canadian diplomats stationed in 12 missions around the world walked off the job on Thursday in a dispute with the federal government over compensation.

The diplomats are members of the Professional Association of Foreign Service Officers (PAFSO), a union and professional association representing foreign service officers working for the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development (DFATD) and Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC).

PAFSO is demanding a wage increase, saying its members are paid less than other employees of the federal government. The Globe and Mail provides an example of the difference in division salary schedules that PAFSO is protesting:

For example, an experienced foreign service officer on the level-2 pay scale makes about $83,000 a year, which would increase to about $87,000 under the Treasury Board offer, Mr. Edwards said. That would still be about $11,000 less than the salary of employees at the same level in the commerce division.

A spokesman for the federal government disputed the claim in a response to the Globe and Mail, saying foreign service officers receive other benefits that bring their total compensation up to the level of other public servants:

Mr. Conway added that foreign service officers receive additional benefits, including partial reimbursement for dry cleaning, help in shipping household belongings, a vehicle abroad and an incentive allowance for working outside the country.

Foreign service officers abroad can receive a “foreign service premium” of $6,600 to $31,300, depending on their seniority and the number of dependants accompanying them on a posting. A smaller, post-specific allowance is meant to help diplomats with the cost of travel.

The walk-off puts the federal government in a difficult spot, as much of its foreign operations, including Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s upcoming trip to Europe for the G8 summit, are dependent on foreign support staff.

Also affected will be visa and permanent resident application processing in large Canadian visa offices, including the ones based in China and India.

15 thoughts on “Canadian Diplomats Around the World Walk Off Job In Strike

  1. FYI-any government employee when serving overseas receives the same allowances according to their location and personal situation. This includes the people that the Foreign Service Officers seek to be paid the same as, with their job action. There is also other misinformation of Mr. Conway such as being provided a vehicle overseas which is not true. Only Heads of Mission have vehicles provided for official purposes only and not even every one of them is entitled to have a vehicle.

  2. what about the life of applicants who are waiting for their visa since time period longer that the usual time? Which is sometimes twice or thrice than normal processing time?

  3. so does this mean student visa renewals to return to school in August 2013 will not be able to return to school. This is very bad for students who have paid their tudition and now cant return back to school. The government need to fix this and quickly.

  4. Why is there nothing on the news in relation to this issue it same so quiet. Is any one doing any thing about fixing this problem?

  5. This strike is affecting all the visa applicants and to the students who are enrolled for sep-intake.
    When will this strike be called off

  6. it seems like a horrible issue (nightmare)…
    what about the students who paid their fees and accomodation charges for sept intake..??? is their any other option for them..??? because of this strike they all have been punished & if the strike will not called off than it may they have to change the intake also.

  7. Must thinking Faadd the people who have been affected by this strike and diplomats, as well as government thinking seriously to work back to what it was before the strike and thank you

  8. Is there anyone who can let me know when this Strike will get over.
    Why Government is not trying to fix it as soon as possible. Its really like a bad Punishment for the people who are waiting for their Visa related to Study & Immigration.

  9. Iam a newly married guy,i have left my wife in India and came to Canada for work.its been 3 months since my wife applied for a dependent visa but nothing has happened.I request the Canadian government to solve the issue and make our life easier.

  10. Hi
    Me and my wife are in turkey about 26 month as refugee
    with Identification Number: G000028805
    plz come back to your work
    we are in very bad situation we dont have money and place to live
    plz plz plz hellp us GBU all.

  11. I left my job in singapore. Now for last four months I am waiting for any news on my application . The time is slipping from my hands.

    Please please solve this matter .

  12. Sadly most government workers demand for so much but give less in return, overpaid , but greedy and want more.
    They do not care how many people get in too much trouble, how much time families have to be apart, how much money is spent dealing with their offices. no, they just have gravy jobs with no pressure and stress like many of us do, so they take it for granted and become unsatisfied lazy people expecting more and more.
    Fired them all and hire new people, see how reality is in a real world.

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