Changes to Arranged Employment Stream of Federal Skilled Worker Program

The Services Canada centre in Ottawa Centre. Applicants under the arranged employment stream of the Federal Skilled Worker Program need to include a positive Labour Market Opinion from Services Canada (HRSDC) with their application beginning May 4, 2013 (GOOGLE MAPS)

Changes will be coming to application requirements under the arranged employment stream of the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) on May 4, 2013, according to an announcement by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) this week.

Individuals with arranged employment in Canada and those enrolled in or who have graduated from a PhD program at a Canadian educational institution are the only groups of people who are currently eligible for the FSWP, as the program is suspended in preparation for the launch of new selection rules for the general application stream on May 4th.

In order for applicants outside of Canada to qualify for the FSW arranged employment stream, they are required to submit an Arranged Employment Opinion (AEO) issued by Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC) for a skilled job (NOC skill level A or B), along with their application.

Applicants that are in Canada with a work permit at the time of their application are not required to submit an AEO.

According to this week’s notice, starting May 4th, CIC will require applicants outside of Canada to submit a Labour Market Opinion (LMO) instead of an AOE along with their application.

A LMO is typically issued by HRSDC to employers seeking a work permit for a foreign national they are interested in employing in Canada, and shows that the employment of the foreign national in Canada would likely not negatively affect Canadian jobs in the opinion of HRSDC.

Changing to requiring LMOs is expected to simplify government processes and save on procedural costs.

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3 Responses to Changes to Arranged Employment Stream of Federal Skilled Worker Program

  1. Sam Wahl says:


    I need some information about federal skilled program. I have an employer who is willing to give me the job offer from a reputable company. Do I need to get the LMO if I apply for PR. The cic website is a bit confusing about this.
    Secondly are cooks and chefs included as trades that can apply under federal skilled trade program.


  2. Rhythm says:

    i want to know about the new rules under federal skilled worker visa

  3. kumara says:

    I have a job offer from a Canadian employer, so he has provided me an LMO however, it had expired in last January. Can I apply PR under FEDERAL SKILLED TRADE CLASS visa
    The program uses it an old LMO.

    My job offer is still valid it is for two years. I am a Machinist. Please help me to get idea and solve the matter.

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