Saskatchewan Proposes Stricter Immigration Laws

Saskatchewan Immigration Minister Rob Norris proposed new legislation that would tighten SINP rules for family sponsorship

Saskatchewan’s Immigration Minister Rob Norris announced that the province will be tightening rules for the family sponsorship category of its Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program. Saskatchewan’s family nominee program is considered to be easier for immigrants than those of other provinces, but it has also had problems with abuse.

The new rules include a cap of one application for the family nominee program per household. Mr. Norris described the current situation as one where “we’ve even heard stories of up to 20 applications” per household.

The Saskatchewan government is also requesting that the federal government increase the number of immigrants the province can nominate every year through its Immigrant Nominee Program from 4,000 to 6,000. Government officials say the province needs immigrants to fill its jobs.

Norris’ proposed legislation also includes a requirement for recruiters and immigration consultants to be in good standing in Saskatchewan to represent SINP applicants.

18 thoughts on “Saskatchewan Proposes Stricter Immigration Laws

  1. When will this be applied? Also if SINP bringing people to Canada and in Saskatewan then why do you want to make it tight? If someone abuse it they dont get immigration right? By tightening the rules you will have less people coming to your province and people will use other province or may be other countries.

    • These changes are in effect now. The provincial government is tightening the rules due to some individuals sponsoring up to 20 individuals, and taking up space from other potential applicants. Also it was urged to make changes by the federal government.

  2. In addition to one application per household, it also required Job Offer for the applicant. My brother has been preparing for his application since 2010 and it’s just very disappointing that, he needs to have a job offer before we can file his application. He saved so that he could have the required proof of funds under his name for at least 3 mos. and just before we are about to file his application the changes effective on May 1, 2012 took place. I’m not sure if there are companies out there in Saskatchewan that are willing to hire someone they haven’t seen in person. I for one, as a professional immigrant here in Canada is having a hard time landing a job that suits my qualifications. My brother is a licensed engineer and I’m positive that he can contribute to the growth and development of the province, but with the new rules on hand, I think bringing professional family members here in Canada has now become almost impossible.

  3. Hello ,
    I have got my sinp in saskatchewan and I have thought of calling my brother to saskatchewan and live here permanently.With change in rules now made impossible for me to call my brother here so I am leaving saskatchewan and moving to a different province which is more developed and less cold than Saskatchewan. I totally condemn the amendments made my ROB NORRIS . Everyone who have got there immigration here will move back to Ontario and BC now.
    I agree to the fact there are people who have sponsored 20 people in there family but the rules should be tighten for only those people who try to take advantage of the system not for all other people.I am a mechanical Engineer and I was providing skilled labour to SK.
    I wanna add that no employer in canada wants to hire someone who is a different country so there is no what you can get the offer letter from employers for skilled jobs. So this is totally make no sense of providing a job offer from an employer.

    • I hundred percent support your concern. I am also mechanical engineer and planning to settle there with my sister and brother in law but the changed rules made it really tough to process in family sposorship immigration. If somebody is qualified and keeps the potential to find a job according to his/her qualification and talent, then why they came up with these stuffs.Better punish them who are doing against the system. why do we all be part of their wrong doings.

    • Hello Vineet Karir,

      I do admit that you have your rights to express your grievances, and the liberty to movements since Canada is not a communist state. However, what I found offensive and, totally, out of order, is your ungrateful attitude and threat to leave the province and the ground for such: “I am leaving saskatchewan and moving to a different province which is more developed and less cold than Saskatchewan. I totally condemn the amendments made my ROB NORRIS . Everyone who have got there immigration here will move back to Ontario and BC now.” [end of quote].

      Since you’re a professional engineer, as you’ve claimed, and arrogantly so, because you’re providing “poor Saskatchewan” with the labour she so desperately needs, you however, neglect to articulate what you have benefited from the province. Also, I am glad that you’d admitted to the minister’s claim of abuses of the system where there are households with 10, 20 or more applications. Not only that, the whole household is now exploiting the system by being on welfare draining the “meagre” resources of the province. I am sure you know that those miscreants who indulge in such practices do not have a placard that tells others that they’re ethically and morally sound individuals: they could be the most educated people.

      My point is, good attitude defines your altitude and it goes a long, and you don’t call your friends name because you disagree with their point of view.
      Being in Canada and obtaining the citizenship is not a birth right, it is a priviledge that deserves honour. I wish you all the best.

  4. Canada’s immigration laws need to be ammended to protect the people born in Canada first. We cannot just go out willy nilly and bring over every Yussaf, Sandeep and Bruce Lee out there. At present, Canada is bringing in immigrants that the present Canadian population is supporting through welfare and employer assistance. We have enough internal problems without bringing in immigrants looking for handouts. Our ancestors came here with nothing and made lives and that is how these immigrants need to be treated. They have to prove they belong here!! I Agree with tighter controls on immigration as should all Canadians! If we continue to bring in more foreigners who do not have the same goals and want to live in Canada but with their own schools, their own laws and force Canada to change, then we may as well change the name of Our Country to suit these people as well, change our National Anthem, submit to Allah or Buddah or who the hell else they worship! Our country is becoming too divided and it needs to stop before it is too late. Having “families” come to Our Beautiful Country and be able to have their dozen wives/concubines is an absolute disgrace! The erosion of the Family here in Canada is destroying our Country. It won’t be long before Shari Law will be able to be enforced and then our Country will be no better than the places we imported these immigrants!

  5. Changing the SINP rules is the decision of the provincial government. We don’t have any right to make them change the new law. But we are more than disappointed only for that reason that why the government is making some injustice for everyone who are not guilty. If somebody abused the system by sponsoring 20 applicants at a time, I am sure they must had to get the nomination from the provincial government first; and if they were not qualified for those applications why they had not been cancelled? My next question if that supporting family did some fraudulence or cheating with the SINP process or wanted to take some unlawful advantages from the immigration process and they were found guilty by the government did government take any necessary action against them? If not why? They deserved to loose their own immigation status. Not all other Saskatchewan immigrants need to be punished only for the misconduct of a few dishonest persons. Like my husband and me just moved from Alberta to Saskatchewan only to get some preference to help our beloved siblings, nephew, nieces and our parents. My husband has lost his awesome job, I had to change my job. A lot of srtuggling to get a daycare and suitable environment for my son; a fully settled family in Edmonton after moving to Regina seem like sinking into an ocean. My husband is a mechanical engineer, I am an IMG. We went through a long process to get a good job. Still we were not a burden for the government. We were not idle and did not go through the government social help. We tried a lot for being honest and eventually we went through. So if we sponsor people like us, for sure they will be honest too. But how come they will get any job offer from outside of Canada while a competent immigrant after living here in Canada for several years is not able to get a skilled professional job? For sure if the law has been in effect like one supporting family can sponsor 5-10 house hold at a time and no criteria for the job offer then it would be way more better for Saskatchewan’s booming economy. Dear honorable minister please try to consider that; we love our family and we are absolutely lonely without them. Make the immigration law tighter after people landing here and let them try to explore their expertise so that they can contribute their efforts in building Saskatchewan as a model province.

  6. It’s about time. The ONLY reason we had such an influx of immigrants was precisely as admitted above. Had there been no such a benefit to living in sk for these immigrants we’d not have seen such a rush that drove our housing market in to the ground and made the majority of this Province unnaffordable for Canadian citizens, the people that have been here paying taxes from the word go have been mistreated by our own government because of such policies. It was these immigrants having arrived with 6+ income earners under their roof driving up home prices almost out of reach of dual income Canadian families..the way WE grew up. For Christ sake, why should we be forced to live this way? I can’t wait for all of these system suckers to leave this province behind, what they planned to do once they had their family here anyways. Thanks for destroying our way of life for my children.

    • Many would argue the increase in population is a good thing for Saskatchewan instead of the trend of losing population, which it had been experiencing previously. Here is a good article:

      Saskatchewan’s big comeback
      After losing population for two censuses in a row, Saskatchewan has made a big comeback.
      According to the 2011 census, the population has jumped to 1,033,381, an increase of 65,224 from the 2006 count.
      The 6.7 per cent increase is the biggest turnaround of any province and it compares to losses of 1.1 per cent in each of the previous two censuses.
      It’s only the second census ever where Saskatchewan crossed the one million mark.
      The only other time that happened was in 1986.
      Saskatchewan’s big jump was mainly the result of higher immigration levels and higher net interprovincial migration, StatsCan says.


      • I know many would argue that, and the majority of them are themselves immigrants. I chose to say in SK because I LOVED the small town atmosphere. 5 dollar coffees are for big cities, not SK. Pray tell, what is your stance on this? What do we, as Saskatchewan born residents gain from the population growth comprised of primarily limited skill sets including the comprehension of the english language? it pisses me off when I have to explain 3 times at a fast food restaurant that I want a burger and when I look in my bag In find a fillet o fish. What the hell?? I’ll tell you what, it hasn’t benefited me in the least. Traffic is worse, housing costs are ridiculous and my wage has not even moved up with inflation…but we’re in a boom? Sorry if I am not a kool-aid drinker, but what I am seeing transpiring in Canada is an impending disaster, and the huge influx of immigrants definitely plays part of it. Particularly in SK where we don’t even have the infrastructure to support any serious growth!! Give me a solid argument here, what am I missing?? How does this benefit me, my family, and the future of my children? My children are young enough that they won’t have to worry about paying inflated values for homes, but by the time they are ready to enter the work force, they are going to be subjected to the same thing I was after graduating in 93, a difficult job market. That’s not the point though, let’s get back to the now…how does the influx of immigrants from the UAE and Ontario benefit the PEOPLE of SK, NOT the tax system. Thanks in advance for your response. I type this as I hear my recently immigrated UAE neighbour speaking punjab with three friends on his lawn. He has 4 cars parked on the street, all belonging to working age immigrants living under the same roof. Of course they can afford a 340G handyman special that 6 years ago would have brough 70G.

        • As an organization, we take no public policy positions on immigration, beyond being in support of common sense policies like having a transparent immigration system that is upfront with immigration applicants about the expected processing time of their application and their chances of being accepted.

          The debate on whether there should be lower or higher immigration levels, nation-wide, and for each particular province, is beyond the scope of our role as a consultation and news services provider. We apologize if the earlier comment led you to believe that we endorsed the view that Saskatchewan should encourage more immigration. We just wanted to provide the counter-argument others make to your position.

          There are certainly plenty of arguments from people on all sides of this debate, and we would like to hear them all.

  7. Manpower is the strongest power and we need to know how do we utilize this, think about US and China. We need more industries. Industrialization is the basic of all. You are worried about your children that they have to pay more than usual to buy a house, no doubt, but the other thing is that when your kids will grow up, for sure they will secure some high official jobs. Think that there are no more people other than those officers then who will gonna build their office buildings, forget about that just let think who will build the houses which they have to buy with high prices? Even let it go just think about the fiilet instead of the burger if there is not enough manpower to start a fast food restaurant then where would you find this fillet? You have to stay on the roof of the office building or in the street although you earn enough money.Canada has anglophony and francophony people and everybody is not bilingual. Some of the anglophony people have lots of difficulty understanding the francophony and the vice versa. So for the immigrants it might difficult to understand some difficult english words but hearing fillet instead of burger is so absurd. Even a toddler knows what is a burger and what is a fish fillet and those are international food.The possibility is that,the order was in france language or just a rumour. And also those two words do not pronunce similar.Money is not that much cheaper that an employer is paying an employee without even knowing the name of the item of the food. The employee could be very new or did not know that much about the restaurant but the employer was not and he does not want to lose his business for sure.

  8. Good evening Gulshan. I’ve read your response three times and have failed to completely decipher your message. I think you are missing the point. With the large volume of what I am assuming by your name are your ethnic peoples coming in to the province, we are seeing our way of life change dramatically, and not for the better in most cases. I am all for cultural diversity, and find many cultures interesting. However, that is looking from the outside. it’s when these cultures impact my way of life that I start to take a different stance. For instance, when I see Indian woman wrapped head to toe it sickens me. In understand it’s your culture, and I will cope with it. I won’t cope with my children being told they are “Not allowed” to say Merry Christmas however. Saskatchewan was and still is primarily of Ukrainian, Russian, Aboriginal and German influence. These cultures are all similar for the most part, living with two parents and their children under one roof. However, the middle eastern familial structure (likely religious ties, hindu or muslim, not sure) is entirely different, with parents, children and grand children living under one roof, pooling their resources together for everything. I DO NOT want to live with my siblings my entire life. I like my space, we have plenty of it here. But when your culture brings it’s ways into our society this puts strain on our way of life. Like I said, multiple incomes generate a larger dollar pool, thus the housing price increase. Granted, the increase in housing is not entirely immigration, it’s also people who have access to cheap credit that have no idea (yet) what being under water is all about. I miss my Saskatchewan, my country bumpkin lifestyle…it’s gone because someone decided it would be a good idea to incentivize immigration. You can have Toronto, but let me keep my Regina.

  9. Good evening, hope that in the fourth attempt you have understood my point. My main point is that changing the immigration law only or making the law much more stricter is not the concrete solution. After getting the new revised news, a lot of people moved from Saskatchewan to other provinces, as a result most of the companies are losing competent workers,even I heard from one of my friend that the next day of declaration of the new immigration law, his company has lost eighty vital workers. Right now they hired some extra workers from other provinces and temporarilly fixed the problem. Saskatchewan has million acres of farmland but industries. If you want more urbanization and more industries, you need to retain people, even if you are a farm owner you need more customers to buy them. Canada needs a minimum quality for Immigrants from all the countries of the world so when anybody comes to Canada he/she needs to be as qualified like the other people from the above mentioned countries, even they need to be more qualified in certain categories and the immigration costs even higher. So only raising the issue of language barrier and ethnicity is just like undertreatment.The people whom you are talking about and who are your neighbours from UAE; according to you who are living under the same roof speak in Panjabi language. Panjabi language is an Indian language and those people might not be from UAE ( United Arab Emirate), they speak in Arabic language. And the other thing is that people are social human being and almost all of the countries of the world have cultural diversity with mixed religions and they are living peacefully. So I don’t know what makes you sick when you see those Indian women wrapping around head to toe? Some persons need to be tanned artificially and some are naturally tanned so they don’t need to be exposed. I really am not too sure about the relationship between housing prices and wearing traditional cloths. Living under the same roof is also not only for ethnic people, there is no role of ethnicity to stay in the same hosue; there are some necessities like affordability, commutes, baby sitting, shifting duties and offcourse the family bondings. Most of the immigrants don’t have that many family and friends around them so they try to keep the family bond tighter. I have gotten my hosue rented out to four different people, they are earning separately but still they are sharing all the rentals,bills and so on.They are not immigrants,not ethnic, not poor and also not hindu or muslim. They are living mutually to overcome their obligations. So my hope is that all of my clarifications eventually make you better understand. Finally what I think that every person has his or her own curtural and religious belief, nothing is attributable to make them deviate from that if they don’t change their minds by themselves.
    Thank you, enjoy your time!

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  11. My name is Syed Umair Naqvi , I am from Pakistan and live in Karachi . I want to apply for Immigration of Saskatchewan . I dont have a job offer but my real aunt live in Saskatchewan from last 6 to 7 years . So my question is that , only behalf of my aunt can I apply.


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