New Federal Skilled Worker Program to Launch May 4 2013

Citizenship and Immigration Minister Jason Kenney announced today that the long-awaited Federal Skilled Worker Program will be launched on May 4th 2013 (Citizenship and Immigration Canada)

Citizenship and Immigration Canada announced today that the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) will re-open on May 4 2013 with the new selection rules.

CIC closed the FSWP to new applications in July 2012, saying it needed time to reduce the program back-log and re-design the point system used to select immigrants to better meet Canada’s economic needs.

The re-launched FSWP will award more points for youth and English/French language proficiency, factors CIC says its body of research shows contribute to economic success for immigrants.

FSW applicants will need to meet the Canadian Language Benchmark 7 standard for English proficiency to qualify for the program, which is the equivalent to scoring 6 on the IELTS, the most widely taken English language assessment test.

The new FSWP selection rules will also utilize an Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) process that will be introduced with the program, which will award points for foreign educational credentials based on assessments of their equivalent value in Canada.

A list of organizations designated  by Citizenship and Immigration Minister Jason Kenney to do the assessments will be released in early 2013.

“For too long, too many immigrants to Canada have experienced underemployement and unemployment, and this has been detrimental to these newcomers and to the Canadian economy,” said Kenney.

“Our transformational changes to the FSWP will help ensure that skilled newcomers are able to contribute their skills fully to the economy as soon as possible. This is good for newcomers, good for the economy, and good for all Canadians.”

CIC also said that new FSWP applications will be processed in months, instead of years, owing to the work the department has done in reducing the existent backlog and limits the program will put in place in quantity of applications it will accept.

Federal Skilled Worker Program fact-sheet

  • Maximum points awarded for a principal applicant’s proficiency in a first official language increased from 16 to 24 points, in proficiency in a second official language reduced from 8 to 4 points
  • Maximum of 12 points awarded to applicants aged 19 to 35, with decreasing points awarded until age 46
  • Maximum number of points awarded for foreign work experience reduced from 21 to 15
  • Points awarded for spousal education replaced with a maximum of 4 points awarded for spousal language proficiency
  • Maximum of 10 points awarded for Canadian work experience
  • Points awarded for foreign education credentials to be determined by an assessment of the foreign credential’s equivalent value in Canada as assessed by an organization that is designated to provide credential assessment and authentication

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198 Responses to New Federal Skilled Worker Program to Launch May 4 2013

  1. prashant says:

    Can I know what will be minimum IELTS score required to qualify for fsw program,
    i.e what are the minimum scores required for the year 2013?

    1. Listening
    2. Speaking
    3. Reading
    4. Writing

    waiting for your reply


  2. Magsi Abdul Hayee says:

    Listening 8 bands = 6 points
    Speaking 7 bands = 6 points
    Reading 7 bands = 6 points
    Writing 7 bands = 6 points
    Now you calculate what level of band could you require to complete your score.

  3. Bukky says:

    Please, I want to find out if the IELTS certificate submitted last two years for the immigration is still valid, since I was unable to make the passmark of 67 or do I have to do another one. I had another name on it but will be using a new name for my new application, will the result still be tentative. In the listening aspect of the exam, I had a band of 6.5. Please, what point is awarded for that. Thank you.

  4. prashant says:

    Hello CICS Immigration editor,
    Thanks for your reply! I meant in L,R,W and Spking what is the minimum IELTS band score ( out of 9 ) required? Please let me know.
    Thanking you!

    with regards

  5. kaiser says:

    Dear sir,
    Good afternoon. may i want know that if i score like
    Listening 7 bands
    Speaking 6.5 bands
    Reading 6.5 bands
    Writing 6.5 bands
    therefore ,what points i will achieved for federal skill coming 4th may?

  6. Gerly Ann says:

    Sorry but i am having a hard time calculating, i got an obs of 6.5. Writing 6.5, listening is 6. Reading and speaking is 7. What is my CLB? Thanks! I still intend to retake the exam for broader options but if this means enough for canada’s fsw, i would settle my papers for my application once the fswp reopens. Thanks

  7. MEENAKSHI says:

    I am a MBA- HR and having HR work experience of 4 years 9 months. My overall Band score is 7.0 W 6.5 L 6.5 R 7.0 S 6.5, I am an Indian and looking to work in Canada. My spouse is Masters of Law and practicing independently as a taxation lawyer from 3 years. Can we apply Immigration under Skilled Workers category in May 2013.

  8. Starlet says:

    Hi. I have a question. Why is it that the site for Manitoba does not open anymore? Did Manitoba stop thr immigration program? I am interested about the Family support stream for Manitoba but i cant locate the information / site about it. Kindly help me. Thanks.


    Will there be any particular NOC category to apply for fswp after May 4, 2013? Or all are eligible?

  10. Ksenija Trpkovic says:

    Kindly confirm if -DENTIST- is going to be on the list of NOC for 2013 ( New Federal Skilled Worker Program).
    Thank you.

  11. Mark Jefferson Grospe says:

    Hello CIC,

    What will be the type of IELTS exam needed for the skilled worker program under the professional level as a nurse. Is it an academic or general training? Thank you so much and hope you will reply…

    • CICS Immigration editor says:

      Hi, to clarify, we are CICS, an immigration consulting firm, not CIC, which is Canada’s immigration department.

      You need the general training exam.

  12. rajesh gyawali says:

    please kindly clarify me about the noc list of occupation.will it accept the same old category of 2012 or change it? thanks

  13. Maulik says:


    I am from India, below is my IELTS score, appreciate, if one can update me on points.

    L – 6.5
    R – 5.0
    S – 6.5
    W – 6.0


  14. Darshan says:

    I just want to know about 2013 open categories for PR

  15. Meher says:

    Hi want to know what are the job categories for federal skilled workers program
    What occupations are open to new applicants?

  16. SYED says:


  17. i want to know the number of points will i get if i have relatives in canada.

    thank you

  18. Mabel Rojas says:

    I am 45 years old and I would to know how many points i will get.


  19. rhom says:

    6.0 Band score and above in IELTS is for higher skilled workers, but what about for the lower skilled workers, what band score should we get? I have some friends who’s been told that they only need a 5.0 band score(General Training Category in IELTS) for their application going to Manitoba. I am going to Saskatchewan, Saskatoon and i am wondering what band score(Also General Training Category) should i get for a lower skilled worker(waiter to be exact).

  20. Devendra says:


    As per the post, the new FSW will be launched on 4th May 2013.
    Does it mean that – can I send my application in advance (e.g. a week) so that it is received at Canada on or after 4th May 2013?
    Or Do I need to send my application only after 4th May 2013?
    The reason for this is that it may take time for the application to reach to Canada from India, and I am afraid that the cap may get full by then.
    Kindly reply.
    Thank you very much.

    • CICS Immigration Editor says:


      You will not be able to complete the application until the immigration department releases the application forms, which will not happen until May 4th 2013.

      -CICS News Team

  21. Raju says:

    Hi, I m from nepal. I had passed Msc in physics and now working as a lecturer for 4 years. Can I apply for FSW programme(in physics) if i scored minimum IELTS score 6 on each Band.

  22. Anja says:

    I would like to know if the english test from TOEFL is valid for the programm FSW 2013

    Looking forward for your reply

  23. Dapo says:

    My scores are Listening 6.5 , Reading 6.5 , Writing 7.0 ,Speaking 7.5 Overall i scored 7.0 Kindly advise if these scores are sufficient to apply for the 2013 Canadian FSW.

  24. Lola says:

    My IELTS scores are: Listening 7.0 , Reading 6.5 , Writing 6.0 ,Speaking 7.0 . Overall i scored 6.5 Kindly advise if these scores are sufficient to apply for the 2013 Canadian FSW.

  25. Folami says:

    My IELT scores are Listening 6.5 , Reading 6.5 , Writing 7.0 , Speaking 7.5 . My overall band score is 7.0 . Kindly advise if these scores are sufficient to apply for the 2013 Canadian FSW. I await your advice . Thank you.

  26. erick says:

    hello host do i need to take ielts prior to application process or is it more practical to wait for the priority list?

  27. Sashi says:

    I have completed MCA and five years of experience in IT Field. What are my chances to get a work permit in canada? What are the procedures to get a work permit in canada? Am i eligible to get a work permit without getting any employment offer?

  28. Pratik says:

    My maternal aunt is at canada, i want to know can i get any benefit of relative points…..

  29. S Das says:

    Hi, from where will we get the ECA done? will the agencies also be announced 4th May 2013? So as I understand, I get the ECA done, then on CIC website I do EOI check, if I get an email confirmation I send my complete application with documents to CIC. I am already a PR holder, trying to know for my sister who is a homeopath private practitioner. During my time, I only sent application, got an email with file number, then sent all documents with PCC, fund etc, got another confirmation, then did medical and got my VISA. will it be the same process this time? or after ECA and EOI check, we have to send all documents along with medical, IELTs, PCC etc at the same time.

  30. christabel says:

    Since IELTS Academic is higher that the general, but I know they specified that they want the general. I have overall 7.5 in IELTS Academic will they accept it?

    Secondly I am an Optometrist with 2 solid year of experience ,am 28 years old
    will they accept my profession and the Academic IELTS
    Please I will be waiting for your feedback
    Kind regarsd

  31. mayur says:

    I have completed my BCA and 1 year of experience. I am married and IELTS score is 5.5 bands , so ” I WANT TO KNOW THAT I WILL BE QUALIFY OR NOT FOR CANADIAN PNP PROGRAM? ” coming soon new Federal 4th may 2013 ?

  32. Ameera says:

    Hi my husband is the main applicant will it be required from me to do the ilets exam as well?

  33. sheetal says:


    Kindly clarify as to when will the new noc list and assessing agency list be released?

  34. Dharam Pal says:

    Should construction manager apply for immigration as per new FSWP to be launch on 4th may , 2013. when a person enters into age of 36 years then he will got 11 or 12 points . what is processing time as per new norms.Please clarify my doubts.

  35. Aamir Shahbaz Hashmi says:

    Dear Sir can you tell me what is the minimum scour of IELTS in new immigration. I am Associate Engineer in Electrical and i have 10 year experience in power electrician. If you tell me i will grateful to you

  36. Sofía says:

    I am applying for FSWP and have all the forms ready, will those be changing? I also need to know if I can start working on the Credential Assesment to have it ready for May 4th. If so, what is the procedure to follow? Thank you for your time and assistance.

  37. Dear sir,
    Good afternoon. may i want know that if my score like:
    Listening 6 bands
    Speaking 6 bands
    Reading 6bands
    Writing 6 bands
    therefore ,what points i will achieved within out of 24.

  38. Sunita says:

    Good afternoon sir

    I want to know about the list of the categories of fsw program

    Best regards

  39. Ash says:

    Hi CICS,
    I have completed 1 year paid Co-op experience in my field in Canada
    Will it be counted as a one year Canadian Experience for applying in FSW ?
    Waiting for reply.

  40. Simran says:

    Respected sir,
    I got following bands in ielts
    Lis. – 6
    Rea. – 6.
    Spea. – 7
    Writ. – 6.5
    Is there any chance for me to apply under fsw programme in
    Language proficiency

  41. prashant says:

    Sir, In ielts-general reading, to get minimum 6 band, how many correct answers

    should be in between (answers) 23-28 or 28-30 out of 40 questions?
    pls reply!

  42. ossai arnold says:

    sir please i applied for the visa but did not meet up. I was given the refund but wants to reapply with the cash. i have not cashed the cheque. i do i go about it sir.

  43. venkatraman says:

    please any one help me actually i am finished in diploma and i have 14 years studying and 6 years of experience in plastic manufacturing company as a technician. and my age is 27 so what is my canada immigration points. and how much bandscore i need taken in ielts exam i can be eligible for canada immigration for permanent residency and i have someone question about spouse. how much points can claim for spouse. my wife is completed BSC NURSING

  44. Mamata says:


    I have got 5 band total in IELTS exam. Please advise if i am still able to do application through David Cohen as i have already applied for that. I have done business administration in marketing and finance and all the paper work required is matching.

  45. Conrad says:

    What is the Minimun Score of IELTS in Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program?because we haved a application Thanks

  46. harmanpreet says:

    good evening sir/madam i had score listening-6 bands
    speaking-5.5 reading – 5.5
    can you tell me that i am eligible or not for apply to canada ?

    • Deepak says:

      My ielts score is
      Listening- 8
      Reading- 8.5
      Writing- 7
      Speaking- 6.5
      Can u please tell me how many points i will get out of this score?
      Thanks in advance…..

    • Anil Kumar Kayastha says:


      My IELTS score are

      Reading- 6.5
      Writing- 7
      Listening – 5.5
      Speaking- 6.5
      and overall I have scored 6.5 band.

      I am 31 year old and completed my graduation in Bachelors of Commerce. I am working in bpo sector from past 7 year. Also, last year in June, I went to Canada for a month for business meetings.

      Please advice me, if I am eligible to apply for Canadian PR visa. If not, then, which of the above categorie/s not matching and suggest me solution for that.

      Also, how much money I must have to apply?

      Thank you in advance.

      Anil Kumar Kayastha

    • katherine says:

      hi we have the same score ielts. did you apply for fsw?

  47. jazz kaur says:

    Hi, My score for ILETS are

    L- 7.5 R- 6 W 6.5 S- 7

    Please let me know if i qualify for the minimum requirement , If yes then does my husband compulsory need to write the exam as I am getting 0.5 less in reading. We are getting 69 points with overall calculcation. Do i still need to rewrite or my husband need to write the same. Please help me with these calculation.

  48. Dianne says:

    How about nurses? When will you add nurse in your eligible occupations? Thank you

  49. cai says:

    I’m a nurse and tried to lodge my papers three times but was previously denied because of the quota. Now, since the occupational list was modified, will i still be eligible? thanks.

  50. mko says:

    pls what is your advice on list 6.0, read-5.0,wting6.5 speaking6.5 total band 6.0, advice from sir as per qualification thank

  51. Jagadesh Narayanaswamy says:

    I am 31 yrs old, my working experience is more than 9 yrs, under in NOC 7231,My IELTS scores are: Listening 4.0 , Reading 4.5 , Writing 5.0 ,Speaking 4.0 . Overall i scored 4.5 Kindly advise if these scores are sufficient to apply for the 2013 Canadian FSW.

  52. Diana says:

    What if you are in Syria? it is too dangerous to go to Lebanon or Jordan to take the test. This is not fair. It discriminates against those in dangerous situations. The offices in Syria are closed.

    What is a Syrian to do?

  53. ivy says:

    Hi.. please send me a message if you read this.. i am applying to a visa center which is Globalvisas for FSW. My IELTS would be on JUNE 2013 so do you think i could still make it? What i mean the requirements because of the delay. I cannot pass all my requirements this May. A piece of advice please. Thankyou.

  54. ghumman says:

    hello mam/sir
    i just wanna know that as I have 2 years and 7 month experience as a HR Executive in India, I will be able to get foreign work experience points i.e 15 points.
    I am confuse about the points of my work experience.
    Please guide me in this regard,if possible. I will feel obliged
    with regards

  55. Husain says:

    My current IELTS 2yrs was completed on 16-Apr 2013. My question is will CIC reject my application because the score is 2yrs and 19 days old?

    Meanwhile i have registered for the 16-May IELTS test, but i’m afraid by the time results get in, i may be too late to make it within the quota…

    Pls advise how i should proceed:
    1. Send CIC my app packet with old score
    2. Wait for new results and then send CIC complete app packet
    3. Send CIC my app packet with old score and inform them that new score will be sent once i receive it

  56. says:

    I am doing PhD in USA, and since my academic is still in english; do I still need the english language test for Canada skilled immigration

  57. raj says:

    i want to know i have 3supplies in with 1year experience in networking ..
    will i be eligible for applying for canadian ielts score are L-7,R-6.5,W-6.5,S-7..

  58. lakpa sherpa says:

    dear sir my name is lakpa sherpa, i was worked at dubai for last 6 years
    as a trailer driver. please let me know about ielts the score for driver.

  59. Narinderpal Singh says:

    hlo sir,
    i narinderpal singh from india, i got overall 7bands in journel ilets, i have mechnical line…..after +2. I got 2year IT, I HAVE A EXPERIENCE FOR 2 YEARA…please tell me that i am eligible for point system………..

  60. sarabjeet says:

    Hi I have done hotel managenent I have 2 yrs experence right now working as asupervisor so I eliginle for canadian pr

    Waiting for reply

  61. sarala.k says:

    I got the following scores in IELTS;
    Listening-6.5; Reading-5.0; Writing-6.0 and Speaking-7, am I qualify under Canadian Experience Class, and my NOC skill level is A.
    Or is it possible for me to apply under New Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) classification as per May 04th 2013 updation. Please suggest.

  62. anish mathew says:

    1. can i apply for pr in canadian experience class after 1 year working as cook?
    2. can i bring my wife and child to canada in spouse permit?
    3. when applying for pr ielts should be valid for how long ?
    thank you
    waiting for reply

  63. darya says:

    Hi,i have a question.
    can i send results of 2 ielts exams for immigration to canada as skill worker?

  64. drdeepali says:

    can code 3111 , 3112 apply under new FSW 2013 ie speacilaist physiacns

  65. DINESH says:

    I applied for PR to canada in dec 2007.Then applied again in may 2010 under FAST TRACK but got same file no. i.e.B052615091.I got score in ielts L5.5 R5.5 W6.0 S5.5. Can I apply under new rules with same ielts score.

  66. MIA CALUMPIANO says:

    Hi there,
    We are on the process of taking the exam CRNE in Vancouver Canada,me and my husband are both nurses we noticed that CIC has removed our profession on your qualified list of skilled workers.
    Do we need to go ahead with our exam or it’s just a waste of time? We live in UK for almost 13 yrs. now,can we apply directly in the hospital there without going through CIC? Thank you!!

  67. Nil H says:

    My IELTS result is W 6, L 5, S 5.5, R 4.5, and I have a close relative with citizenship in Manitoba. I have more than 4 years work experience. Can I apply under new manitoba rules?

  68. anand says:

    I had applied for FSW in september 2005 from new delhi, no descision has been taken on my case so far. I am aware that the candaian govt plans to scrap all cases prior to feb 2008 (but no descision on this yet)

    1) Can I re-apply as per the new rules

    2) At the time of application, should my IELTS not be more than 2 years old or 1 year old

  69. farhana says:

    Hi sir,
    I am working as a medical sonologist in a hospital of redcrescent for last 1 year.My ielts band score is 6.can i apply for fwc?how long it will be open?Is there any number or limitations for the application?pls inform me.I m from Bangladesh.

  70. Tufail says:

    Hi there,

    I am doing PhD on full-time basis at a University in Canada. I want to apply for Canadian immigration under PhD stream. I am already enrolled in PhD program in Canada, do i still need to go through the ECA process for assessment of my previous foreign educational credentials?




    READING – 4.5
    WRITING – 6.0
    SPEAKING – 5.0
    LISTENING – 6.0


  72. Jyothi says:

    I have IELTS score General which I took on sept 25th 2010 and IELTS Academic on 11th December 2011.
    Can I submit these inorder to start my processing for applying as Federal skilled worker and later can I submit the IELTS general results as I do not want to loose the chance to apply this year…
    Please let me know

  73. preet says:

    I done BCA, now i want to go canada for MBA. so how much band i have need

  74. hariharan says:

    hello sir,
    My consistent marks are as follows,
    How much points can i get for this marks,as per new system rules.I am looking forward your reply.

  75. Arvind Jain says:

    Please let me know what it actually means by first come first basis.
    1.Suppose if one seat is left, than who will be the successful candidate, one with 67 marks or 68 marks? Whether criteria is the file number or the marks?
    2. If the selected candidate does not qualify for any reason or if he didn’t go due to any reason, will the same seat be filled by the next candidate. How this is informed to the new candidate. Are some candidates be given waitlist number?

  76. rubina razaq joiya says:

    dear sir i need ur help pl guide me i have applied or fswp in category of english language instructor and my application launched on oct 2010 every thing was ok but unortunately i received aletter from cic in june 2012 that he is not satisfied with my job experience of at least one year as language instructor when ever i have provide the 4 year working experience to them which is can i prove my work experience and satisfy them is there any way to appeal against this decision ,i am sure they just avoiding to process my application because in the new noc my occupation has been deleted .but this is not fair the objection of cic is base less .pl suggest the way.thanks

  77. kola says:

    if i from nigeria,which our offical languaga is english,can we apply or not

  78. kola says:

    i hv HND in business Administration,but i hv much interest on the manitoba canada

  79. bharat says:

    hello sir,
    I am currently working in Canada as a cook, got overall 5.5 band in ielts .
    am i eligible for applying PR in fsw or not? if not then why?
    thank you for your time


    My friend is a nurse by profession who is working in the hospital. She is assigned as cardiology unit staff nurse handling ECG and 2D-ECHO (Ultrasound) for more than 5 years. She would like to apply for the FSWP category 3214 Respiratory Therapists, Clinical Perfusionists and Cardiopulmonary Technologists.

    She would like to know if she would be qualified for this category to apply?

  81. sahar says:

    I have a question.
    I have 6 years work experience of code 2282 which is user support technician in noc2011
    I want to know if I get 15 point for this work experience or my work experience must be in management group?
    thanks alot

  82. chetan patel says:

    I am 42 years old , i working in laboratory Assistant in chemical Engineering Department i passed M.Sc in 1995, i have 8 years experiment in Industry and 9 Years exp in laboratory Assistant , what is status in PR in canada.

  83. Baloch says:


    Are Electrical Engineers are in the new NOC list of 2013 ?

  84. balasubramanian says:

    I had done my Post Graduate and English course in “UK” do I need IELTS for FSW program. Also having IELTS result which was done in 2010 holding 6 band.

  85. Siva says:

    I want to know, total FSW applications received by CIC in 2013. i am Civil engineer and want submit my application. so kindly do let me know that how i can check the received application information.

    Thanks in Advance


  86. Mehdi Vezvaei says:

    To whom it might be concern,

    This is my IELTS Test Result :
    Listening :7.5

    Can I take the most advantage of the first three (Speaking and listening and Reading )? and just take 0 point for my writing as a main applicant (for my first language for FSW) ? Or not and I must give the point of 6 for writing and that is mean I need to take the IELTS Test one more time ?


  87. Shivani says:

    i got 6 band in Ielts as in L- 6, R- 5.5, W-6 and in S- 5.5..
    Are these scores are sufficient for Federal program??

  88. Pawan Kumar Narula says:

    Dear Sir,

    I got a job in KFC as an Assistant General Manager. want to know from you how much minimum bands require in applying work permit at Canadian embassy.

    Please let me know.


  89. suni says:

    Sir ,
    when nursing professionals will be included in fswp?

  90. M M says:


    I completed my masters in April 2013. I am still awaiting my certificate from the University outside of Canada.
    I have already received the Canadian Evaluation Report.
    If I apply as a Federal Skilled Worker, will my application be rejected as incomplete since I am awaiting the Master’s Certificate?

  91. narinder singh rooprai says:

    Can I know what will be minimum IELTS score required to qualify for fsw program,in manitoba,idf my score is completed from other option then low score like 5band passed or not tell me.

  92. narinder singh rooprai says:

    please I know what will be minimum IELTS score required to qualify for fsw program,in manitoba,idf my score is completed from other option then low score like 5band passed or not tell me.

  93. narinder singh rooprai says:

    please tell me what is the benefit of 15year experience in maintenance electrical age is 37. i want to immigrate my family in canada with two chld.

  94. narinder singh rooprai says:

    what are the total score required in manitoba,quebec,where the minimum score in all over canada

  95. narinder singh rooprai says:

    how to arrange employment in canada.can any agency provide this service because all true

  96. Maria Kousar says:

    Hi, i am maria i have done my masters in Economics and having 3 & half year banking experience, my husband is major in pakistan army, we want to apply for canadian immigration with our two kids. I wanted to know that how can we apply for this. Waiting for your reply.

  97. shahed hadi says:

    i am a project engineer- electrical with 8 yrs exp. am i eligible for immigration?

  98. sujata says:

    Can you please let me know how do I do my credential assessment. Does each transcript cost 200 or total of 200 for all the transcripts.

  99. Jagpreet Singh says:

    sir i my nameis jagpreet singh
    i have passed my senior secondry education ..this year
    so how many bands i need to…apply for canada..

  100. Jagpreet Singh says:

    sir i my name is jagpreet singh
    i have passed my senior secondry education ..this year
    so how many bands i need to…apply for canada..

  101. Jagpreet Singh says:

    andi got 66% in commerce

  102. aesha says:

    I am a bachelor of chemical engineer ..and have 2 years work experience in industry as product development officer…and my husband is a diplomat and I would be very grateful if you let me know am I eligible for applying the immigration process of can I do it…


  103. abdullah says:

    my Ielts is L-6.5;R-6;w-6.5;s-6.5.
    should i count points for separate parts. Example for listening i will get 4;For reading i will get 4;Writing i will get 5;speaking i will get 5; Is it correct or not.

  104. Allan says:

    hi! my wife is applying for the federal skilled worker program. Do I (her spouse) also need to submit work related documents along with the application?

  105. Arshdeep Singh says:

    can i know the fast track list of federal skilled worker program?? and how much time will it take to complete te process

  106. Ishfaq says:


    I am a Jeweller in UK Manchester and wish to move to Canada.
    I have a job offer in Milton. My question is can I apply for a work

  107. Zul says:


    I want to apply for FSWP under skill level C under Major Group 15

    which is low , semi skill category. What is the minimum CLB level

    is required for it in IELTS. I have the following results

    L= 6.0
    OVER ALL= 6.0

    Thank you in advance for helpfull information

  108. Sir,,Can I know what will be minimum IELTS score required to qualify for PR system,

  109. pratibha paliwal says:

    dear sir,
    i have done Doctorate in chemistry. please tell me do i have any prospects.


  110. ranjita says:

    sir I would like to know if I give my IELTS on sept.2013 will I be able to file for FSW program .will it be too late?

  111. Varsha says:


    I want to send the FSW visa application to CIC. My current location is Mumbai (India).
    Can you please tell me how should I submit the documents and the forms to CIC.


  112. Tobi says:

    Pls I got 5.5 as overall score in IELTS exam and I know the minimum score is 7 and I don’t have the financial strength to retake the exam. What other options do I have?

  113. Tobi says:

    Pls I scored 5.5 as overall score in IELTS exam for canada permanent skilled worker and I don’t have the financial strength to retake the exam. Pls what other options do I have?

  114. hlo sir….i am rohit from patiala,punjab,india…..i,ve done my graduation in 2013 in nd get 54% in that…..nd 6 band in ielts…L-7,R-6.5,S-5.5,W-5.5… can i get admission in post graduation diploma course in any college of canada where this bands is accepted.nd should i get the visa ?and m i fullfill the requirements of canadian embassy for visa?

  115. nindi bhoond says:

    I got 9.5 band in ielts. What will happen now.? Immigration minister will come bathinda to give me visa or I hv to call punjab police….

  116. mathews says:

    Hi Sir/Madam,
    I am internationally educated nurse came to Canada as a student on 2012 may and now working as an health care aide.I would like to know weather Registers nurses migration is still there and if so what should I do .As the PNP rules are changing frequently every where, people like me are getting into more trouble .So could you please email me weather I am eligible for federal migration so that I can work as a registered nurse ,as Canada has high demand for nurses .

  117. Manoj says:

    I have overall 6.5 band in IELTS. L-5.5, R-6.5, S-7, W-6. Is this score is enough of FSW migration? Moreover, I have 15Years study included 3 years privet diploma certificate and 9 years of experience in relevant field.. My profession in FSW list as industrial instrumentation. Is it adequate for immigration? If not, what shall be done for that? Please, provide a suggestion…

    • crikah says:

      I have overall 6.5 band in IELTS. L-6.5, R-5.5, S-7, W-6. Is this score is enough of FSW migration? Moreover, I have 13Year experience in medical laboratory sciences.please advice

  118. Manan Patel says:

    Respected ..
    How many IELTS score required in Manitoba province program ??
    In manitoba website minimum 4 band required so i shocked it because at least 5 band required ???
    Thank you.

  119. kvr99 says:

    i have 25 backlogs and 61% in my i want to study in canada pg diploma courses guide me

  120. shaista says:

    Plz let me know IF 5 band in any section is allowed to apply for the FSWC,in others itsm ore than 6 band. plz answer…..(:

  121. furqan says:

    Out of 300 application per cap, is there also a country wise quota as well ?? or its just first come first serve basis?? can anyone help me on this.

  122. Nischal Patel says:

    Dear Sir,
    I want to go to Canada in fsw programme can you tell me how much band require in perticular category & how much over all band so I am eligible for PR process.


  123. Harjinder Singh says:


    I want to apply for Canada PR and i have 2.5 years of engineering exp. in VLSI semiconductor domain. Can any body help me how to process for it, Please give some guidelines to do it.

  124. Jassi says:

    Apply sinp under what is band require pls reply

  125. mohit chhabra says:

    Hello cic

    I want to know that can i apply for PR under BC PNP skilled worker visa as NOC skill level A and i have JOB offer and i got Ielts bands as given below:-
    writing =6.5
    listening= 6.5


    Please reply me as soon as possible.


  126. lyka says:

    Does cic requires cook to take an IELTS exam before applying for their Canadian citizenship?

  127. Mitesh Vachhani says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am diploma electrical engineer and i have completed 1 year apprentice training and 4 years of experience. i am married. my spouse is graduate in regular and in external. am i eligible for skill worker immigration of 2013.

  128. surjitrajpoot says:

    Dear sir my name is Surjit Singh and i want to apply for Canada pr. i have 12 year experience in plumbing field, i ma married and have two kids.
    my ielts overall score is 5.5 band.
    listening 5.0, reading 5.50,speaking 6.50,writing,5.50.
    am i eligible for Canada

  129. Nimesh says:

    I ma homeopath i have 10 yrs experiance.can i apply for canada pr.?pls ans me.

  130. SRINIVAS says:

    Does any one here to help, what is the min ielts score (6 OR 6.5) needs to be get to qualify for CIC.

  131. vasim vohra says:

    i have got listening-6.5; speaking-6.5; writing-5.5; reading-6.5; overall-6.5…….
    in ielts gt.
    i want to apply in FSW. do i aligible or i have to get 6.0 band each………….?
    or overall 6.5 will work…………?
    pls reply…………..

  132. gagandeep kaur says:

    Hello CIC
    I want to confirm my requirement under FSW as my ielts scores overallis 6 bands, but in speaking is 6, in reading is 4.5and in listening is 6.5 bands

  133. Gurpreet singh says:


    I am from india .I want to confirm that what type of technical education certificate required to apply under canadian FSWP? Have I.T.I is the only certification that qualify under FSWP or private college certificate is eligible…???????

  134. Deepika says:

    Hi sir,
    I have 7 year experiance as a purchasing ahent can I aplly it
    In ielts I got only 5.5 band. L .5 S 5.5 W 6.0 R 4.5
    Please sir give me a reply as soon as possble.

  135. mitchicko says:

    Hi! Good day.
    I already passed my application last December 12, 2013 for FSW Medical Technologist and upon checking in Fedex, it was delivered/received last December 19, 2013. And upon checking last January 09, 2013, my occupation had reached it’s cap which is 300, what does it mean? Does it mean that they are going to send me back my application because I was not able to be part of that 300 applicants?

    Thank you so much

  136. vikram says:

    l am vikram singh .l have 5 years of experians gnm

  137. Kulvir Rana says:

    Hello cics..I am a physiotherapist.I want to know if there is any hope for reopening of federal skilled worker immi in 2014…actually I had applied for this in October but due to filled caps my file is returned back.

  138. raman says:

    i had done +2 and 2 year electricion iti course nd 5 year expericnce in same trade
    .nd i hve 5 score in ielts and my real brother pr in winnipeg .can i apply pr for canada .its possible

  139. IceMhen says:

    Hello CICS,
    Need your advice regarding my IELTS band score:
    Listening = 8
    Reading = 8
    Writing = 7
    Speaking = 5.5

    Overall = 7

    Am I eligible for the FSWP program?
    I have more than 7 years work experience as Application Support Analyst

    • CICS Immigration Editor says:

      You need at least 6 in each category. Also, you should look at the CIC page for caps reached in each occupation.

  140. baljinder says:

    I like to Know As i get our letter of exceptence in nov 2013 from manitoba how much time we get approval from cis

  141. Omkar Thatte says:


    I’am 41 years in age from India, with a strong professional expierience of 16 years. I have also appeared for the IELTS GT exam and scored as follows:
    L: 7.5
    W: 7.5
    S: 8
    To breifly describe my career, I have varied experience ranging from manual software testing to Corporate communications.

    I wish to know if I can apply for FSWP program. If yes, how do I go about it?


  142. rico says:

    Good day
    I have a question.
    Do i still be needed to take the ielts
    If im just applying to a work permit?
    Im not in a professional level or
    Applying for permanent residency or immigrant.
    I am somewhat a skilled worker just applying for a temporary working permit.
    I hope to hear from you soon.
    Thank you and god bless.

  143. Sangi says:

    Good day CICS,

    I am working as an Associate Professor for last 7 years in Food science and quality control Department( Under the same employer).Have 6.5 band score In IELTS in each. My age is 32 now and I have Msc degree in Food science and Quality Control. ( Doing Phd also).

    I wish to know I am eligible for apply under FSWP program 2014….?

    Thanks for your time.

  144. RAJ says:

    Dear Sir

    I have posted my application and was received on the 18th April 2014.
    Have I made the deadline for the 3oth April.
    I have got above 6.0 in all my IELTS.
    I am currently applying the NOC list 2154 as a Land Surveyor.
    with over 10 years experience and have a HND in Geo-Informatics.
    Do you think my application will be approved and also how long do I have to wait for a response.

  145. danish malik says:

    Dear sir can you please tel me my father step mom daughter is a Canadian citizen How can i tel that my close relative is in Canadian citizen where as my grandfather name is matching but my my grandmother name is not matching can help me with this issues.

    danish malik

  146. danish malik says:

    hii I have currently scores 46 accept ielts general which 21 more score is required to qualify for federal skill work program can you guide me how much more minimum ielts score per band should i need to obtain to get 21 to get 67 completed and qualify for federal skill work program

    • CICS Immigration Editor says:

      We recommend you book an appointment with one of our licensed consultants to see if there could be any options for you.

  147. kesikan says:

    I have applied for the Quebec immigration program and so I have sent my IELTS-GT TRF original along with my application. Now I am planning to apply for the FSW. But I dont have another original copy of my TRF,what am I supposed to do now.
    And,I am a RN,I just wonder how many application s might had been sent as of now. It might take me 2 weeks to send my application as I am waiting for my ECA from WES and the FD of 11,115 CAD.

    Provide some valuable suggestions.

    • CICS Immigration Editor says:

      You would need to send the original language test result, otherwise it will not be accepted. I suggest contacting the institution and requesting a second copy.

  148. Funke says:

    Good day Sir,
    I am interested in applying as a federal skill worker. I found out from your website that I need IELTS in order for my application to be considered. I would like to know if this test can be waved for me since the language of instruction in my country is in English. Also, I have five years post secondary degree with many years of work experience. Is there anything else I can do to proof my proficiency in English instead of writing the test? Thanks for your time.

  149. Funks says:

    Thanks for your response. Please I have more questions. For an international trained nurse that want to apply as a federal skilled worker, which evaluation body would you recommend? Do you accept college of nurses of Ontario evaluation as a proof of academic equivalence? Also, can my application be sent to cic while awaiting my evaluation result? Thanks again for you time.

  150. hina shaikh says:

    my file is ready for application for fsw 2014 unfortunately my daughters passport is not ready for the sm. can i send her passport later for the application. kindly revert thank you

  151. Mainali says:

    I am applying for FSWP 2014 and am almost ready with all the application forms and required documents according to your guide book as well as the document checklist form. However, I am from Nepal and am not sure what I should write in “Immigration Office Requested for processing this apllication.” I did not get any information about this as we do not have a Canadian Embassy in Nepal I need to know if we keep New Delhi as the option. Please advise.

  152. Rahat Amin Chowdhury says:

    I m a doctor from bangladesh. If i get a visa in fsw programme will i be able to work as a doctor in vanada or i ve to go through some processes?

  153. Rahat Amin Chowdhury says:

    Sorry i meant canada

  154. Victor Philip says:

    Hi Sir,

    I have 4 years experience as an human resource Executive and according to job description mentioned in NOC 2011 everything matches and I have the required letter too, the only question is the designation.

    Will CIC consider Human Resource Executive for Human Resource Manger occupation in FSW 2014. Rest everything is there in order and also I make 67 points.

  155. Keyvan says:


    Could u tell me how long the processing takes?

  156. Greeting would you mind leting me know which host you’reusing?
    I’ve loaded your blog sitre in 3 different browsers and I have to claim this blog loads a lot quicker in comparison to many
    web pages. Can you suggest a good net platform catrier at a fair cost?
    Many thanks, I appreciate it!

  157. Odebunmi says:

    Please I will like to know, is it only General Tests that is being accepted or you can do academic as well for Nigerians.

  158. kirti says:

    Hello sir,
    I am of 36 years of age and have done Chartered Accountancy (Inter) after completing my Graduation in Commerce.I have been serving as Accounts Manager for more than 10 years .I am married and has a son who is 6 years of age.I want to apply under federal skilled workers programs to Canada.I want to know if i am eligible to apply?
    Moreover my aunts live there as citizen of Canada (my mother’s brothers wives,although my mother and her brothers are dead).Can i get their citizenship benefit in points system?


    My Ielts score are L=7.5,R=5.5,W=6.00,S=6.50 overall scores =6.5 should i apply for canada PR

  160. Atinuke says:

    thanks for dis great site.pls am a registered nurse here in Nigeria with 8years experience, i received my ECA from WES that equates my 3years nursing education to 3years of hospital training and study.what does this mean?Can i still use it to apply for FSW? i got 6 and above in my ielts already.kindly reply.

  161. Qasim Raja says:

    If my occupation – NOC Code is not in the High Demand Profession List of the ongoing year as published. Can i still apply immigration for FSW or do i need to adopt some other way ?
    How may i get the appointment for consultancy of your organization for the needful ?

  162. vedant jingger says:

    Dear sir,
    I got 5.5 band in ielts exam. Have there any chance to migrate in canada on basis of pr?? Guide me which and where can I get it?

  163. Aworinde Samuel says:

    Please, i heard that after this year registration for federal skill worker in canada close. Is true? Is there any extension for people like me that are so slow on the process. Thanks!

  164. Vijay Singh says:

    I am Dr. Vijay, my IELTS over all score is 6. Listening 6, reading 4, wrighting 6, speaking 7. Am I eligible to work in Canada?

  165. ankita says:

    i have completed my dental degree course from india and i want to take admission in alberta dental college.
    should i need to give ielts if i have a PR of canada?

  166. Ayodeji says:

    Can I apply for fed skilled trades program with my score of 5.5 across the reading,listening,writing and speaking?

  167. raji says:

    iam 41 yrears old, iam a post graduate in mechanical engineering, also i have 6 years o f experience as asst. professor. i want to know whether iam eligibile to apply for immigration to canada.

  168. Hetal says:

    Hello sir,

    I am a Homeopathic Doctor.(B.H.M.S)
    Will you please reply me,Am i eligible for Getting pr through express way in Canada
    Please Reply me as soon as possible

    Thanking You

    • Reema says:

      I am homeopathic doctor (B.H.M.S)

      Am I eligible for PR in Canada? My total score is 71.

      Plz reply.


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