Update on Canadian Government’s slashing of pre-2008 Skilled Worker applications

As posted earlier, the Conservative government proposed to eliminate 280,000 applications filed before February 27th 2008 for the Federal Skilled Worker Program.

Here are some questions that you may have:

Will I be affected by the proposed changes?

Under the proposed changes, CIC would close Federal Skilled Worker applicants’ files if they:

  • applied before February 27, 2008, and
  • have not had a decision made by an immigration officer based on selection criteria by March 29, 2012.

It is expect this would affect around 280,000 people including dependents.

Who will not be affected by the proposed changes?

Any application that has received a file number after February 27, 2008 so you will not be affected if your file number was received after this date.

What is being done to respond to this decision by the Canadian government?

Immigration consultants are looking into a joint effort to stop the finalization of the proposal. It is expected that the changes will happen as the Conservative party holds a majority and it will receive enough votes to pass through.

There is a good chance that this issue will drag on and head to the Supreme Court. However, once or if it gets to that, it will not be for another few years as complaints against the government must go through many legal hurdles.

What options do I have if my application is removed from the backlog?

This depends on the individual applicant. Unfortunately, some applicants will not have any options under the new rules and regulations. There are currently over 60 immigration programs under both federal and provincial governments.

Will I receive a refund?

Your government application fees will be refunded. The professional fees will be treated as per the particular agreement each client has with their consulting firm.

122 thoughts on “Update on Canadian Government’s slashing of pre-2008 Skilled Worker applications

  1. Dear CICS,

    I applied in 2006, Got request for update DOX in 2009,
    Accordingly I submit in 2009 Nov, Later I collect the CAIPS
    note & found that PSDC#1, I got 70 marks Jan 2010.

    One of my friend also got the pass mark 67 in 2010 Feb & recently he rcvd the termination letter, My query is As per the Jun 2012 news realese those who complete point grid criteria they would not be terminated then why my friend rcv. this letter, Pls. advice

  2. hi i have applied on canadian embassy on 2007 since that time i have only recieved a receipt for my file with the file number and there is no progress and i want to take back my money 1100 CANADIAN dollar how can i apply it and i am from iran and i will be appreciated if you help me in this regard …?

  3. R/Sir,

    I have applied in Apr 2004 and got registration letter in Aug 2004 and updated my file in Oct 2009 but still waiting, even i have filled fees refund application form at CIC portal but still no dissension and no letter etc. etc.

    even file no also not displayed at CIC portal.

    Kindly suggest.

  4. Sir,I submitted my application before February 2008 and I have file number already.Last December 2009 the embassy of Canada sent me a letter saying that according to current processing times,they estimate that it be at least another two years before my application will be put into active process and then another one year until the application will be finalized.They said that my skills is included on 38 occupancies and I am eligible to apply as permanent residence under new guidelines and it will be processed on priority basis in Sydney,Nova Scotia.I did not apply on the new guidelines,I just retained my original applicatio,until we received a news about the cancellation of application before February 2008.In the last month of 2012 I sent a form Return Of Processing Fee,until now there is no response from them.My question is how do I know that my application is affected or not by the new law?

  5. Dear Sir / Madam,

    I have submitted the IMM5741E form to get my fee refund as the result my application was refused due to the FSW regulation. However, it has been more than six months I haven’t got the cheque yet. I called the call center and the officer told me to email the question to “Case Processing Ottawa”. I sent email to OttPilot-Immigration@cic.gc.ca on December 30, 2013. So far, I only got an automatic reply.

    It is very unclear whther they will process my question or they just ignore it. Do you know who should I contact to ask about my fee refund?

    Please help.

  6. Dear sir,

    I am writing this comments on behalf of a friend. He did not apply for his fee refund with the hope like mandamus cases that might court render a decision that to cancel government new instructions to cease the processing of pre-2008 cases.

    Please advise is their any suit in court against it? if so what is the update or website link.

    Do you suggest that my friend may get his fee refunded?

  7. Sir,
    By File Number is B050360796 DATED 07-03-2007. I want to know at what time i’ll get my refund since as per decision slashing of pre-2008 Skilled Worker applications i had filled the return of processing Fee form & sent the same to ID of fswfeeteturn@cic.gc.ca on 30-10-2013. Till date i have not received any refund/ any reply.

  8. Sir
    I have submitted my file onJanuary2006.
    But as par the new rules of cic my file
    is affected.I have to say that Canadian government
    spoiled most important years of my life.
    And now they even don’t send my fees back.
    My file number is B049043746.I really fill cheated.
    Now please tell me what to do?

  9. Not aware about my file no. since it was done by some company and not sure about the status so far, our file was put in before 2007 and so far no update has been received…can we get to know the status by our names…please suggest.

  10. Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am 2004 applicants of New Delhi. But my file status is not shown on web site and I can not know that my file is in process or not. Further, I would like to ask a question that Can get visa of all updated file of 2004 in the end of this year?

    Yours truly,


    • Dear Sir,

      I had come to from web site that Jason Kenny(previous immigration minister) had declared that some old files will be cleared. It is true or not. Backlogs would get visa in the end of this year or not. When correct decision will be taken before Christmas or after Christmas. Kindly, throw some lights on it

      Yours truly,

      Shaikh Shahnavazkhan

  11. I had applied for permanent residency under FSWC-2014 program on 4th November 2014 from India.

    I had patiently waited for more than 3 months for an acknowledgement from CIO but when I did not get any communication, I wrote a mail to CIO Sydney on 28th Feb 2015. I got a reply from CIO Sydney on 13th May 2015 stating that my application was incomplete & returned with all attachments on December 11, 2014.

    Surprisingly to my disbelief, neither I have received any documents till date nor any other correspondence.

    Post that I have written umpteen request mails to CIO to look in to the matter & help me in retrieving my application along with the original documents but not got even a single revert from CIO till date & am in desperate need of my documents.

    Pls advise & help me in getting back my documents.

    I shall be really thankful to you.

  12. Those whose applications have been closed as section 87 or bill c-28 by Harper’s government in 2012 should sign a petition to new immigration minister to cancel all Express Entry programs applications and cancel the program and re-open their applications which has been unjustifiably closed by Jason Kenney on his personal agenda. The matter should not let go and forgotten. All people who have suffered financially an mentally deserve a closure, a fair one.

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