Skilled tradespersons in eligible vocations like construction work will be able to apply for Canadian permanent residence under the new Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP) (Paul Keheler)

Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) unveiled information on Friday about the new Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) that will be launched in the new year.

The revised program will have more demanding language requirements, more selective credential assessment, and will give preference to Canadian work experience over foreign work experience, among other changes.

CIC placed a temporary freeze on the acceptance of new applications for the FSWP on July 1st to give the immigration department time to instate change that it said were needed to address shortcomings in the program.

The following are the major changes to the FSWP that were announced in Friday’s release:

New Federal Skilled Trades Worker Program

In addition to the changes to the FSWP, CIC also announced the details of a new Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP) that will be open to tradespersons skilled in eligible trade occupations.

The requirements announced for the FSTP are:

Changes to the Canadian Experience Class

As forecasted by CIC earlier in the year, the Canadian work experience required to qualify for the Canadian Experience Class (CEC) program will be reduced from 24 months to 12 months, to allow temporary foreign workers in Canada to more quickly qualify for Canadian permanent residence status.
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8 Responses

  1. do you believe that is there any difference between solar calender and christian calender while Cic calculates for points?

  2. Do you think this statement means a few applicants like me will face with some problems if their spouses were not proficiency in any languages?
    “””Eliminating points awarded for spousal education and awarding points for spousal language proficiency instead””

    1. Yes, it could cause a problem if you apply under the new rules. Though, a spouse improving their language proficiency, while difficult, is possible.

      If you have already applied though, and your application is still open as it was filed after February 27th 2008, then these new rules will not apply to you, so you don’t need to be concerned.

  3. respected sir……….
    please guide me how i can prepared under new laws…..i have done masters in biotechnology…………having 2 years experience……………ielts 6.5 bands………..

  4. As you said before proficiency for an official language is reached to 24 point and I think new system for calculation was found for it,though do you have new information pertaining for it?

  5. Dear Sir
    I am a Diploma Engineer(Electrical) of Bangladesh having 13 Years of working experience in a Multinational Company as Shift Leader/Shift Engineer & my current age is 42 can i apply for FSTP ? If answer is yes ,plz let me know what is the procedure to apply & details.

    Syed Alimuzzaman
    Shift Engineer
    Heidelberg Cement Bangladesh Ltd
    Chittagong Plant.

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