When will the Canada citizenship rules be updated?

It’s been some time since the promised changes in the citizenship rules started on its path towards becoming law. Bill C-6 has been working its way through the legislature since February of 2016. These are the steps C-6 has taken: House of Commons First Reading – Introduction and First Reading – 2016-02-25 Second Reading – Second […]

An overview of proposed changes to the Canadian Citizenship Act

  Proposed changes to the Canadian Citizenship Act was introduced on February 25, 2016. The changes in the legislation would provide greater flexibility for applicants trying to meet the requirements for citizenship, and help immigrants obtain citizenship faster. They would also repeal provisions of the Citizenship Act that allow citizenship to be revoked from dual citizens […]

Upcoming Changes to the Canadian Citizenship Rules in 2015

In June of 2015, it is expected that a few new rules and regulations will be implemented into the Canadian Citizenship Rules and the processing of applications. Majority of changes have received negative feedback from immigrants and several civil rights organization which accuse the government of creating a two-tier citizenship system. Below is a list […]

Only 26% of Canadian immigrants acquired Canadian Citizenship

The number of immigrants wanting to become citizens in Canada have dropped to a whopping 26 percent from a previous 79 percent from the period 2000 and 2008, former citizenship director-general Andrew Griffith said. He attributed the decline to government’s recent rules and fees regarding citizenship. “These changes have made it harder and prohibitive for […]

The new Canadian Citizenship rules for Newcomers – What You Need to Know

On February 6, 2014, Canada’s Citizenship and Immigration Minister Chris Alexander unveiled the first comprehensive reforms to the Citizenship Act since 1977. With the unveiling of Bill C-24, the Strengthening of Canadian Citizenship Act, the Canadian Government purports that the new Bill will protect the value of Canadian citizenship while creating a faster and more […]

Immigration Department Closing Citizenship Applications to Reduce Backlog

Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) is closing citizenship applications of unresponsive applicants in an effort to reduce its backlog and speed up application processing. A new article by Postmedia News lists some factors that could be used to determine which applications are dormant: Citizenship and Immigration will shut the files of those who fail to […]

Dozens of Citizenship Events Held for Canada Day

Over 30 special citizenship ceremonies were held across Canada, mostly in major cities, on Canada Day to mark the granting of citizenship status to Canadian permanent residents and to celebrate the country’s birthday. Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) included a map of all events on their website to direct Canadians who wanted to observe the […]

CIC Releases Audio Book Version of Citizenship Test Guide

Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) announced the release of a downloadable audio eBook of the Discover Canada citizenship test guide on Friday. The eBook allows a reader to listen to an audio version of the guide while they follow along by reading the text on any digital viewer. Since launching in 2009, almost one million hard […]

Citizenship Application Process to Get Easier With Test Re-Takes

Following recent changes to the citizenship application process that increased the difficulty of acquiring Canadian citizenship, including the introduction of proof of minimum language proficiency and an increase in the difficulty of the citizenship knowledge test, the federal government is reversing course to make it easier for permanent residents to meet citizenship eligibility requirements. According […]