Immigration applications from victims of typhoon Haiyan in Philippines to be fast-tracked


A satellite shot of hurricane Haiyan

Canada’s immigration department says it is giving special consideration to Filipinos affected by typhoon Haiyan.

Immigration Minister Chris Alexander’s office says it will give priority to applications from Filipinos who are “significantly and personally affected” by the typhoon that left thousands dead last weekend.

The note also says that Filipino citizens temporarily in Canada who want to remain will be assessed in a “compassionate and flexible manner.”

The announcement comes as the Canadian military’s Disaster Assistance Response Team, or DART, heads for the hard-hit Philippine city of Iloilo.

The Canadian Forces are also helping with the deployment of a separate 12-member Canadian Red Cross field hospital.

Philippine authorities say Iloilo, one of two major cities on the island of Panay, was in the direct path of the typhoon and suffered 162 deaths and the destruction of 68,543 houses as a result.

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22 Responses to Immigration applications from victims of typhoon Haiyan in Philippines to be fast-tracked

  1. Please my families in leyte and iloilo we don’t what to do now and we don’t have house…please

  2. canadian imigration make sure that they will as long as we reply abt this invitation thanks…

  3. Khrisffer Gialen says:

    hi, i have cousin and was affected by typhoon in philippines. Is there anyway that my mom can sponsor my cousin?

  4. I have already submitted my requirements in quebec for immigration,..Im from leyte .the internet conection here is very slow after the typhoon haiyan..I can’t even monitor what happened already to my application ….plss. help..thnk u..I submitted my aplication last october 2013

  5. Hi, my family in philippines are affected with the typhoon, the typhoon was did 5th landfall in our hometown at Concepcion, Iloilo in Visayas.and I’m already here in canada but my working permit is valid until march 2014, I need to stay here in canada toand work to support my family in philippines.

  6. i hope you help me for seeking job, thank you sir..

  7. Gladys J. Fabillo says:

    We are one of the families in Palo,Leyte who were victims of the super typhoon Haiyan. The storm started as early as six in the morning . The wind became stronger that we felt our house shaking. We went downstairs just in time for the strong to break our windows and door. It was too late to evacuate to our neighbors house so we just stayed inside the comfort room and prayed the holy rosary. After two and a half hours, the wind calmed and we went to our neighbors house where we slept for the next few days. The storm left us roofless and the second floor damaged. Communications were off. There was no way to contact our friends and relatives since the cellphone signal were out. One of my children had a fever the night before the storm. We were so worried because the hospitals were closed, and the food supplies for the next few days was running out. We had to buy food from Ormoc City which is 2 hours away from Palo through one of our relatives. Gasoline supply was so difficult. People were walking down the streets in search for food, water, medicines and other necessities. It was so frightening in the night as there were rumors and stories of bad people ransacking houses and stores, robbing of the people of anything they could ever get…..The whole place in in total darkness in the days that followed. Looking for a safe place for the kids to stay, we finally found ourselves relocated in Manila. However, we couldnt stay there for too long. My husband and i had to go back to Palo to attend to our jobs leaving our five (5) children in Manila with only their cousins to look after them.

  8. mary ghorayeb says:

    i want to apply for migrate please i dont know how help please

  9. olivia g. baston says:

    My family are victims of super typhoon haiyan in Tacloban City. In this regard, may we request application forms and requirements needed for the survivor applying for immigrant to canada. thank you very much and hope to respond this request the soonest.

  10. Gwendolyn Ortiz says:

    We are victims of typhoon Haiyan,My Husband and my child are in manila,a temporary place to stay.My Husband has a relative in canada,can we go there?

    • CICS Immigration Editor says:

      The Canadian government has increased the processing speed of applications of those effected by the typhoon and who have already submitted an application. You must still qualify for a program.

  11. we are victim of the typhoon yolanda in leyte..regarding this i would like request an application form and may i ask what are the requirements needed?thank you

  12. We suffered the effect of typhoon Yolanda (Hayain) here in the Philippines. The flood reached the first floor of our house while on the street, instead of using cars, they provided a boat due to the effect of big floods for the transportation because of the typhoon signal number 3. We are requesting for the urgent processing of our application in your good office. I had been applied for permanent residency and had been waiting for almost 3 years to get my family because I am afraid that this coming june, there might be another typhoon as strong as Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) that may strike the Philippine area again. We are hoping for your kind attention to my request. Godbless

  13. rachel says:

    hi. canadian immigration we need a help from you to have a job. coz im one of the affected of typoon yolanda we dont have a own house and i have 1 child 5 month and my husband have a cyst in his foot. the doctor said they need to operate,but d problem is we dont have money. we really need ur help and assistant pls help us to fine a good job
    . God bless

  14. enrico says:

    good day sir im my family was one of typhoon yolandas victim

  15. Nellie Aldas says:

    I and my son are also victim of super typhoon ,we are presently residing at Brgy.88 Sn Jose Tacloban City,almost a year after the super typhoon hit us ,if we apply to your program can we still be qualified?

  16. Jerry Orpilla Dela Cruz says:


    My common-law wife’s family residence in Ajuy, Iloilo is flattened by the Typhoon Yolanda.
    Can she apply for immigration in Canada?


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