New Federal Skilled Worker Program to Launch May 4 2013

Citizenship and Immigration Minister Jason Kenney announced today that the long-awaited Federal Skilled Worker Program will be launched on May 4th 2013 (Citizenship and Immigration Canada)

Citizenship and Immigration Canada announced today that the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) will re-open on May 4 2013 with the new selection rules.

CIC closed the FSWP to new applications in July 2012, saying it needed time to reduce the program back-log and re-design the point system used to select immigrants to better meet Canada’s economic needs.

The re-launched FSWP will award more points for youth and English/French language proficiency, factors CIC says its body of research shows contribute to economic success for immigrants.

FSW applicants will need to meet the Canadian Language Benchmark 7 standard for English proficiency to qualify for the program, which is the equivalent to scoring 6 on the IELTS, the most widely taken English language assessment test.

The new FSWP selection rules will also utilize an Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) process that will be introduced with the program, which will award points for foreign educational credentials based on assessments of their equivalent value in Canada.

A list of organizations designated  by Citizenship and Immigration Minister Jason Kenney to do the assessments will be released in early 2013.

“For too long, too many immigrants to Canada have experienced underemployement and unemployment, and this has been detrimental to these newcomers and to the Canadian economy,” said Kenney.

“Our transformational changes to the FSWP will help ensure that skilled newcomers are able to contribute their skills fully to the economy as soon as possible. This is good for newcomers, good for the economy, and good for all Canadians.”

CIC also said that new FSWP applications will be processed in months, instead of years, owing to the work the department has done in reducing the existent backlog and limits the program will put in place in quantity of applications it will accept.

Federal Skilled Worker Program fact-sheet

  • Maximum points awarded for a principal applicant’s proficiency in a first official language increased from 16 to 24 points, in proficiency in a second official language reduced from 8 to 4 points
  • Maximum of 12 points awarded to applicants aged 19 to 35, with decreasing points awarded until age 46
  • Maximum number of points awarded for foreign work experience reduced from 21 to 15
  • Points awarded for spousal education replaced with a maximum of 4 points awarded for spousal language proficiency
  • Maximum of 10 points awarded for Canadian work experience
  • Points awarded for foreign education credentials to be determined by an assessment of the foreign credential’s equivalent value in Canada as assessed by an organization that is designated to provide credential assessment and authentication

198 thoughts on “New Federal Skilled Worker Program to Launch May 4 2013

  1. I am applying for FSWP 2014 and am almost ready with all the application forms and required documents according to your guide book as well as the document checklist form. However, I am from Nepal and am not sure what I should write in “Immigration Office Requested for processing this apllication.” I did not get any information about this as we do not have a Canadian Embassy in Nepal I need to know if we keep New Delhi as the option. Please advise.

  2. I m a doctor from bangladesh. If i get a visa in fsw programme will i be able to work as a doctor in vanada or i ve to go through some processes?

  3. Hi Sir,

    I have 4 years experience as an human resource Executive and according to job description mentioned in NOC 2011 everything matches and I have the required letter too, the only question is the designation.

    Will CIC consider Human Resource Executive for Human Resource Manger occupation in FSW 2014. Rest everything is there in order and also I make 67 points.

  4. Greeting would you mind leting me know which host you’reusing?
    I’ve loaded your blog sitre in 3 different browsers and I have to claim this blog loads a lot quicker in comparison to many
    web pages. Can you suggest a good net platform catrier at a fair cost?
    Many thanks, I appreciate it!

  5. Please I will like to know, is it only General Tests that is being accepted or you can do academic as well for Nigerians.

  6. Hello sir,
    I am of 36 years of age and have done Chartered Accountancy (Inter) after completing my Graduation in Commerce.I have been serving as Accounts Manager for more than 10 years .I am married and has a son who is 6 years of age.I want to apply under federal skilled workers programs to Canada.I want to know if i am eligible to apply?
    Moreover my aunts live there as citizen of Canada (my mother’s brothers wives,although my mother and her brothers are dead).Can i get their citizenship benefit in points system?

  7. thanks for dis great site.pls am a registered nurse here in Nigeria with 8years experience, i received my ECA from WES that equates my 3years nursing education to 3years of hospital training and study.what does this mean?Can i still use it to apply for FSW? i got 6 and above in my ielts already.kindly reply.

  8. If my occupation – NOC Code is not in the High Demand Profession List of the ongoing year as published. Can i still apply immigration for FSW or do i need to adopt some other way ?
    How may i get the appointment for consultancy of your organization for the needful ?

  9. Dear sir,
    I got 5.5 band in ielts exam. Have there any chance to migrate in canada on basis of pr?? Guide me which and where can I get it?

  10. Please, i heard that after this year registration for federal skill worker in canada close. Is true? Is there any extension for people like me that are so slow on the process. Thanks!

  11. I am Dr. Vijay, my IELTS over all score is 6. Listening 6, reading 4, wrighting 6, speaking 7. Am I eligible to work in Canada?

  12. hi
    i have completed my dental degree course from india and i want to take admission in alberta dental college.
    should i need to give ielts if i have a PR of canada?

  13. hi,
    iam 41 yrears old, iam a post graduate in mechanical engineering, also i have 6 years o f experience as asst. professor. i want to know whether iam eligibile to apply for immigration to canada.

  14. Hello sir,

    I am a Homeopathic Doctor.(B.H.M.S)
    Will you please reply me,Am i eligible for Getting pr through express way in Canada
    Please Reply me as soon as possible

    Thanking You

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