Canadian Immigration Minister on Irish TV on Expansion of Working Holiday Program

Citizenship and Immigration Minister Jason Kenney appeared on Ireland’s Late Late Show last Friday to discuss the coming expansion of the International Experience Canada program for Irish citizens, through which the number of working holiday visas available will be increased to 10,000 per year:

Several Irish audience members, the majority of them in their 20s, spoke of their plans to work in Canada and the general interest among Ireland’s youth to visit and live in Canada.

Minister Kenney said that Canada is an attractive destination for Irish nationals because it has the strongest economy in the G8 and holds many opportunities for workers. He spoke of the labour shortage in the country, and mentioned that there were over 50 Canadian companies in Dublin for the Working Abroad Expo, looking to fill over 3,000 positions.

Kenney said there were positions available in construction, the trades, engineering, services, video game production and software development.

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