Canadian Immigration Provides Instructions for FSW Backlog Wipe-out Fee Refund

The return of application fees to those affected by the wipe-out of the pre-February 27 2008 FSW backlog will be processed by CIC

Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) issued a notice on Friday instructing those affected by the wipe-out of the pre-February 27, 2008 Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) application backlog to submit a form informing the department of their current address in order to have their fee return processed.

Approximately 280,000 FSW applications filed before the Feb. 27th 2008 were wiped out with the enactment of Bill C-38 on June 29, 2012, with the federal government committing to return the application fees paid by those affected.

Friday’s notice asks those whose FSW applications were likely affected by the new law to submit a completed RETURN OF PROCESSING FEE, RIGHT OF PERMANENT RESIDENCE FEE OR RIGHT OF LANDING FEE form to CIC.

The first contingent of applicants to have their fees returned will be those who had contacted CIC to enquire about their fee refund before Friday’s notice. The next group to be refunded will be those who update CIC about their current address by submitting the above linked form. Finally, CIC will contact the remaining applicants and attempt to verify their current mailing address before processing their fee return.

4 thoughts on “Canadian Immigration Provides Instructions for FSW Backlog Wipe-out Fee Refund

  1. My name is zahirullah Agha Jan, I applied to federal skilled worker but they terminate my case without any reason, than i applied for refund of my fee but after passing one year of my application i could not able to receive my fee. Is this humanity tell me?

  2. Good day,

    I was affected by the wipe out law I presume since I don’t get any respond for my application up till date I cant longer access my application online.

    I just apply for my refund yesterday by filling the current address form as directed.
    My question is how do I know that my application is received and is under processing?, when am I to get my refund and how do I track my application.

  3. I am covered by the pre Feb 27, 2008. Due to flash flood of Dec. 2012 in my City (Cagayan de Oro), Misamis Oriental, Philippines, I lost all documents, including copies of my FSW application, 6 months after Bill C-38, on June 2012, re Wipe-out of Backlog. If I remember right I filed my application July 2006, thru my agent whose name I already forgotten (part of washed out documents).

    Lots of changes have taken place such as, change of name from married to maiden name (due to annulment of marriage), home address and email address.

    What documents should I submit to be able to get my refund of processing/landing fees.

    Thank you.

    Marisa May

    • Google search: “Case Specific Enquiry CIC” and share as much information as possible in the web enquiry and see if you can get a refund.

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