New Language Requirements For Canadian Citizenship Coming into Effect November 1st

The UBC English Language Institute is one of thousands of locations where individuals can take an IELTS exam. Citizenship applicants will be required to submit the results from CIC-approved third-party tests like the IELTS or provide evidence of completion of secondary or post-secondary education in English or French to be have their application processed.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) announced today that the majority of citizenship applicants will be required to demonstrate language proficiency in English or French when they apply, effective November 1st, 2012.

Currently, CIC assesses applicants’ language proficiency through the interaction their staff have with the applicant, and from the applicant’s citizenship knowledge test results.

Under coming changes, citizenship applicants will be required to submit the results of an International English Language Testing System (IELTS) test, and score at least 4.0 and 4.5 on the speaking and listening portions, respectively.

In order for applicants to demonstrate French language proficiency, they will be required to submit the results of the Test d’évaluation de français (TEF), and score at least 181 and 145 on the speaking and listening portions.

Applicants can have the language test requirement waived if they can show evidence of having completed secondary or post-secondary education in English or French.

The new language requirements will only apply to applicants aged 18-54.

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176 Responses to New Language Requirements For Canadian Citizenship Coming into Effect November 1st

  1. Saeid says:

    some websites have published the new system for language proficiency in English or French(IELTS & TEF) for example if one need 20 points for language he/she must achieve 7.5 for listening and 6.5 for other skills ,so regard to it do you think this information are mocks as CIC decided to issue new information on 1,November?
    Thanks in advance

    • CICS Immigration editor says:

      The requirements mentioned in this article are for obtaining Canadian Citizenship, not Permanent Residence.

      The requirements you’ve seen in other websites are for qualifying for the Federal Skilled Worker Program, which grants Permanent Residence.

      Getting Permanent Residence is the first step in becoming a Canadian citizen, and is usually what people refer to when talking about ‘immigrating to Canada’.

  2. Saeid says:

    Thank you for your help and consideration,if you have further information about score system of IELTS I would be grateful if you could send me to my email.
    any reply will be appreciated.

  3. zak says:

    i sent in my application for citizenship…. i signed the application oct 20 and paid the fees nov 7th… will they still accept my application without having to do a language test i wrote them a letter explaining my lateness and i had to go threw surgery although the application was signed oct 20 and fees paid nov 7 will they still accept it?

  4. Chaminda says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am a Srilankan who is going to apply as work permit to Alberta and I have done my IELTS exam and my result is L-5.0, R-3.5, W-5.0, S-5.5 Overall 5.0 .

    Please let me know this result will enough to apply work permit to Canada?

    • CICS Immigration editor says:

      Hi Chaminda, you do not need to meet any language proficiency requirements to obtain a work permit in Canada.

      • A Louis says:

        I am applying for citizenship and my scores in ILETS were:
        Listening: 3.5
        overall: 4.5
        would those results be enough or should I take it again??

  5. Chaminda says:

    Yes but last time I applied for work permit and refused my application because that application was not completed, not included enough documents also last time I submitted my IELTS result that band score is only 4.0. Therefore, my consultant has advice me do IELTS so I got that 5.0 in this time.

    my consultant got that CAIPS note from Canada and on that had mentioned about my previous IELTS result is poor of 4.0

    Please reply me with answer

    • CICS Immigration editor says:

      There is no minimum language requirement for Canadian work permits, but it’s possible Immigration Officers will take IELTS results into account when reviewing the case. Your improved IELTS could help you in a new application, but there is no guarantee it will result in an approval.

  6. Chaminda says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have been worked at Saudi Arabia for six and half years from 2003 to till 2010
    and I had a girl friend there but as Saudi Law not allowed a girl friend. One day I went met for her in 2005.

    However, that sponsor of my girl friend called to police and arrested me for 2 days and that incident happened on Wednesday and next couple days weekend in Saudi Arabia

    Therefore, Saturday my sponsor come and took me out. Now my question is I must get Police clearance report from Saudi if they will mentioned that incident on Police report that will affect to my work permit application?

    Please reply my these questions.

    Thanking You,

  7. Bhavesh patel says:

    Yes but last time I applied for mpnp online and refused my application because
    ” You did not meet the minimum language ability of the Priority Stream. Under the eligibility criteria, you indicated that you will submit an IELTS result with a minimum score of 5. However, the IELTS result that you provided shows that you only received an overall band score of 4.5. ”

    My close relative in manitoba last three year and my IELTS Score is 4.5 band.
    (1) My question is I have reapply in paper base file in general stream

    Please reply me with answer

  8. Anja says:

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  9. Elaine says:

    We took languange assessment through WELARC’s Benchmark here in Manitoba, isn’t that recognized to apply for Canadian Citizenship? Thanks

    • CICS Immigration editor says:

      Unfortunately not. Only the CELPIP and IELTS are accepted by Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

      • Mushtaq Ahmed says:

        Dear Sir
        I m going to apply for Canadian Immigration in entrepreneurship
        category, Do I need to have Language proficiency score to get Canadian Immigration. Or I have to have English language ability for citizenship only . Mushtaq

      • sathya says:

        Hi i got ielts score like L 5.5, R 5.5, W 4.5 AND S 5.5 and i finished my masters in public administration, having 7+ years work expereice. pls tell me how can i apply for canada pr.

      • Gurpreet says:

        I done my IELTS in April 2009 and my citizen is due in November 2013, can I still use that result or I have to do IELTS test again? thank you in advance.

  10. Dhams Patel says:

    Please, let me know how much IELTS band required to apply Canada work permit from India?

  11. Assiar says:

    Hello, i applied for citizenship last august 2012. I received their reply and the booklet. I wonder if they will still require me to take the english exam? I am currently enrolled in a college now in calgary.

  12. Oyalade says:

    Hello’ how many point of ielts band can some 1 need for canada immigration, under federal skill worker program.

  13. Abdul says:

    Hello CICS Immigration editor.. Please, let me know how much IELTS band is required to apply for Canada permanent residence from India????? How much total points are required to be eligible to move permanently to Canada. Please Reply……… Also please just mention about the work permit in Canada

  14. catherine says:

    Good day!Im Catherine a Filipino and married,currently working here in saudi together with my husband and we have a one child.I am a nurse and my husband is a civil engineer.I just want to ask if is it necessary for us to take an ielts if were gonna migrate there in Canada?

    • TimCan says:

      Regardless or whatever qualifications you have you still need to prove your language proficiency in applying as a Skilled Worker in Canada.

  15. Jignesh says:


    I am going to apply for Canadian Citizenship may be in May 2013. I had taken my IELTS in 2002 and achieved 5.0. Will this certificate valid for my coming citizenship file?

    I will appreciate your response.

    Thanking you


  16. Ramon says:

    Greetings. I am a 56 year old man trying to apply for Canadian Citizenship. Do I need to apply for that language assessment program in order for my aplocation to be processed?

  17. Agha Abu talib says:

    Please, let me know how much IELTS band required to apply Canada (B.C) work permit from Pakistan?

  18. Kamaldeep Kaur says:

    Hi my name is kamal I want to knw about French language score bec I have Ilets 5.5and how many points I need in French language thx

  19. Charmaine says:

    Hi. Good day!

    I want to know if my husband still needs to pass an IeLTS result at the CIC even after having an approved nominee program in MAnitoba? Did we read it right that the copy of the result is only needed if the applicant is at level c or d at the NOC?

    BTW, my husband and i are both registered nurses here in the philippines and graduated with a bachelor’s degree.

    • Grace Chalmas says:

      I am a nurse but my spouse is High School undergrad,does he need to take the ielts too?I have relatives in Manitoba but we prefer to apply as FSW & want to choose Manitoba as our destination,is that possible even if Manitoba is under nominee program?

  20. ynnah says:

    Good day. I would just like to ask if I still need to take IELTS from the Philippines to apply for MPNP under family support stream? I am a taking up my master’s degree now. All delivered in English, even my post secondary degree is in English except for 4 subjects in mother tongue. I read that I can get a certification from my school. Thank you very much. Have a lovely day!

  21. Tahir Abdullah says:

    Hi Dear,

    I have to LMO visa from canada for the job on Convience Store.Do I need to apply for that language assessment program (ILETS) in order for my aplicatrion to be processed?

    Educational Background:

    BCS (Computer Scicence)

    With Respect
    Tahir Abdullah

  22. Sharif-Uddin says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am going to applyy for the skill labor immigration in Canada this year in May 13, I am going for ILET myself, does my wife also need to pass the ILET?

    Please advise.


  23. abdul says:

    Would you please tell me what type of IELTS test(general/academic) is required
    For canadian immigration/ skilled worker program?


  24. navuking says:

    I have done
    I have 2 years experience
    I have 6.5 bands in speaking and 6.5 listening
    2 children under 12 age
    study undergraduate
    4 years experience
    age 25
    how many bands i need in french

  25. Tamara de costa says:

    what is the new essential score required in the IELTS exam as an applicant in skilled federal worker class as a nurse in this new cic rule in 2013?how much should my total essential pts come to?(i hv more than a yr experience..i hv relatives in canada…i scored 6.5 overall in d gen ielts exams…)Pls reply as soon as possible..Thanks

  26. Raminder says:


    i have cleared the Ielts as overall 6.5 bands (L6, R6, W5.5 S7.5). I am going to apply for MPNP, Please suggest that is spouse also have to clear the ielts for MPNP or not.

  27. Ignacio says:


    I have passed my IELTS Academic exam with L 6.5 R 8.5 W 6.0 S 6.5 (Overall 7.0), in November 2012. Do I have to pass a IELTS General Training exam to apply for the FSWP?

    Thank you.

    • Charles says:

      Good day;
      I am in the same situation as Ignacio.
      I have passed my IELTS Academic exam. Can I use this exam for my Canadian citizenship application?
      Your help will be appreciated! Thanks

  28. moby says:

    Dear Sir,
    m aplyng for Student visa in Canada at the end of thz year from Pakistan
    i just wana kno how much IELTS score m gona need….?
    your kind reply will be apreciated

    Thanking you

  29. Hi Hello says:

    Hi im a nurse for 5 years here in ph, I will take the ielts exam this march and to be passed on may does my husband also needs to take the ielts exam? he took the exam and got only 4.5 overall is that passed? please reply

    And i got sponsorship points from my brother in canada..

    regarding with my post, If i passed the ielts exam and my spouse got only 4.5 in ielts. will that be enough for canada to accept our papers this may? please reply..

  30. moby says:

    Hi guys,
    can anyone would like to tell me, is IELTS compulsory for studying in Canada & what is the level of band required…??

    Thanking You

  31. Jayvee says:

    I’m working now as a caregiver here in Manitoba not a permanent resident, still Working Visa holder and I’m planning to get my husband and my son through Spousal Sponsorship when I met the required hours of work…do we need to take IELTS for Spousal Sponsorship?
    I will appreciate your response.
    Thank you so much.

  32. justin08 says:

    Me & my family are applying through FSW,is it a must for my husband to take the IELTS too when i’m the principal applicant?

  33. Ancy says:

    Dear Sir,
    We are intrested in getting PR to Canada and would like to know whether spouse aslo required to clear IELTS? Appreciate you guidance,

  34. ann says:

    Hi! Is it final that the FSW will open this coming May 04, 2013? does the wife need to take the ielts for additional points for the husband who is the main applicant? Even if the wife is college degree holder? my husband’s band score is only 7. thanks!

  35. viva says:

    I want to apply for Citizenship. Right now I’m in the third year of my PhD studies. I have my expired academic IELTS. Do you know if immigration accepts the academic IELts or not. If not can I provide them a letter from university instead? It’s really confusing as they mentioned degree completion in cic website.
    Thank you

  36. Aman says:

    Hi I’m applying for Canadian citzenship in may 2013, and I’m just wondering where can I go for my language test? I live in surrey bc

  37. Adeel says:

    Hello. I just want to know that i got UK bechlor degree. How many language point i will get or Still i need IETS to apply for immigration to canada?? Thanks bye

  38. Alice says:

    I am a university graduate from Nigeria. I have been tutored in English language from primary school to the university. Do I still need the ielts general exams to apply as a Federal skilled worker? Your response would be appreciated. Thank you.

  39. Tapinder says:


    I want to know that with new changes do we still have to get 5 bands in ielts for family stream mpnp( it used to be minimum criteria until April 1st). I don’t see thus reference anymore in manitoba immigration website.


  40. Hassan Nasser says:

    Dear sir: hi I got my results for ielts general and I’m applying for citizenship and my results is :L4-R4-W5-S7 .band 5 .my question is can I apply now for the citizenship thanks.

    • Eliniel dy says:

      Hi! i am a permanent residence card holder in Saskatchewan since july 2010 and I am going to apply for Canadian Citizenship this Oct 2013, and one of the requirements is the language test. I had taken my IELTS in 2010 with an overall score of 6.0 and i submitted my ielts certificate together with my application for permanent residence wayback 2010. Will this certificate valid for my coming citizenship file?

      I will appreciate your immediate reply.

      Thank you,

  41. jiju says:

    hi sir,
    I have scored ielts band 6.5, L 5.5.R6.5,W.7,S 6.5. Is it possible for me to apply for PR


  42. jiju says:

    HI SIR.
    I have scored Ielts band 6.5 ( W-7, R-6.5,L-5.5,S-6.5) Is it possible for me to apply for PR.


  43. Hassan Nasser says:

    Hassan Nasser says:
    April 8, 2013 at 5:03 pm
    Dear sir: hi I got my results for ielts general and I’m applying for citizenship and my results is :L4-R4-W5-S7 .band 5 .my question is can I apply now for the citizenship thanks.

  44. bob says:

    I got a total ielts band score of 5 .iam elgible to ang immigrant pls rply bec the agency im applying for requires me to have an 6 in every category as the principal wid my wife

  45. Paras Bagthalia says:

    Hi CICS,

    My Name is Paras, my Nationality is Indian and I am in United Kingdom for 7 years.

    I am planning to apply for Canada Permanent Residency. My question is do i need to take IELTS Exam, if i am English Speaking country for more then 7 years?

    Thanks in Advance.

  46. Lucia says:

    looks like I need to go through this language testing now to apply for my citizenship, so wondering what my options are other than to travel 1152 km down to Vancouver from Northern BC to take that test??? Looks like all the centers where the acceptable test could be done are in just a few big cities in the whole country. Did they have this in mind while creating this new rule, people living far North, far from all the testing centers, in the middle of nowhere in Canada????

  47. Eugene says:

    My wife will be the principal applicant and I will be the dependent and the question is do I still need to take the IELTS exam?

  48. alex says:

    hi, i got my results

    l- 8.5
    r- 5.5
    w – 7.5
    s- 7

    can i go ahead and apply PR or i have to go for a retake to improve the reading ?
    can someone guide me

  49. Masood says:

    Dear Help Desk ,

    Kindly let me know is there any relaxation in IELTS Score due to 12 years of Experience for the immigration in skilled worker program from Pakistan. and over all education is in english.

    any help will be appreciated

  50. angeldegala says:

    Hi CIC,

    My boyfriend’s aunt will sponsor me and my boyfriend. My boyfriend will be the principal applicant and I will be the dependent/spouse we’re applying as common law partner and the question is do I still need to take the IELTS exam?

  51. rosa says:

    Good day,i have a question regarding my citizenship process,i applied 2 months ago and CIC sent me back all my documents as an incomplete documents and they mentioned that my language evidence is not acceptable but i completed my french courses in 2010 and i sent them my transcripts and a copy of my certificate from immigration et communite culturelle(MICC),and i don’t know what is problem, maybe CIC needs my original certificate !
    please help me

  52. shakeel says:

    can any one tell me what is min IELTS Band requirement LMO according to new canadian immigartion policy,
    Abdullha did you apply thorugh any consulting company

  53. Abid Mahmood says:


    I am working in USA since more than 5 years. I want to apply Canadian Immigration as Skilled Worker. Do I still need to do IELTS?


  54. salman says:

    Respected Sir,

    i am going to apply for immigration in this month.i have done IELTS with 6 bands(general).Is it enough for skill worker immigration? will my wife have to appear in IELTS Exam too?
    awaiting for your kind reply

  55. zeeshan says:

    Dear Sir/Madam;
    i have applied for ALBERTA NOMINEES PROGRAM but now my case is in Canadian high commission in London and they required some document. i need to ask how much band in IELTS (GENERAL TRAINING )required further process.
    plz help

  56. Bola says:

    I studied a masters degree in the UK, 2008. Do i still require IELTS test to confirm my english proficiency? I am applying as a skilled workers for Canadian immigration from Africa. Regards.

  57. Nari says:

    Hi sir it’s Nari by profession iam chef so can u tell me plz how much band (ielts)are required for Canadian permanent residence ship

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  59. jeremiah says:

    Good day cic,

    I applied under manitoba provincial nominee program(family support) last june 18, 2012 and got confirmation the following day.. file number was under noc skill C.. ielts was not a requirement then..i finished my college in the philippines.. july 1, 2012 was when they implemented the ielts..i received the approval last nov 2012 and submiited my documents in cic last jan 2013.. they returned my document last may 28, 2013 stating that language proficiency is needed..its confusing because at the time of my application under mpnp, ielts was never indicated so i did not take it.. i assumed that im not part of the new requirement.. what can i do now? Pls help me..

  60. Mani says:

    Sir i have one question.
    Is academic ielts acceptable in manitoba provincial nomniee?

  61. mariane says:

    Do you know where to take the test?

  62. Ola says:

    what is the Minimum over all score for IELTS general in order to be able to apply for Canada Immigration 2013?

    Thank you

  63. Tazeen says:

    So only speaking n listening portion of the islts
    Are to be given for the citizenship application to process ?? No reading n writing to be given ???
    Are ther specific test centers for this ?? Or can it be given
    Anywhere ??
    Are we supposed to tell them that this is for citizenship purpose ??
    Please let me know at your earliest !

  64. Annie Dutta says:

    Hi Dear,
    I have a query regarding the language requirement for citizenship application.
    I have completed my Honours and Masters in English Language from Dhaka University in Bangladesh. I have all the certificates and transcripts. So, should I go to LINC to get the level 4 certificate. Please let me know as early as possible.
    Thanks for your cooperation.

  65. my name is johnson,i am a welder, i am working in a indian factory,my IELTS SCORE lis-3.5,read-4.5,wri-4,spe-3. so i need, to permenent stay in CANADA.OR how much ielts score permenent stay to canada?. pls help me sir.

  66. sonam says:

    dear sir,
    plz tell me there is a sureity to get pr after crossing ielts exam with good number of bands

  67. sonam says:

    Dear sir, what type of documents required to get pr in canada after passing ielts exam

  68. Roma Ephraim says:

    Hey !
    I’m from Pakistan and I applied for spouse visa as my husband is in Canada . We applied in July 2012 and we got the first stage approval in October . I wanted to ask how much more time this whole immigartion process will take as it has already been a year. Second do I need to do IELTS ?

  69. naser says:

    i have 1sr digree in math in 1994 , i’m 40 years old , i hve 18 years experince teaching math , i have 4 children , i get 5.0 in ielts
    what is my chance in imimgration?

  70. rey says:

    im 45 years old and i’ve been working in canada as a cook for almost 6 years but still not PR i took my ielts last year and got a score of question is can i apply for a permanent residency the fact that my ielts score is 4.5?.please help

  71. Tilisa says:

    Hi there,
    I am from the U.K. I speak English as my first and ONLY language. I have been in Canada since 2004. I sent my Citizenship papers off about 2 1/2 months ago and have just received it back in the mail saying the Language Proof portion is un-acceptable. I submitted a COPY of my High school transcript proving I took EVERY class in ENGLISH. Why would my papers come back?? Do I need to submit an ORIGINAL high school transcript?

  72. rey says:

    anyone can answer my inquiry please?

  73. Sunny Patel says:

    Hi to all …. I just want a inqury…
    I am sunny from uk .. I want to apply for Canada nominee programm. I have completed MBA in London and currently working . Do I need to give ielts again ..?

  74. Jimmy says:

    Is there change regarding Ielts band for Winnipeg Immigrants?

  75. Howard says:

    I am an IELTS teacher in Israel and I have a student who lived in Canada for 3 years, he left for a year and now wants to return to Canada permanently. Please could you advise me as to whether or not he needs to take the IELTS test. I have been given conflicting reports and I cannot find a clear answer anywhere.
    Many thanks,

  76. Moary Joanne Eleazar says:

    Hi, I want to apply my brother here in Winnipeg as Provincial Nominee. What is the total score that he needs for the IELTS? Thanks!

  77. veerpal sidhu says:

    sir I am an IT engineer graduate … many bands I need to get in ielts

  78. huma says:

    hi. i wanted yo know if CIC accepts Academic IELTS results for citizenship card application?

  79. santosh says:

    Dear Sir,

    I would like know that my wife is General Nurse and she is working in kuwait, now my question is how many band she need to get to migrate canada with husband and kid. her husband is having dipploma working also. just let me know in rply my e-mail address.

  80. amjad says:

    I am PR, sponsored by my wife, want to apply for Citizenship. Right now I’m in the fifth year of my PhD studies . I have my expired academic IELTS, which was done on Dec 2007. Do you know if immigration accepts the academic IELts or i have to apply for the general one . If not can I provide them a letter from university instead? It’s really confusing as they mentioned degree completion in cic website.
    Thank you

  81. gagandeep says:

    hello …. I want to apply for work permit in Manitoba please tell me in which stream I passed my ILETS ( academic or general) and how much I score needed ??

  82. Yeboah says:

    Wrote IELTS and had speaking = 6.5 reading = 5.5 writing = 5.5 reading 4.5 do i qualify for federal skilled workers program?

  83. Zahra Sargi says:

    what is the Minimum over all score for IELTS general in order to be able to apply for Canadian citizenship 2013?

  84. Ramandeep says:

    Hi Sir,

    I am preparing for General IELTS as I want a work permit for canada and PR also.I have done my and have an 4.5 years experience in Digital Marketing.please help me and provide me th complete detail how many bands are required for Canada for PR

  85. rajat bhalla says:

    sir i have been completed my 10+2 from non med stream and now i practising the ielts … so tell me how much bands i want to go for further study in Canada plse tell me as soon as possible thanks

  86. Emma says:

    Dear Sir/ Madam,
    I am a little confused, I have applied for a federal skilled workers visa in Canada and I am wondering do I need to do an ILETS test? I am from the UK and English is my only language and I am currently living in Australia does that make any difference?

  87. litzi says:

    My aunt who lives in Manitoba wants to sponsor me to go to Canada. My application would be under MANITOBA FAMILY SUPPORT STREAM. Is IELTS still required? Thanks

  88. Fahmi says:

    I’ve applied for (SINP) Family stream .Please Guide me about the IELTS score required according to (SINP)

  89. mutharasan says:

    hi,I am mutharasan …….i got my IELTS band average score of 5.0
    listening -5.0

    can i apply for semi-skilled woeker as a food counter attendant in canada

  90. Gaurav says:

    my ielts score is L5.5 , R 6, W 5.5, S5.5
    i have done can i apply for study visa in canada?

  91. Osmany says:

    Hello. I came to Canada under the Skilled Worker Visa and of course I had to take an IELTS test which I still keep although I am not sure if it expires at some point. I also have a Bachelor’s degree on English Language and Literature (5 years) which is in my country a university degree. Do I still need to do another test to prove I am English literate?
    Thanks in advance,

    • Ajit says:

      NO you don’t have to do the test again.
      Go to the site and you will read there that if you have done the IELTS exam it will be accepted even if it has expired.

  92. Ivy says:

    Hi I would like to ask if my sister in law does need to take the ielts.she and her family would like to apply here in Winnipeg under provincial nominee.

    So do you think she need this?


  93. Cherry says:

    I have my permanent immigrant 2005.
    Do I need to have an IELTS test? If I apply for my Canadian citizenship?


  94. y h patel says:

    which band require for workpermit canada (electrician )

  95. Zeeshan says:

    dear friends,
    I need some help.I got a 4.5 bands in ielts exam and i wish that i am studying in canada.Is it possible or not Help me and tell me a good way.My full score card are Listening 5 writing 4.5 Reading 4 Speaking 5

  96. Jaswinder says:

    Hello Sir,
    Do i need a IELTS score to apply a work permit in Canada from India. If yes how much should i have to score.

    • CICS Immigration Editor says:

      Hello there,

      It depends on the job you are doing. There is no minimum requirement, but the visa officer will take into consideration your language skills for the job you are doing. Normally, language skills lower than 4.0 in IELTS is not good.

      CICS Team

  97. Rama A. says:

    Dear sir
    I am about to apply to get my canadian citizenship. In terms of language requirments I have a masters degree from concordia university in montreal . Is it enough proof for english professiency or do I still need to take an exam?

  98. akopoyun says:

    hi! good day! I would like to ask if my IELTS examination for general training will expired on January 2014, can I still use it for my application this December 2013? I also took Academic but as I read GT is the only required, my only concern is that it will expired on January 2014. Thanks and more power.

  99. Divya says:

    I have 6+yrs of exp in software testing and i want work visa plus pr for canada
    .my ielts score is overall band 7 .

    Could you please please guide me to proceed further and check my eligibity in canada for software testing

  100. Minnah says:

    Hi, I took my CELPIP (LS) test and ny scores are
    Listening 5H
    Speaking 3H, so my question is do my scores
    qualify to apply for Canadian Citizenship? Am a
    PR though.

    • CICS Immigration Editor says:

      Please see CIC site for citizenship and language requirement. Otherwise, go to services and have one of our consultants respond to your questions.

  101. manveer kaur says:

    i want in canada for job and pr .i get overall 4.50 band. le 4.5,sp 5.o ,wr 5.5 ,re 3.50. can u help me

  102. manthan says:

    hellooo sir my self manthan patel i am from india gujarat sir i have applyed for workpermit in canada saskatchewan regina my agent told me i will get 2 year of work visa after 2 year if i want to apply for pr then i have to give only ielts or any another exam is available sir my eduaction is diploma mechanical engg and i am married and my wife come with me on dependent visa so what you say sir in my case
    thanks you

  103. Mandeep kaur says:

    Hi there, my ielts result in General is L-6.5, R-5.5, W-7, S-6.5, I did MSc in maths, B.Ed and have 1 year experience of teaching. Please can u tell me that is it possible to apply canada pr in any state? I will appreciate for reply.

  104. Jagtar singh says:

    Please, let me know how much
    IELTS band required to apply
    Canada (B.C) P.R from India ?

  105. Jagtar singh says:

    I have 7 years experience in cook (chef).
    Please, let me know how much
    IELTS band required to apply
    Canada (B.C) P.R from India.

  106. amy says:


    My husband has a relative in Manitoba who will sponsor him under the provincial nominee program. Since he is the principal applicant, am I required to take the IELTS.


  107. Larisa says:

    If I completed highschool in Canada do I still have to write the citizenship test?

  108. amy says:

    My husband has a relative in Manitoba who will sponsor him under the provincial nominee program. Since he is the principal applicant, he was the one who took the IELTS and already passed it. I am included in the application as his wife, am I required to take the IELTS too?


  109. fjolla says:

    I’m applying for canadian citizenship.I’m not certain if I can send my academic IELTS results L 5.5, W 5.0,R 6.0. S 7.5 .It says that I must take the general test.Please if someone could give me helpful information it would be very appreciated thank you!

  110. Gayathri says:

    I’ve done TOEFL exam last year for my university admission in Canada. I’ve applied for Student Visa. I’ve received a message from immigration asking me to upload my IELTS results sheet. I’ve submitted TOEFL result & sent e-mails to the immigration that I’ve done only TOEFL, but until now there is no reply. I would like to know whether I’ve to do IELTS, If so Which one Should I do? General Training or Academic?

  111. Anna says:

    I am an English teacher in Poland. I have a Master deegree – American literature. I am completing my PhD course everything from Bachelor to PhD has been taught in English. Now I want to move to Canada. Do I have to pass a language proficiency test?

    • CICS Immigration Editor says:

      Yes you do. Also, your work experience must match one of the accepted occupations, which it does not. If you do not, then you must have a job offer from a Canadian company.

  112. ranjit kaur says:

    Sir’ I got 5.5 band in general reading 4.5 listening 5 writing 5.5 speaking 6 I have 4 year experience as a staff nurse, can I apply for P.R with my family my husband & my 2 year baby for Saskatchewan

  113. renren says:

    anyone can advice me if i am qualified for Federal Skilled Trade Program. my ielts test result i got .. listening =4.5
    Reading = 4.0
    Writing= 5
    I NEED YOUR HELP AND ADVICE…thank you so much.

  114. Guileano says:

    Hello I just have my celpip test done my score is speaking 3h and listening 5h but on the immigration website it says you need at least 4 on both. Now my question it’s I’m applying for the canadian citizenship but I don’t know if I past. The requirement it level 4 or 4 low. Please can somebody advise. Thank you

  115. Nagendra says:

    Are there any changes regarding IELTS on work permit. Actually it’s not required for work permit but i just been to above discussion and saw that some officers are asking for it. Please clear me.

  116. Aina Fajardo says:

    Hi! I would like to ask if I still have to take IELTS even if I have a copy of my transcript and diploma with degree in BS Accountancy issued abroad (Philippines)? My friends told me that I still have to take IELTS just to make sure that my application won’t be sent back.. Hope you can help me out, I don’t want to take the risk but at the same time I’d rather save the money that I need to spend on taking IELTS.. thank you so much and GodBless!

    • CICS Immigration Editor says:

      If you can prove that the program you took at university was in English, then it’s okay. Otherwise, you would need to show an English test result.

  117. Chirag Patel says:

    Hi sir,

    My name is chiragpatel.i give IELTS exam ,I have 5 band .Will i CIC process?

    • CICS Immigration Editor says:

      For FSW, you need at least 6.0. that’s considering you are qualified as far as work experience.

  118. Gaudencio Jr. Moscoso Marasigan says:

    Good day! As of now I’am completing my CIC application and it is indicated on the documents checklist that proof of language is needed on the application. I would like to ask if it is needed to have an IELTS even I’ve already received the Letter of Approval of Manitoba and indicated on that letter that my National Occupational Classification is 121?

    • CICS Immigration Editor says:


      • Gaudencio Jr. Moscoso Marasigan says:

        I graduated Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering. Based on the document checklist NOC C and D are required for an IELTS.. On my research NOC 121 will fall under NOC B, still do i need an IELTS? If i will submit my Certificate of medium of instruction from my university, it will be accepted? Thanks..

  119. M.S.Raja says:

    Would you please tell me what type of IELTS test(general/academic) is required
    For LMO to Alberta NOC 6611 category D?


  120. stephanie says:

    Good day!

    I’m Stephanie from Philippines. My husband and I were applying for Permanent Residence at Manitoba Canada. I want to know if what is the passing score/band on IELTS exam. We have relatives in Manitoba Canada. They said that I’m the only one who need to take IELTS exam because I’m the Principal Applicant I’ve graduated Bachelor of Information Technology while my husband is only vocational course..Is it ok that im the only one will take eilts exam???Is it ok that my husband will not take exam for ielts?? We have our application already and some requirements. The only thing we need is my language proficiency but im worried about the passing score and about the case of my husband..
    Please kindly reply…
    Any feedback from you is greatly appreciated….

    Thank you so much…

  121. genevieve kirby says:

    Good Day!

    I’m being sponsored by my husband to be with him in AB, Canada. In time, I also would like to practice my profession as a nurse in their. I would like to know if there’s a need for me to take IELTS?

    • CICS Immigration Editor says:

      For the sponsorship application, no. For qualifying for a nursing license, yes. Best to get in touch with the regulatory body for RN’s for license requirements.

  122. M.S.Raja says:

    Would you please tell me what type of IELTS test(general/academic) is required
    For LMO to Alberta NOC 6611 category D?


  123. faiza says:

    i have my master of arts degree in english from pakistan do i need to take third party test for citizenship application

  124. Dear sir/madam,
    i got the bandscore overall 5.0 my L-5.0,R-4.5,W-5.0,S-5.5 ….It is possible to find work in canada?Can i ask the bandscore in canada for working?

    Yours faithfully,

    • CICS Immigration Editor says:

      You first need a job offer from a Canadian company before you can apply for a work permit. This job offer should be validated by the Canadian government. The process is called Labour Market Opinion.


      CICS Team

  125. Rahman M says:

    Hello, I need an advise in this forum:

    I will apply for Canadian citizenship soon. I have a concern on language proof. I have done my Bachelor degree (hons) in Management from Dhaka University Bangladesh. My certificate and transcript (mark sheet) is issued in english. But CIC website says that the degree courses has to be in english.

    My question is, I have studied my subject’s courses in english as subject like Management is only taught in english but it is not written in the certificate. Any advise that my degree certificate will be accepted by CIC?

    • CICS Immigration Editor says:

      From our experience, it will most likely not be approved. We recommend that you write the English test.

      CICS Team

  126. sir please sponser me i have 6 band

    • CICS Immigration Editor says:

      No one can sponsor you. It doesn’t work that way. We are available for consultation to give you a better understanding of how Canadian immigration works.

      CICS Team

      • A Louis says:

        I am applying for citizenship and my scores in ILETS were:
        Listening: 3.5
        overall: 4.5
        would those results be enough or should I take it again??
        or is there any phone number I can call to figure this out ?

  127. Chris says:

    I am undergraduate in a toronto university. I have done GCE (Ordinary Level) and GCE (Advanced Level) Edexcel and Cambridge examinations. Do I need to do have any other language proof when applying for Canadian citizenship?

  128. CHELSEA L says:

    Good afternoon,

    I am a Canadian, however, I have a Mexican friend who has worked in Canada for 5 years as a mechanic with approved work permits. He just recently completed his IELTS exam and got a band score of 4. what is the next step?? Permanent Residency?? Or can he apply for Canadian citizenship?? So many steps to this process.
    Thanks for the help =)

  129. js randhawa says:

    I,Have a 6 year canadian experience of indian cook, now I have a lmo from restaruant alberta, I apply for work permit from india, so I need ilets test or not

  130. rajvir singh says:

    sir i had completed my study in 2012 then i gave ielts exam in next year and got 5.5 bands tell me sir
    am i eligiblefor canadian study visa

    • CICS Immigration Editor says:

      It depends on the school and program’s criteria for entrance criteria. Most university require 6.5 for entrance, but you must look at that in order to find out.

  131. sam says:

    I have done my bachelor’s degree in english language in back home. In canada I did part time trade course for 6 month. So still do I need clb, ielts…test to get my I am permanant resident for 3 years in canada

    • CICS Immigration Editor says:

      You must show proof that your program was in English. Have a look at the Citizenship guide for more info.

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